Wednesday, November 09, 2011

More Trouble Reports (of GXR A12, D700 and D300S)

1. Supply shortage of Ricoh GXR A12 modules owing to shortage of manufacturing component parts that are made in and supplied from Thailand:-
(in Japanese, Google translation to English Here)

2. Discontinuation of Nikon D700 and D300S in Japan homeland, owing to the non-conformance to the latest legal product safety regulations published and enforced. No replacement models are available in the meantime! :-o
(in Japanese, Google translation to English Here)

Well, the impact of the Thailand flooding to the camera industry is really huge. I bet the D700 and 300s replacements should have come, but the flooding has delayed the launch of them. Otherwise, I don't believe Nikon would have such poor planning in product succession, and let two models discontinued without any replacement to them at their own country, especially considering that the D700 is the only "affordable" FF model of Nikon.

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