Friday, November 29, 2013

Excellent Pentax Film Glass Revived Finally!

The link sources of the above gear images with various photo samples are listed below. In particular, the potential of the three excellent FA Limited lenses are fully released and they are now revived for makng photos as what they were original designed and why they were born! Both A7 and A7R are used for making those photos, of which the long-awaited hungry and eager old Pentaxians have rushed to buy, at all costs and at the first time!! >:-o

FA31 Ltd on A7:

The three FA Limited on A7:

FA20 and FA31 Ltd on A7R:

FA18-35 on A7:

Indeed, the most valuable thing for the A7/R for adapting those old K-mount film glass is that it is just so easy and direct. There is no modification of any to the lens is required! And with Sony's original MF focus peaking function, MF operation is actually quick, easy and accurate!

Update (11-30): Wow, even the old cheapo SMC-M 50mm F1.7 glass can produce images with IQ like that! See:

This is really the FF Magic! AoV is absolutely correct and no resolution is lost (owing to cropping)! All old lenses are performing as what they were designed, even for a lens that was produced half a century ago!!

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