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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Secret New Lens Lineup in K-mount?

The K-mount lens roadmap has silently been updated the day before:


It can be seen a new 70-200mm (roughly) Star lens in an unknown line newly appears. It is not a DA* lens because if it is a DA* its name should have been shown as the names of the other new DA lenses that are already shown there.

However, this might be another vapour or paper-ware that we need to wait for another year as it is the thing that we would see in 2014 or later. And, it does not even have the very basic information of the lens including its exact focal range and aperture. And, is it yet an APS-C lens or in 135 Full Frame? Shall we know? But When?

645Z is to be On Sale on June 27 at Japan


Wednesday, May 07, 2014

DA70 Limited, FA77 Limited, and A*85 are of the Same Gene

First, have a look on these optical construction:




So, the optical design of FA77 and A*85 are very close enough, with the same 7 elements in 6 group configuration. It is quite obvious that the FA77 is a miniature of the A*85, only with some minor modifications. And then the DA70 is yet another simplified version of the FA77, with one close-to-rear element omitted. So, everything are of the same Pentax gene actually. Indeed, when I first used my DA70 on my Pentax DSLR, I did feel the extraordinary film taste of it for its very good 3d feel and colour rendering, unlike other DA lenses that I may not that like.

Reference Links:



Pentax DA 1.4X TC Review by PF


As usual, those test images by PF guys are somewhat crappy as photos. However, these are good enough for the readers to judge on the image quality and all the differences, if any, when compared with other products. Do bear in mind to judge on the test samples yourself but not rely totally on the words made with their comments nor even with the ridiculous high marks given by them, which should be the better way to go for getting more meaningful conclusions of yours. :-D

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

645Z Official English Promotional Video


Hope this won't bore you! ;-D

SDM Still Sucks!



Seven years lapsed since the first SDM lens was born. However, the complaints from SDM users never ended and the brand name suffers. Well, is it really so difficult to cure such a design problem? Oh really?? >:-(

K-3 IR Review


Same as what DPR said, colour inaccuracy is below average and is yet a problem.

Performance wise, the K-3 is slow in shutter lag, which is close to 1/10 second fastest, and is actually worse than that of the original K-7/K-5.