Thursday, September 16, 2010

DIY: Make Your Own "Mirrorless"! (Brand Regardless) ;->

When Canonians and Nikonians are asking for an ILDC or EVIL from day to day, whilst many Pentaxians are hoping for one also and imagined that there will be one to be announced / disclosed by Hoya at the Photokina, I think it is totally impractical to wait and bless endlessly.. Act Now! See the examples below!

1. Full Frame ILDC and Movie Camera!

A DCHome Post (in Traditional Chinese) via Mirrorless Rumors.

2. APS-C ILDC and Movie Camera!

Another DCHome Post (by the same person, the girl video is nice too) via Canon Watch.

Oh, that poor little 550D was purchased and opened out of the box brand new and it was prosecuted and dissected immediately afterwards! :-o :-(

The hacker actually changed the mount and removed the mirrors altogether at the same time, resulting in a mirrorless Full Frame and an APS-C ILDC "of Canon" after the surgery and hacking!

By that time he did the hacking, there was no NEX nor any APS-C ILDC (even the Samsung NX10 hadn't been out yet). Now, I think it is not so meaning for what he did with the 550D as there is NEX, which is easily (and so easily) adaptable for any lenses in any mount/format that ever made on Earth, with a large mount diameter but yet a very short back-focus register distance!

But then there is still no 135 Full Frame ILDC and movie camera in the Planet so far, so his first surgery would be still meaningful by now!

To me, if I just want the mirror is up all the time and that flipping of the mirror would not interfere with the rear optical element of a particular lens, I would just opt to fix the mirror with adhesive tape instead of dissecting the camera bod(ies)! That's easy, right? Nevertheless, that user just wanted to change to the Arri Mount, so he just opted to do it all and completely for all the modifications he wanted! :-o

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