Friday, February 18, 2011

Firmware Updates for Metz Pentax Flashes

48 AF-1 (Version 3.0; 16.2.2011):

50 AF-1 (Version 2.0; 16.2.2011):

58 AF-1 (Version 3.0; 16.2.2011):

58 AF-2 (Version 2.0; 16.2.2011):


1. Servo mode with preflash suppression possible.

2. EV correction remains after power off/on.

3. Rear function with Pentax K-r and K-5.

As I think now many DSLR Pentaxians are using the Metz (instead of the really dated Pentax 360 and 540), the Feb 16 firmware updates by Metz is really a good news! Well done, Metz!

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