Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Inside the Nikon D7000: The K-5 Sensor is There! ;-)

The Sony IMX071:-

From: http://www.chipworks.com/en/technical-competitive-analysis/resources/recent-teardowns/2011/01/teardown-of-the-nikon-d7000-dslr/


"Sony IMX071

The Nikon D7000 comes equipped with a DX format (APS-C) sensor fabricated by Sony, the IMX071. With a 16.2 Mp resolution, this is the second highest resolution of any Nikon DSLR, behind the 24 Mp D3X (dpreview.com). This image sensor features a pixel size of 4.8 µm x 4.8 µm (as seen in the Bayer patterned RGB color filters). The sensor displays improvements in pixel layout and process features, as compared to previous generations of Sony DSLR sensors."

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