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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New D600 DxOMark has been Out

DxO says that it sets the high bar for image sensor quality. Let's see how it is compared against the current line of the Pentax DSLRs! Don't see a K-5II and IIs? I'm afraid Pentax has not yet given a test sample to them earlier. And even though they have already done that, *miracle* for big advancement in the results is NOT expected, by considering that the II and the original I are with the same sensor and even same old image processor!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What is the Exact Layout of the f/2.8 AF Sensor(s) in the K-5II/s?

Pentax has talked and disclosed nothing about it at all so far. So, there is no information of any. But we can guess, there are several possibilities of the layout. Btw, I guess only the central AF sensor is modified so as to save cost, especially considering that the K-5II is just a "stop gap measure", as what it is just meant to be!

Before going on, still, we should have a look on the general structure of a phase-matching AF detection system and what key components are contained in such a system:-

Credit: http://kmp.bdimitrov.de/technology/AF/index.html

In general, as per each AF "point" that is consisted of two crossed linear sensors (which is generally known as a cross sensor by people), if a f/2.8 sensor is included, there are several possibilities as follows:-

1. Modifiying either the horizontal or the vertical sensor to a f/2.8 one. Indeed, this is the easiest and cheapest way to go. What it needs to do is to replace the pair of image projection lenses as seen in the above diagram. The purpose of this is to measure light from the outer part of the glass, instead of measuring the AF closer to the centre. There is simply no need to change anything of the AF sensor array as it is only about the AF projection lens pair that all matters!

Now with the f/2.8 sensor, if with proper software logic, higher AF accuracy can be achieved for fast lenses. What I mean for the "proper" software logic refers to the camera should choose the better measurement value that is closer matched to the actual f-number that is used. But this implementation has one major drawback, that is, with slower lenses than f/2.8, one of the crossed sensors will become blind and virtually the cross sensor will be reverted back to linear!

2. Both of the sensors are now f/2.8 - It is almost impossible as once a lens slower than f/2.8 is mounted, that AF point will be completely blind!

3. Additional AF sensor(s) *on top of* the old f/5.6 sensors - this is actually the prefered approach technically as no cross sensitivity is lost even if a slower lens is used. That will involve a new layout design of the AF sensing unit and array, though. Yet once again owing to the "stop gap" nature of the K-5II/s, this is quite unlikely.

Updated Lens Roadmaps for K, Q and 645 Mounts

From Ephotozine here and here, via Photo Rumors. A high resolution K-mount roadmap can be downloaded here.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

False Rumour - Jun Hirakawa is NOT Back!

See: http://forum.pentaxfans.net/thread-130327-1-1.html (Traditional Chinese)

Via: http://www.pentaxforums.com/forums/pentax-news-rumors/199899-hirakawa-jun-back-pentax-ricoh.html

What the crop picture in the original opening post is just about the names of two inventors of something, Takayuki Ito (伊藤 孝之) and Jun Hirakawa (平川 纯), with their (same) correspondence address under their names. Possibly that thing is the FA31/1.8 Limited, which was designed by them. Just!

Update: The original OP has edited his post and clarified that the registered design patent was for the DA10-17 Fisheye lens, which was also co-developed by the two designers.

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The Very Different Fates of Two ex-AOC Top Optical Engineers

Special K-5II Exhibits at Photokina


Note that the weather sealings that are red dyed. In addition to the transparent unit, there is also a cut-out exhibit of a standard K-5II, too.

IR's Interview with Pentax at Photokina


Almost useless, I'm afraid. But then what could those Pentax sales reps actually say and talk about? Sometimes, I really feel for them!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

K3 in 24S - Real Photo!

Well, I am not "lying", it clearly shows that it is a 24-seater K3 van, not a bus nor a train of course, as the FF train has already been missed by Pentax these days! Lol..

Credit: Forum Post @ Chinese DC Home (Google English Translation Here.)

The Death of Online Sales of Pentax Lenses!


This is what Adam, site master of PF, has declared recently:-

"Apparently, the Pentax pricing restrictions are for online sales only. I've confirmed this personally with B&H, and they've also told me that they are working to stop this madness, as it's virtually halting online lens sales."

Congratulations, Pentax! You've finally been able to do something very successfully, with immediate result and achievement! Yes, almost all the online lens sales have been halted, which I must agree with Adam! But WTF is this about? Why doing so? Why B&H should need to think of how to stop "this madness"and still need to try helping Pentax?!

And, how would and could those Internet gear websites, who earn their payback money by linking to their affiliated online stores (both PF and DPR inclusive), survive when all the online sales activities are halted?? Who will promote that death brand for "free" when there is simply no money to earn, anymore? I'm afraid by that time, I shall be the only person who will yet stay but not any body else! :-o

Friday, September 21, 2012

100 Colours of the Q10

Via: http://news.mynavi.jp/news/2012/09/11/020/index.html (Japanese)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

LIVE: More DA560 Display Model Images

(Above: Click to Enlarge.)

German Blog reader Moritz Schwertner has visited the Pentax booth at Photokina and he has kindly emailed me some of the DA560 images for sharing with us and for a closer look of the lens in display. Thanks, Moritz! :-)

Is K-01 the End of the "Line"? (Pentax Interview @Photokina)

See the latest interview by DPR with Pentax at Photokina:-



How are you planning on developing mirrorless in the future? Or is the K-01 a one-off?

I haven't seen any future roadmaps for that type of product.

Other Q&As that might worth a look:-

Is there room for a higher-end Pentax K-mount DSLR?

We have the 645D, and Pentax is dedicated to that system, but whether there's room between the K-5 cameras and the 645, I can't say.

What is Pentax doing to meet the demand for connectivity in its cameras?

Right now we don't have anything other than Eye-Fi compatibility. But we're researching the technology.

Canon has now released their EOS Remote software that can remote control the EOS 6D via Wi-Fi for accessing various camera functions as well as for Live View video streaming from the camera to mobile devices of which the EOS Remote supports both iOS and Android platforms.

Let's talk about the Pentax Q. What has the reaction to the Q been like in the market as a whole?

It's been interesting because a lot of Pentax's sales are online. And it's difficult in that kind of environment to really show the camera and the size of the camera, and the size of the system. 

If Pentax really knows that their sales are mostly online. They should not raise the now mandatory online selling prices again and again and hurt much of their sales! >:-[

And, we all knew that the Q is small even if it is not yet put in one's hands. But the more obvious is that most people knew that the sensor used in the Q/Q10 is even smaller! :-o

Preview on What's Next Up?

Pentax Forums is going to have an interview with PR's Japanese officials at the Photokina. The following is about their survey conducted amongst their forum members so far for their opinions and questions to be asked:-


And some interesting interim response from the PR:-

Official reply to your comments:

1. Regarding Pentax's USA marketing/customer relations, and the distributor in New Zealand: noted

2. India is a tough market, but we (Pentax Ricoh) do plan to start selling products there in the very near future
3. We do plan on developing AF systems with a greater number of AF points
4. Regarding the full-frame: it typically takes at least 18 months to develop a new product, such as the Pentax Q, from scratch. It may take longer for larger formats. In the past, we told you that we were evaluating the market to see whether a FF body was in demand and feasible to make. Let's just say that we are looking at this particular product type more than ever right now...

A side note: Ricoh, unlike Pentax, finds individual customer feedback to be integral to its product development decisions. We will be listening to your suggestions and they will not go ignored!

Well, my side note to Adam/PF's side note above is: If Ricoh is really listening, they would not have only given us rubbish and craps like those in this Photokina. Btw, my last poll on "what to do next" after this Photokina for Pentaxians still continues. You are encouraged to take part in the vote and make your vote if not yet. I hope Ricoh could listen, but unfortunately I'm afraid NOT in Reality and at the end of the day!

K-30 DxOMark has been Out

At a total score of 79, now ranked at  25:-


Or compare it against the K-01 and K-5, here.

In fact, all the major IQ performance aspects are more or less the same as the K-01, which is not well expected as the K-30 and K-01 share the same sensor and image processor and with the same specifications on those parts.

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Sony Sensors Used in Different Pentax Cameras (and the Future?)

DC Watch Photokina Pentax Booth Report

(in Japanese)

As we all knew, there is nothing to be excited about and all the "new" Pentax products are indeed mediocre so that all the "live reports" at the Pentax booth by everyone are more or less the same and they are "concise" enough!

There is one new stuff there is uncommon, though, but it has no practical meaning at all for most of us. Look at this Dumb-Bell!

I just wonder, why Pentax needed to make this camera to be so large for its sides as the lens contained in each side is really so small and tiny?! :-o Did they really mean to create a dumb-bell for exercise rather than a camera? ;->

Besides, the Q-K adaptor and demonstration combo look rather ugly. Ironically, they used again a Full Frame FA lens mounted on the Q, which now becomes a 200mm lens effectively 135 wise. That must be "great"!

At the end of the day, I am afraid that my RH-01 and RH-02 do both look better, with far better IQ and much higher usability than that Q-K combo with adapted K-mount lenses. Indeed, that original-branded Q-K adaptor is no better than those Chinese made ones, which are far cheaper and provide the same function, i.e., it is just a dummy mechanical mount adaptor afterall. Look:-

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Photokina Pentax Trade Show Live Update

At 1001 Noisy Cameras.

As usual, the "noisy guys" have compiled a very good summary, which is up to the minute and includes most of the useful information. Go read yourself, although there is nothing that is really to be excited about, for the products themselves! :-(

New DA* Lenses' US/Online Prices

It seems that I have been quoting the PF more often recently, but FWIW:-


In short, the DA*16-50 is now for $1424, the DA*50-135 is $1524, the DA*60-250 is $1899, for instance! Well, these prices are utter non-sense after all! I now know why PF seems to be angry with Pentax these days! If this trend continues, who will buy more new Pentax gear? And how PF could earn a living as nobody to buy the gear via them and affiliated shops online?! :-o I am almost sure that PF had the figures in their hands how those Pentax sales are dropping..

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pentax has Modified the Design of the SDM Used in DA*16-50 and 50-135??

See the latest quick interview by the PF with a Pentax repair technician at Photokina:-


Whilst I am rather sceptical to what are told, even if all of them true, the following questions have quickly come to my mind:-

1. Why it takes so long, i.e., for more than five years, for Pentax to cure this problem? It is worth noting that the two DA* lenses were first launched back to 2007!

2. If it is just a design problem for all those reported failure of the SDM, aka Sudden Death / Suddenly Died Motor or Saddam as creatively named by some users before ;->), which is yet "prone to failure from the get-go due to their design", WILL Pentax Ricoh make a product recall and fix the earlier production lenses prior to 2012 which have that latent design defect, *for Free*?

3. I could never agree that the DC motor is of the same design of a conventional rotary electric motor (DC or AC), they are different! To learn more, just read my previous technical article about the working principle of the DC motor and its related patent.

Well, as an UK chartered electrical/electronic engineer myself, I don't believe in "technicians" when they are talking about designs. Note that I am not saying anything bad about technicians but their knowhows are mostly limited to hands-on things, but not about designs and more in-depth engineering principles, frankly.

Indeed, see the reply comments to that PF article, Pentax users are actually raising similar questions as mine! :-)

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Improved DIY SDM Repair Method!

That's All What Pentax has Shown us at Photokina! What Will You Do Next?

As a Pentaxian, What Will You Do Next?
pollcode.com free polls
You can come back and review the Poll Results in 7 to 10 days!

First Photokina Live Report

At the Pentax Forums:-


They followed the press tour and have reported quickly in this order: Sony, Fuji, Olympus, Nikon and then Pentax Ricoh and finally for two shots of the Canon and Sandisk booths.

The following are quoted for what are reported about Pentax:-

"Within the press kit we found hardcopies of all of Pentax's recent press releases, updated roadmaps, and a CD with official images and specification sheets. These materials contained nothing which we hadn't already seen, which means that no new product announcements will be made by Pentax at Photokina."

Well, it is confirmed that there will be no more new Pentax stuff to be shown at the Photokina by Pentax Ricoh, subsequent to the last press release and announcements on 9-10.

"Shortly after with first arrived, Wolfgang Baus gave an overview (in German) of what was new. Unfortunately, the microphone he was talking into was not connected to an amplifier, but rather individual headsets which could not be plugged in to our K-30 (so next time we'll be filming with a Canon, sorry Pentax)."

The PF guys are funny, they can bring a K-5 (which has a mic input) instead! What's the fuss about? :-D

"On a side note, the representatives at the Pentax stand seemed much more cheerful and enthusiastic than those at the other exhibitions that we had visited thus far. They also knew what they were talking about, admitting to us that the mention of H.264 recording in the K-5 II's specsheet was a typo."

Yes, we all knew that the video specs of the K-5II/s are exactly the same as the old original K-5 (as the processor is the same).

"All of Pentax's new products, with the exception of the 560mm, which was only demonstrated upon request, were readily available for us to test and photograph."

It seems that the DA560 has not yet been ready for production and marketing!(?) :-o

"One thing we noticed about the K-5 II was that its LCD screen doesn't cause any reflections when photographed, which means that the new design will probably make it easier to see outdoors and in bright sunlight. Considering that this is the second of the two improvements made to the camera, we weren't impressed overall, however."

Same as the PF, I am not impressed on Day One neither. The new "air-gapless" LCD is just installing the LCD bare, and then adding a layer of protective coating on it. It is nothing more than that! Btw, the good wishful thinking is that we could imagine that this design is what Pentax is planning for a swivel monitor for the upcoming product(s) in the future!

"As can be seen in the photo above and the video below, the new HD coating further reduces flare and improves light transmission compared to the multi-coating. We believe that type of coating is something that other companies (i.e. Nikon) have been using for a while."

Oh really? PF said that the new HD coating of Pentax is a catching-up? Btw, I am much satisfied with the traditional Pentax SMC and even more so with the newer "ghostless SMC" already! What's the "complaint" about? :-)

And this is the last statement and conclusion of PF's first report:-

"It may be tempting to switch to another brand now that both Canon and Nikon have affordable full-frame bodies, but there are certain things that even they cannot beat Pentax at, and that's why we're confident that Pentax will be making a big comeback under Ricoh's leadership."

Yes, there is no FF on display nor there is any roadmap nor plan RP is to talk about. But yet PR uses a FA*28-70 lens to be mounted on a K-5IIs for display, which IMO is plain stupid and silly enough for further irritating old Pentaxians and actually hurts our sentiments, whom have been waiting for a Pentax FF for too long! >:-(

Monday, September 17, 2012

Canon 6D is Now Official - One More "Cheap" FF Suddenly Arrives!

See the official specs as published at the DPR:-


Is that 11-point AF with central f/2.8 sensor borrowed from our Pentax flagship K-5II? ;-D

Btw, if the 6D is compared to the specs of the K-5II, the weight difference is only by 10g, but don't forget the 6D is a Full Frame camera and that it has the GPS and WiFi functions built-in. Unlike the K-5II/s, there is no need to add on a GPS module, i.e., the O-GPS1. And the K-5II bodies could never support WiFi of course.

Update: DPR has published a preview of the 6D.

Sony Likely to Buy Olympus in 50 Billion Yens

See what Reuters reports:-


They would possibly spend 50 Billion Japanese Yens, i.e., 646 Million US Dollars, to buy for a stake.

Via 1001 Noisy Cameras.

By the way, it seems that Sony is more than ambitious to control the whole digital camera industry. If this acquisition comes true, Sony has almost controlled most of the mirrorless market, for both the 4/3 and NEX. And then actually they have virtually full control on Nikon via the supplies of sensors for their cameras. The only enemy left is just Canon but it also seems that this enemy would be beaten in the future!

Let's see what will happen for the years to come! Reality is really cruel and competition is always fierce. Only the strongest will survive. That's still the law of nature.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Let's Photoshop Together!

As Pentax could PS the new K-5II and K-5IIs' front faces with just an old K-5 image, Pentaxians have learnt to do the same to satisfy their FF dream!

Here we go!

Wow, a new Pentax digital FF with a Nikon D7000 vertical grip (MB-D11)! And then there is a super slow Pentax standard prime with a maximum speed of F4 only! Well, my hats off to the author(s) for these creations! :-D

The Most Wanted K-5 Upgrade Path - More New Info!

During these few days I have noticed at various Pentax forums and blogs worldwide that Pentaxians are thinking of "moving on" especially for many of those existing K-5 users. Most of them are thinking about acquiring the new Nikon D600 "cheap FF" and to jump boat and should wait No Longer! >:-o

No problem! Unlike Ricoh Pentax, I am always giving my audience for what they want and interested, here is the latest official sample gallery of the D600, pictures in full size!


The IQ is really impressive. A huge leap from the D700, I would say! The colour accuracy is also the best for what I have ever seen for a Nikon camera, they are more natural but yet rich.

And some latest YouTube videos about the D600, official or not. Enjoy! :-)




"D600 Weights 90g More Than K-5II"

Thursday, September 13, 2012

"D600 Weights 90g More Than K-5II"

  • Nikon D600 is 8% (10 mm) wider and 16% (16 mm) taller than Pentax K-5 II.
  • Nikon D600 is 13% (9.5 mm) thicker than Pentax K-5 II.
  • Nikon D600 [850 g] weights 12% (90 grams) more than Pentax K-5 II [760 g] (*inc. batteries and memory card).

  • Nikon D600 dimensions: 141x113x82 mm (camera body only, excluding protrusion)
    Pentax K-5 II dimensions: 131x97x72.5 mm (camera body only, excluding protrusion)
Source Link: Camera Size.com

The weight advantage of the Pentax APS-C DSLR has been diminished! For 90g more, we can carry a FF DSLR instead! :-o

"Private" Message from Adam Oest of the Pentax Forums (Pentax Full Frame News!)


"Don't lose hope in Pentax - the Full-Frame awaits us!

I've been told that the products announced a couple of days ago, as well as all the products announced so far this year by Pentax, have all been part of the Hoya product roadmap for Pentax, rather than Ricoh's doing. Ricoh's big plans for Pentax are supposedly secret and internal, and as such, rumors surrounding them will be minimal. "Big plans" means that there will be an FF and pro gear- the release date of the FF is not certain right now, but it is very likely that it will at least be mentioned at CP+ 2013. You guys are going to have to trust me that I didn't just make this up

In other words, the K-5 II can be more or less seen as a stop-gap measure I'm going to hang on to my K-5 I and wait patiently until next summer. To give Ricoh some credit, you can't exactly design, develop, and deploy a groundbreaking new body over the course of just 1 year..."

It is intended for the senior members of the PF only, but I don't mind to spread this good news of his in these really dark days of Pentax right now! ;-D

Whilst I do trust what Adam tells this time, especially considering his close relationship with the Pentax Imaging, I think many of the old advanced users of Pentax would have already gone after one year, even though when there will be a FF Pentax DSLR that really comes. By then, the next generation of products from all the other major players in the market are also coming! So, this is not that optimistic after all even if it is true! >:-|

Latest Ricoh Imaging Financial Results (Q1 of 2011 to Q1 of 2013) - RED



Quoted, "According to some sources Ricoh paid Hoya US $128 million for Pentax. However, according to Ricoh, it's cost was JPY 15 Billion (US $193,844,410) expressed as net sales loss with no income.

From this March 2012 Consolidated Results Statement PDF:
And see the losses of almost all the RP imaging products, either consumer or professional, Ricoh or Pentax. In particular, the Pentax camera products have never got any net profit but only net losses, till Q1 of the financial year 2012/13 the latest and as shown!

(Click to Enlarge.)

Well, how long could Ricoh bear such losses, especially for the Pentax imaging division? What *should* they really do? :-o

Ned Bunnell is (Forced) to Retire so Suddenly and Urgently!

(Picture Credit: Chasing Light)

First of all, see this official press release that published a few hours ago at the Pentax Imaging webiste:-


Other news websites have reported about this also, for example, this is from the Yahoo News:-

Ned Bunnell to Retire as President of PENTAX RICOH IMAGING AMERICAS CORPORATION; James Malcolm Assumes Responsibilities as Executive Vice President

And the reactions of Pentaxians in the Pentax World, we can have a look at DPR and at the PF, for instance.

It comes to my mind that Ned has still updated his blog yesterday about the difference of K-5II and K-5IIs! Everything occurs just so suddenly and Ned's step-down is meant to be rather urgent with such a rush arrangement with is taken place with an almost immediate effect.

As about Ned, I have very good impressions of him, despite that I still criticised him in particular cases. He is truly a Pentax senior official who has all the passions and exceptional zeal. Moreover, Ned is always a nice and polite person. In fact, I exchanged email correspondence with him for a few times before, for what I was thinking about Pentax and gave him some suggestions of mine. He always read my mail in full and replied with good manners. His open-mindedness and friendliness are actually uncommon, especially for a company head like him.

With the leaving of Ned and now the Pentax Imaging (USA) company will soon be fully controlled under Japanese people of Ricoh (no matter what nationality they are), I am yet again not optimistic about the future of it. It appears to many Pentaxians that it is an iron handed forced retirement and replacement of the whole management of an important local branch of the company.

Ned has to be gone very soon, which is just like stupid Ricoh decided to completely replace the name the prestigious trademark of "SMC" with a so mediocre name of "HD" which nowadays appears in every AV product and thus means nothing. Again, I can safely declare that Pentax is doomed and there is no hope on it than ever before for the brand! Utmost SAD!! >:-(

As far as I can see, the Ricoh management is really stupid and utter non-sense. If they are to lay off Ned, they should not do this around the Photokina time, when the world is looking at them so concertedly. If I were them and still decided to remove the old Pentax Imaging management guys, I should do this in low profile and at a less sensitive time!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Could a Company Survive with Mediocre Products and be "Supported" by Fanboys Alone?

There is no upgrade path in the Pentax K system, it is crystal clear!

For any K-5 user, I don't see any compelling reason to "upgrade" to the K-5II. Frankly, the K-5II simply doesn't deserve its name for being the second generation of the original K-5 after two years (but with little and insignificant improvements)!

There is simply no higher ranked and better body. There is no new serious lens announced nor the only new "Pentax" lens is actually a Tamron OEM. Don't imagine for additional secret things and "surprise" by the Photokina, as it is clearly indicated in the announcement and the official press release that the K-5II is the new "flagship"! All the cards have been revealed, as it appears!

And, rational users won't defend every shortcomings of whatever "new" products announced and in fact the lack of commitment and vision by the company and the Ricoh management are rather obvious.

Indeed, majority of the brand fanboys share the following characteristics:-

1. They defend to death for every short-coming of every products and about the system of a particular brand they are using.

2. They become rather uncivilised and inhuman whenever others disagree and point out the hard facts, personal flaming is the natural result that follows! It is just because they actually knew that what others are telling are indeed very true!

3. They praise and praise over again for the "advantages" of a brand, so as to prove that others are wrong.

4. But then they actually rarely buy new items and spend very little. What they are consistently doing is to "support" the brand by mouths!

5. They have a minimal collection of gear and/or just getting very old and obsolete items, they have no need to upgrade (and also like to argue about that, e.g., for what a "good photographer" should be).

6. They do not accept to see how the world is changing for what the competitors in the *same* market are advancing and denying the fact that the Earth is rotating!

And much more similar non-senses and stupidities..

In fact, a company that retain only fanboys but not substantive customers who are buying will come to a dead end eventually. I am sure that if this situation continues, Pentax will soon be doomed!

There *were* yet some richer stereotype fanboys (against most of the poor fanboys now left) in the Pentaxland. Several years ago, when they "suddenly" realised that there was no upgrade path in the Pentaxland nor there would never be Full Frame as it appeared, they jumped ship and have never looked back again! Examples here, as reported before.


Super (Die-hard/Brand-blinded) Fanboys Switched! :-o

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Dark Day for Pentax and Users

Two years have been passed since the last Photokina and the launch of the original K-5. But it seems that Pentax has never been able to get through some numbers, as if there are some kinds of devil's curses applied! >:-(

1. The "flagship" DSLR model is not able to get through the model number of "5", there is no K-3 nor K-1 (an imagination of these can be found here), not even to mention!

2. After 10 years of development of the SAFOX since the original SAFOX VIII, the number of AF points still stay at 11! Really sad! And WHY? Is it really so difficult to add a few more AF points? Do note that the ten-year old SAFOX VIII can focus down to -1EV low light already. So, the -3EV actually doesn't mean any big improvement! Pentax should improve their AF system in other major areas that they are lagging farther and farther behind!

3. They have not yet passed through 16 Mega for the pixel count. And the same old Sony sensor (with different revisions) is re-used and re-used again across the board, since the K-5, and then to K-01, to K-30 and now the K-5II/s.

4. Their sensor size could never pass through 24 x 16mm, i.e., APS-C, for all the K-mount cameras, which is the saddest thing in the Pentaxland, as the K-mount *was* meant to be 36 x 24mm!

5. The Image Processor used in their flagship will never pass through the second generation, i.e., PRIME II!

6. 180! 1/180s is the fastest X-sync speed Pentax could ever achieve for their DSLRs! In fact, the so-called Pentax flagship models are even slower than the bottom of the line Canon Rebels including their cheapest EOS 1100D which has a faster speed of 1/200s for the X-sync! Do also note that this speed does not only mean the fastest synchronisation speed for flash, but it also indicates the speed for the shutter to complete its whole movement. It is always desirable to have a higher speed of this as possible, so as to minimise the rolling shutter effect for fast moving objects, even if a higher Tv is chosen. For more technical information, read these old PZ articles here and here.

Other silly things about the K-5II/IIs and for other new products that have been announced as well:-

1. There is no detailed information about the AF sensor layout of the SAFOX X. Just in case if the central sensor is changed from a f/5.6 to f/2.8 sensor only but not double crossed, it will be tricky. That says when the lens is opened at near f/2.8, the AF will be more accurate, but now the AF accuracy at smaller apertures and stopped down is affected and is not that accurate, thus the final resolution is decreased even though the DoF has hidden the evil. In fact, the focusing error is still there, but just not as obvious owing to the greater DoF. For more technical information and references, read my previous technical article with some explanations here.

Bottom line: Unless there is a double crosses for the central AF point, one cross for f/2.8 and the other for f/5.6. This kind of implementation will yet be lame! If it is true, it will be worse than the AF system used in the entry level EOS 650D by Canon.

2. About the "air-gapless" LCD screen/monitor: Pentax is really wise enough to remove the outer transparent window at the rear of the body and then show the LCD bare and then called it "air gapless"! They are really brilliant! Now, the K-5II screen is just like a computer desktop mon! That must be great! Well, who steals the protective windows at the new bodies? Do you really want to be one of the mice whom have their cheese stolen by someone?! :-o

3. What is the meaning of removing the AA filter of such a low resolution camera at 16MP only? It has no point of any at all. Many moire patterns will appear in images for high spatial frequency objects and the overall resolution is drastically decreased. When Pentax is not observing the basic Nyquist rule for digital sampling, Nyquist is pissed off, even he is in the Heaven! >:-|

Come on, unless you think that your existing DA lenses are resolving lower than that dated 16M low resolution sensor (by the current standard), problems will arise!

4. The re-badged Tamron 18-270 "Pentax" version obviously looks rather like a Tamron than a Pentax DA. Pentax is not even bother to change its aesthetic look. In practical terms, it is not weather sealed neither and is to be sold at a considerably higher price than the original DA18-135WR, which is plain stupid and ridiculous! Since almost everything is the same, why not just buy the original Tamron and save some money at all?

5. To completely replace the name of SMC by HD is committing suicide for Pentax! SMC is one of the TOP reasons for *WHY PENTAX* in the hearts of many Pentaxians for decades! Those Ricoh guys seem to have no strong mind about Pentax' history and what they should keep and maintain after all! IMO, naming it as HD SMC would be a much better marketing approach, just like what Pentax did for their "Ghostless SMC" nomenclature!

6. The new Qs are now more colourful, but they are made of plastic now. Metal alloy is aborted and I am sure the Q10 will feel cheaper in hands. Yet still putting a 1/2.3" sensor into it means that Pentax is making the same mistake of the original Q, which has not been selling well since it was launched owing to this major shortcoming and non-sense, which put many people off even they were attracted by the look and user-friendliness of the Q.

Frankly, today is really a dark day for Pentax and her users. Some fanboys must then start to jump on my head then, but what they do will not change all the facts as mentioned above! And I am sure that many existing Pentax users will support my views, on the other hand! :-)

I thought that Ricoh would do Pentax a favour and make better things and should have at least some breakthroughs to show us in this Photokina! But all my hopes (I believe for many other Pentaxians as well) have been in vain! The good thing is that I can continue to use my K-5 and original Pentax lenses, which I quite like for my own collection. Now I am decided, as it is quite easy to do so, I shall spend my future money into the Canon system for more glass and will not need to think again for what to buy any new Pentax gear! Pentax/Ricoh is really helping me to save my money, which could be used to buy other better things! My BIG Thanks, PR! >:-[

Monday, September 10, 2012

The New Pentax Q10s and 06 Tele Zoom Lens

(Click to Enlarge)

Pentax Spain Reveals New Product Photos at FaceBook (Shortly Removed Afterwards)

(in Spanish)

(Click to Enlarge for the above Screen Capture; The page and related albums with images have now been all removed.)

I admit that I have been wrong since the above is official! (Update: seems to be early released than allowed!) There is really a K-5II and then a K-5IIs (I said K-5N, K-3 and K-3S). And then there is really a completely re-badged and 90%+ Tamron alike "DA"18-270 (I said DA18-200) and so on, which looks rather ugly IMHO. The new DA560/5.6 and DFA645 90/2.8 are also there (that I am still correct with these). I do like the new look of the new Q, though. For that cheaper price and new colours, I might buy this *toy*. Hope that there is a brand new 1/2.3" sensor inside that could deliver better IQ but I don't expect miracle.

Anyway, for people who sent me the "secret" information these weeks since August, provided that your intention was good from the beginning and from your best knowledge, I still have to say a thank you to you, no matter how accurate or inaccurate your information are! :-) On the other hand, if you are just trying to play hoax, pretend someone and to fool the others, no problem - you have succeeded! But then since the expectation is now set to be too high for what has been widely propagated, bigger disappointment is resulted, undoubtedly! >:-(