Thursday, February 17, 2011

When the Electronic Level Meter is Not Accurate by Itself..

See what some K-5 and K-7 users found and then complain in the thread. When the electronic levels in their cameras are not accurate, what can they do? Like the following? (All quoted from the posts in the above thread..)

1. Rely solely on the viewfinder:

"We observe on the two K-5s that the viewfinder electronic level is not accurate. We both did a controlled test against a known level object with both cameras. They both yield somewhat crooked images when the level through the viewfinder indicates spot on level."

2. Human adapt to the ELM's error:

"When the level indication is ignored, a perfectly level image can be obtained. But the electronic levels on the two cameras show not level by one bar either side of center."

3. The sensor may be tilted, use software to adjust it..

"The confusing part is that either the viewfinder or the CMOS, or both can be tilted. If that's the case, the digital level may not be the source of problem. Software adjusting the digital level will be the fastest solution though."

Would the image quality suffers a bit for this originally unnecessary processing then? :-(

4. Use an external traditional hotshoe-type bubble level:

"Better double check with bubble level"!

Yet once again the Pentax "excellent" QC strikes! Damn it! >:-[

Well, what is the use of an electronic level meter if it is just not accurate enough and could not be relied on?! :-o

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