Thursday, February 17, 2011

3rd Party Square: Tokina m43 New Lens with Full Pentax Design & Patent!


The Patent Post: (English Here (machine-translated))

Oh, well.. Pentax now becomes the ODM (not just OEM, or Tokina to be the OEM, anyway) for the 3rd party lens maker Tokina?! The square of 3 is 9? i.e., 3^2=9! Right? :-o ;-p

The good thing is that Hoya will earn more money with the sales of more Tokina m43 lenses (if it can). And now Pana and Oly m43 users can enjoy new lenses with Pentax design underneath actually. But when an once 1st line lens and camera maker now becomes the 3rd party behind a 3rd-place 3rd-party lens maker, this is really something that hurts much the sentiments of the long-time fans and supporters of the brand, which is really rather sad.. :-(

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