Tuesday, November 26, 2013

7th Anniversary of My Blog

Seven years ago, I created my this Blog. Today is the birthday of my Blog. Time flies and just recently, it was recorded that there had been more than 5 million unique visiting sessions to my this "useless" and "brand bashing" Blog, already! ;-p

Thank you for your reading and continuous support (if it is the case). This year, I have a heavy heart to "celebrate" the birthday of my Blog actually as I have a strong feel that the brand name Pentax would exist no longer and that even the K-mount would be aborted shortly all together. We, as an old Pentaxians, have nothing to do to change anything that we really don't want them to happen, but unfortunately one by one! So, what can we do?! >:-(

P.S. This is the 1,998th post at my Blog, which is close to another milestone of mine that will come very soon, i.e., the 2,000th post, after the 1,000th post back to 2011 two years and something ago~ :-D

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