Saturday, November 16, 2013

Recent Pentax Tests with Full Samples (HD Limiteds and K-3)

After years of inactivity, Photodo has lately done more lens tests and here are some recent tests with the "new" HD Limited lenses of 70/2.4, 35/2.8 and 15/4:

Some high resolution full samples are also posted per test, the body used was a K-5IIs.

Btw, the new colour scheme and look of the lenses are really ugly! All the marks and scales are now in white "colour" only and the markings and fonts look cheap indeed, reflecting completely bad taste of the Ricoh guys!

Besides, DPR have published their first sample gallery for photos taken with the K-3 and mostly with a much better looking DA18-135 of the ex-Pentax. Just go figure yourself if you like the samples or not. Of course, for the sake of measurbation, full samples are always available at DPR. :-)

If you are impressed, just go buy the green ring Pentax lenses as far as they are still available of which a red ring variant with all white printings will replace them sooner or later, nonetheless! >:-(

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