Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Important K-7 Debug Mode Activation Note

Is that the user should open the SD card door instead of closing it! Otherwise, it won't work:

(Traditional Chinese, machine-translated English page here)

So, someone may point out and would ask (as already in the above thread), the K-7/5 have the focus correction function built-in already, from -10 to +10, why bother then? The reason as answered by two different K-7 users in the above thread is that, "It is just not enough, the error is just more than that and beyond!" :-o :-(

As for my new K-r, I now face the same situation. The lucky thing is that my K-r's AF is reasonably accurate under sunlight and white light source, but when under tungsten, even a -10 correction factor is not enough but yet I don't know how to enter the Debug mode for the K-r! Really too bad!! >:-{

Btw and in fact, my K-x suffers less from the "Yellow Light Symptom" than the K-r. I shall show you folks why and how with a simple experiment together with some illustrations later on when I have the time! Stay tuned!



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