Monday, February 14, 2011

Updating to the Latest Pentax DSLR Firmware Messed Up the AF & Accuracy! :-o

See this post and the included illustrations:-

Every pair of the comparison shots are showing the same and the issue is verified, that is, the shots are all OOF with the new firmware (v1.02) AFTER the firmware update! How evil the new and latest firmware "update" from Pentax could be! >:-[

Lucky me that I haven't updated the firmware of my K-x, it is still of version 1.01! (One of the reasons is that the new version might lock the old access method to the Debug mode which I need.)

P.S. I've checked the detailed EXIF data of the posted pics, the poster made no error and the firmware versions are all correct! :-( (Otherwise, this is really hard to believe! :-o)


Firmware Updates for K-x and K-7

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