Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One Will Never Buy a New DSLR or Any Gear IF..

I see the following sayings at different forums everyday and everywhere on the Net and brand regardless, mostly related to the "purchase" of DSLR bodies but could also for lenses. The mentality and flow etc. are more or less like this:-

- The new model XX is now way too expensive and I shall wait for a (significant) price drop to at least $XXX before I would consider to buy;

- The new model XX is now too buggy and I shall wait for things to settle before I act;

- The model XX has now been marketed for a while now (but then the price has already come down somehow), it has the shortcomings of X, Y, Z and etc., so I would rather wait for the next upcoming model;

- The model XX is now too old (say, it has been there for a year now) and I would not consider to buy such an old model now!

- There have been rumours that the next new model is coming and I shall wait to see what it will be;

- The next model finally arrives but then people have started to complain it is "too expensive" and/or way too buggy and "featureless"! ;-D

- The loop continues and it will never end!! :-o

So, could those people, which are not less in number indeed, buy a new gear of theirs at the end of the days? (not the day!) WHEN Will they ACT?? >:-[ ;->

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