Monday, November 04, 2013

That's Really Disgusting! New RICOH>>Pentax Branded Stuff! >:-(

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Well, I didn't mind support either Pentax or Ricoh branded product, which I bought both actually for years, see below:

(Source: My Blog)

However, raping Pentax the brand and mixing both into a bastard with a BIG RICOH leading head and a small Pentax tail is really rather disgusting. The RICOH heads at Japan have really no clue for what they have been doing marketing wise but just knew to declare their Sovereignty once and once again with an intention to diminish Pentax the name step by step which in turn actually has caused much damages to both brands! >:-[

Btw, I will not buy any of those RICOH Pentax bastard products anymore, unless some days later they correct this very wrong act of theirs and respect Pentax the valuable brand again, at least! (But which is unlike to happen!)


A Ricoh K-3 Could Look Better! :-o

New Product Images of the "Ricoh" K-3 and A "New" Red Ring DA HD 55-300 WR Lens

Ricoh has Changed the Serial Numbering of the New FA Limited Lenses

Do They Know What They Are Talking About?! >:-[

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