Monday, February 07, 2011

Bits and Pieces News/Rumours (Feb. 7th)

1. Yet another new 645D review with bunch of full samples:-

2. The new upcoming DFA 645 25 F4 lens:-

Btw, what are that knob and the dial used for? :-o

3. A K-5 mini-review with small samples:-

Do read the EXIF data that is preserved, you will be surprised! E.g., the low-light shot is at ISO 100 at 6s and stopped down to f/1o! :-o

4. A K-5 Vs D7000 high ISO quick shootout:-

5. Pentax has filed a patent for a "dividable" telephoto lens (into two pieces):-

6. Hollow rumours about a Pentax Full Frame this fall and a budget/cutdown version of the 645D (via 1001 Noisy Cameras).

7. The world's ugliest camera!:-

I have to agree, this is the ugliest camera we mankind have ever had! :-( It is just a hacked camera that is built up by different bits and pieces, of different random colours! >:-|

8. Nanoblock/Lego etc. is not the unique thing of Pentax. Now someone has made a Lego OVF for the NEX!:-

So, no need for the OEM made finder and accessory? ;-)

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