Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pentax -> Pentax Ricoh -> Ricoh Pentax -> What's Next?

A Taiwan Pentaxian unboxed his new Ricoh K-3 has taken a shot together with his old K-5 and K-5IIs for the boxes and bodies, as follows:
(in Traditional Chinese)

So, as clearly seen in the above, the path of brand naming goes down like that: Pentax -> Pentax Ricoh -> Ricoh Pentax -> What's NEXT?? :-o

I bet most primary pupils will guess the answer should be RICOH Only, which is much sensible enough. Yes, that's my bet too! The trend is really too obvious but again, it is SO SAD! Not even to mention it is rather disgusting afterall! >:-[

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That's Really Disgusting! New RICOH>>Pentax Branded Stuff! >:-(

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