Friday, February 04, 2011

More "NC-1" (the Pentax Mirrorless) Rumours

First, Photo Rumors said to get an unverifiied pixelised small image of it:-

And then, the Mirrorless Rumors write that it is a 5.6X cropped sensor camera with just a P&S DC sensor which is shared with Kenko for their upcoming mirrorless. The NC-1 will be announced in May with two interchangeable lens..

Of course, a new lens mount will be used. It is just impossible to use even the old Auto 110 mount which is too ancient and has no modern feature of any, neither even an auto aperture.

Anyway, if it is true, just don't have any expectation about the IQ of the new Pentax mirrorless. It is just an interchangeable lens P&S "system" after all! :-(

But I just wish to ask, why not buy a prosumer/superzoom DC then?? Are changing lens and getting dust on sensor just having so much fun?? :-o

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