Thursday, February 17, 2011

DIY Reminder: Pentax Service Manuals @ the Pentax-Hack(.Info)

For those who just wants to give it a try on your old cameras and models! :-)
(Click to Download)

K10D Full Service Manual:-
(Click to Download)

Service Manuals of *ist D, DS, DL, DL2, K100D and K100D Super (and a Brief Supplement for the K110D):-

Happy camera repairing/modding/hacking or whatsoever, no matter what! ;-D

Anyway, unfortunately, the Pentax-Hack does not update any new (hacking) information for newer Pentax DSLR models anymore, neither on the hardware disassembly/repair/adjustment/calibration nor about software/firmware hacks and tricks! Too bad.. :-( Maybe the source of theirs was fired already? :-o

Warning and Disclaimer: Do anything at your own risk and bear all the responsibilities and consequences by yourself!!

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