Friday, February 11, 2011

(Useless) Pentax Interview at CP+

There has been not a single Pentax interview at the CP+ published so far. Today, I've seen one, finally:-
(in Spanish, Google translation in English here)

But what has that Hoya senior official told us after all? I'm afraid there is None! >:-( Do you think that we could get any new and meaning information from all those lengthy sentences presented than what the world can simply see at the Pentax CP+ booth?

Is that just a case of "no news is good news" at the end of the day? :-o Nope, unfortunately! :-(

All in all, what Pentax has given us for this CP+? An Optio W90 replacement, a messy re-painted K-r, a re-painted K-5 c/w 3 re-painted DA Limiteds plus a new (US)$4,999 wide angle lens for the 645D?? So What then!? What have we typical Pentax users gained and will enjoy?! >:-[

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