Tuesday, February 08, 2011

D-FA 645 25mm F4 AW (SDM) Lens Announced

The last reported PhotoRumors leak is true, the new 645D wide angle lens is announced:-


Main Specifications

マウント Mount ペンタックス645A F2マウント 645A F2 Pentax Mount
レンズ構成 Lens 8群12枚 8 groups, 12
画角 Angle of view 95°(645D装着時。中判フィルム一眼レフ装着時は109°) 95 ° (645D when seated. When installing medium-format SLR film is 109 °)
絞り羽根枚数 Number of diaphragm blades 9枚(開放~F8:円形絞り) 9 (Open ~ F8: circular aperture)
最小絞り Minimum aperture F32 F32
最短撮影距離 Minimum focusing distance 0.4m 0.4m
フィルター径 Filter size 40.5mm(レンズ前面には装着不可、同梱の専用フィルターのみ本体内蔵のフィルター取り付け枠に装着して使用可能) 40.5mm (in front of the lens is not attached, and available built-in filter attachment frame attached to the body only in special filter included)
フード Hood 組み込み Embedded
最大撮影倍率 Maximum magnification 0.11倍 0.11 times
大きさ、重さ The size, weight 90.0mm(最大径)×140.0mm(長さ)、約1070g(レンズ本体) 90.0mm (diameter) × 140.0mm (length) of about 1070g (lens)

Whilst it is stated in the above Japanese page that the price for this lens would be "opened", the AP(UK) has reported that it will be sold at £3799.99 and the on sales date will be April 21:-


What an expensive lens it really is! :-o

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