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Friday, September 30, 2011

10,000 Comments at My Blog

I have seen that the number of comments left at my Blog has exceeded 10,000 today. At the time of writing this Blog post, it has just reached 7,000 under the IntenseDebate commenting system (which is nice for the design and available features) and 3,010 at Blogger, so making up to 10k in total for the number.

I would like to thank you to all of you here who has participated/contributed. It is always great to meet people from different places in the world with totally different backgrounds via the Internet, regardless of what different opinions that we might have.

Last but not least, however, for those who had violated the posting rules and thus got their comments deleted or even banned, yet my sincere apologies too nevertheless but I think I had stated my requirements clearly on Day One. In fact, I do have very high tolerance than most of the other webmasters, I believe, as this Blog is meant to be free and there is no commercial or money interest of any here and on my side. I bet that you are not going to find more of any other websites over the Internet for such pure hobby and non-money related nature like mine but still with such a high popularity! After all, mine is just the rare species, brand and hobby regardless! :-D

Having said the above, what I could tell more is that I will let anyone post anything as long as they don't try to violate the rules repeatedly and don't go too farther. Indeed, I did let some of those banned guys to post again as long as they didn't break the rules again when they came back (with a new identity and/or a new IP whatsoever). My rules are very basic, aren't they? :-) Still found it difficult to comply? I don't and won't believe so! :-o

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IR P-Q Measurbation Samples are Out


Actually, I feel dizzy about the page layout. It is rather difficult to read and there are just too many test samples in a page with too many combinations of different shooting settings! >:-(

Indeed, I have no interest to click them one by one for the full and endless measurbations! I think I am actually promoting to a real photographer from the (inferior photographer) level of measurbators as such. Or reversely, I am just degraded into an online expert whom will only know how to waste all his time in the Internet other than doing more meaningful things, photo taking inclusive! ;-D

Nonetheless, if you still find out something about the IR samples, please share with us! :-)

iPhone Did Fashion Photography!



Via: http://fstoppers.com/iphone

After all, just won't be surprised when someone used the Q to take fashion show. In fact, an iPhone just did it, and more than enough! So, what is the fuss about? ..for the inadequacy of the Q's IQ with its tiny sensor? ;-D


When iPhone Just Do The Job, Why Pentax Q? :-o

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nikon 1 DxOMarks are Out

The Japanese Digicame Info has compiled a good comparison summary:-

http://digicame-info.com/2011/09/nikon-1-j1v1dxomark.html (via Nikon Rumors)


V1 J1 P7000 E-P3 GF2 G3 NEX-C3
Overall Score
54 56 39 51 54 56 73
Color Depth
21.3 21.5 19.1 20.8 21.2 21 22.7
Dynamic Range
11 11 10.8 10.1 10.3 10.6 12.2
Low-Light ISO
346 372 147 536 506 667 1083

So, the m4/3 cameras are still better in higher ISO performance, whilst the colour depth and DR of the 1s are a bit better.

Btw, where is the Pentax Q? Well, the Q was announced back to June, why not yet even a single lab test report has been out up till now?? :-o What Pentax has done? >:-(

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Under-Water Housing for K-5/K-7

Finally, someone made it! :-o


Looks good for the build quality.. The price is even better, it costs yet another brand new K-5 body! ;->

More WG-1 GPS Samples (of Mine)

As long as IQ is concerned, I am not convinced what the Q could do more than a contemporary P&S DC after viewing so many Q samples. In fact, user-friendliness wise, I believe that the Q does even have less portability, than most DCs.

Anyway, further to my last full review on my WG-1 GPS, I post some more more samples from the WG-1 so that anyone here can compare once again, to see if the Q could really supersede any current DC in IQ, and how would it be different, or not!


All samples are resized to 12 megapixels. Original images are available for download per picture page.

You can measurebate again the resolution, colour rendition, dynamic range, noise, flare resistance and whatsoever. Nonetheless, the video quality is still terrible, which will not be changed at the end of the day! :-( Here is yet a sample clip (view in 720p for the best possible video quality):-

(URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3icTswewl9s)

Don't Stop Down "Too Much" (the Lens) When Using the Q!

I am almost sure that the sample photos should originally be sharper, but unfortunately the tester used the Av mode and deliberately stopped down to f/8 something and thus the final pictures are now looking rather soft and blurry! Well, I suppose the tester just used to use his camera as he was using an APS-C or m4/3 camera (for most of the time probably), but however that time he wasn't! :-o


Click on the thumbnails to view the full-size originals, the key EXIF data are also posted per picture page.

After all, it's the diffraction limit that comes into play, which is the real limiting factor of such a small sensor used in the Q (and any other DCs). So, nothing can work against the Law of Physic and the only workaround is to use the lens wider opened (and with a much faster Time value/shutter speed to cope with). Nevertheless, using a wider Av will yet be a non-issue DoF wide as it has more than enough DoF already for the small lens opening based on the small sensor size and image circle.

At the end of the day, why most Q testers won't simply use the P mode for shooting? In fact, I've noticed that the P mode of it will try to only moderately stop down the lens and thus avoiding the diffraction effect as far as possible, whilst obtaining a little bit better optical quality out of the glass.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pentax Q Vs Ricoh GXR A12 Head-to-Head

(in Japanese)

The full size original ISO head-to-head comparison is at the page two:-

(Excite machine-translated to English)

So, here we go. Of course, the GXR wins. But how big is the difference? Okay, it's your take now and I let you decide! :-)

Last but not least, other real-world samples are posted, different settings and functions are tested. All of the samples are full-sized ones and they are directly out of the two cameras.

Oil Leakage Inside DA Limited Lens

This fault/defect is strange enough:-


(in Chinese, Google English Translation Here)

As it can be clearly seen, oil is leaked inside the lens and thus caused fogging. That's it:-

The Pentax user also mentioned that he opted to send in his K-r together with the DA70, of which the repair is mandatory, for "calibrating" his body for the yellow-light front focusing. But it is just worthless at the end of the day, because every K-r is just the same regarding this!

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Monday, September 26, 2011

P-Q Water-Colored Sample Video

I believe this was post-processed by the user with video editing software, but not a built-in function of the Q. Last time I checked the Q manual, there is not such a function mentioned, no matter for real-time and in-camera post-processed. Btw, please correct me if I am wrong. Still, I share this video:-

(URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNuyME9aHf4)

Another video clip by the same user can be found below. Do note that it is not the same clip as the above (processed or not):-

(URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzRYt2WSReU)

A77 Vs K-5 Vs D300s Vs 7D IQ Shootout


(in Chinese, Google English Translation Here)

Note that the test was done with the DA*55/1.4 on the K-5, whilst for other bodies were all with a 50/1.4 "standard" prime of the own brand. Resolution / studio tests for low ISO IQ and higher ISO noise were made and compared.

The test results and pictures are somehow self-explanatory. Btw, fans must be happy this time (me inclusive ;->)!

7 Ways to Save/Convert YouTube Videos

Read this latest TechBang article (in Traditional Chinese, or Google English Translation Here).

A really very useful summary for what can be done. The web tools can come in handy when the conversion/saving is required, for all those YouTube users. Enjoy~

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sony has Responded Promptly to the 5N Video Clicking Issue

Yes, "every camera has issues" but the more important thing is how the maker reacts with those reported issues for a new camera.

Well, Sony USA has responded to the clicking found sound when the NEX-5N is shaken during video recording. See what Sony Alpha NEX Blog reports.

This reminds me of how long it took for Pentax to respond for the first time about the K-5 sensor "stains" and "UFO" problem for the last time. Sony only took a few days to react and found a solution and commit for repair/upgrade and Pentax had only been able to provide a vague statement after a quarter or so, since it was first reported (and then complained endlessly by many new K-5 users thereafter)! :-o

So, the obvious difference is here and the marketing success or failure has already been defined, almost! I can bet if exactly the same 5N problem was happened to any Pentax camera, they would simply ignore it as it is somehow an "user error", frankly! ;-D How should the user shake the camera like that during video recording?!

Speaking back of Pentax and the K-5, when and how has the widely reported mirror jumping issue been responded by Pentax up till now? >:-[

The (Half-)True DA 35/2.4 Lens! ;-)

As we all knew, the specification of the "DA"35/2.4 is actually a DAL. In fact, it has none of the standard features of any other Pentax DA lens that has, namely, a metal mount and the Quick-Shift-Focus (QSF) mechanism as well as a focus scale with distance marks. But it has only a plastic DAL K-mount instead.

Frankly, I myself do not have particular preference of using metal over plastic for the mount, as long as it is proven to be strong enough and reliable for normal usage.

But then some people over the Chinese Xitek Pentax Forum had to remove the plastic mounts from their DAL long zooms owing to the unreliability of the original plastic mounts. But now someone has even done it for this pseudo DA prime! See:-


The user modded his white "DA"35/2.4 by replacing the plastic mount with a metal one detached from an old F lens of his and he has succeeded.

Nonetheless, such modding is not so meaningful IMHO as the lens is lightweight and doing this will only add weight in the end but there is not any real benefit. However, for a large and heavier lens like the DAL 55-300, which has also been reported more for the broken plastic mount, such modding would be far more meaningful, frankly.

After all, do bear in mind that this modded lens is not yet a true DA lens as it still does not have QSF nor a distance scale! :-( indeed, I still scratch my head hard for Pentax not called it as a DAL from the very beginning! >:-[

Friday, September 23, 2011

New Reviews for Antique Pentax DSLRs

First, there is an *ist D review in 2011!


Via 1001 Noisy Cameras

Next, here is a recent review of the K200D with a DA 18-55 WR (which is not the kit lens btw, but seems to be quite a perfect match):-


Via PF discussion thread here.

P-Q Vs XZ-1 ISO Measurbation (125/100 to 6400)

Further to my last report, the "Pentax ISO flower" guy has updated his test and now Olympus XZ-1 head-to-head ISO shots against the Q have been added. Aperture is kept at f/2.8 for all test shots and the FoV (Field of View) is the same. I post below the direct links to those directly-out-of-camera original JPEGs from both cameras for quick measurbation purpose! ;-)

Click to Download, New Tab will be Opened; Warning: All Large Files!
XZ-1 / ISO
Not Available

So, how is it compared? Do note that the EXIF are all there (and of course). Compare the image details, colour rendition, noise and etc. Once again, I blog, you decide! Do feel free to state your findings/comments here~

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Dumbest Camera Accessory Ever II

It is present for the C/D mount, but not only Leitz. So, it's now for the P-Q body! ;-)




Oh, well.. :-o

Last Story:-

The Dumbest Camera Accessory Ever!

A77 Vs D7000 Image Measurbation (On a Bright Day and at Low Light / From Low to High ISOs)

Measurebate yourself, I won't go comment further:-


(No translation is actually required, the test pictures and illustrations are self-explanatory, I believe.)


Nikon D7100 is Probably Coming. So, Will K-5 be Updated, Too? Soon?

K-5 Replacement Coming?

The "Nikon 1" is Announced!

Half day before the rumoured embargo on 9-22, the "Nikon 1" is announced!

A nice and lightning-fast compiled summary on the product releases and previews can be found at the 1001 Noisy Cameras.

However, I am completely not convinced with the appearances of the J1 and V1, they look rather ugly and toyish afterall and the "1" logo makes them even uglier than they appeared! :-o

(Picture source: Rob Galbraith DPI)

For more technical information, including the detailed product specs, just visit the official Nikon pages:-


One unfortunate to note is that despite using a smaller 1" sensor than the micro-4/3's, the 1 bodies and lenses are not significantly smaller or lighter than the m4/3 counterparts! The late Pana X series lenses could be even smaller. So, another failed status given by me (picky person)! ;-)

New Retractable OIS Element Patent of Pentax


(Google English Translation Here)

It is described that the OIS glass element is retracted when the lens is not used. The element is moved up and down along guide rails and there is no sound generated. Here is the side view of the retracted lens:-

But however, I have a very hard time to understand what is the benefit of this design? It is mentioned somewhere that the lens could be made thinner, but is it really true? In contrast, without any doubt, with the additional mechanism that is included for such a complicated design, the lens diameter and size will be increased and centering accuracy could be affected, optically, which is of prime importance as IQ will be affected in the end.

K-x Battery Issue Re-visited (with the Latest Firmware)

The latest firmware version 1.02 was installed and the battery issue was re-visited.

Two sets of freshly charged Energizer NiMH AA batteries (rated 2650 and 2450 mAh respectively), with my Maha charger, with a special procedure, were put into my K-x to see the battery level indication and behaviour of the camera.

Side Note: The debug mode can still be activated with the latest firmware 1.02.

1. The battery type detection was set to Auto by factory default:-

With the two sets of the Energizer, the battery "exhausted" Red indicator came up for both!

It is quite possible that the (open circuit/no load) battery voltage was a bit too high, might be at 1.35V something (not measured exactly this time). So, the total made-up voltage for four could be about 5.4V. Thus the camera believed that it was just the depleted Lithium.

2. Manually overrode the battery type to Alkaline resulted in a half-depleted Yellow indicator as below:-

3. In order to confirm that the Auto battery (type) detection was simply fooled, I further manually overrode it to the correct battery type of NiMH resolved the problem (momentarily, will explain as it follows..) and finally a Green indicator showed up (for both sets of the batteries)!

4. The test was repeated after One Day.. And the findings are:-

(i) For the first set of the batteries (2650mAh):

- Auto Battery detection worked correctly that time..

- Manually overrode it to Li (Lithium) showed the Red battery indicator;

- Manually overrode it to AL (alkaline) resulted in a Red battery indicator too, which simply hints the battery discharged a bit and the voltage dropped;

- Manually overrode it to NiMH type showed a Green indicator. So, the Auto battery type detection worked correctly this time! :-o I *must* thank God!! ;-D

(ii) For the second set of the batteries (2450mAh):

- I am not sure if the Auto Battery detection worked correctly for the first instance as a Yellow indicator showed up..

- Manually overrode it to Li (Lithium) showed the Red battery indicator;

- Manually overrode it to AL (alkaline) resulted in a Red battery indicator too, which simply hints the battery discharged more and the voltage dropped more significantly;

- Manually overrode it to NiMH type showed a Yellow indicator. So, the Auto battery type detection should work correctly but a full Green battery indicator could never be seen again! (It have only been there for one day!) >:-(

Btw, my K-r, with the latest firmware version 1.11 programmed, was also checked for the first time on the first day (but not the second). No particular irregularity was found for the quick check.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

P-Q BCN Results This Week (for the Last Week)



Last Report:-

P-Q BCN Sales Results have Only been Good for One Week!? :-o

Astrophotography with Pentax Q (Adapted to Telescopes)

This Jupiter shot is not bad:-

Source Post: http://www.tomytec.co.jp/borg/world/blog/2011/09/20110917.html

The moon shot with the same gear set is somehow impressive, too:-

The magnification is clearly much larger than that with a NEX-5N with that super multiplier of the Q, just compare yourself with this set of bird shots made with the Q (with the same telescope, I suppose) for what it could be delivered and indeed the different results. (But I'm afraid the magnification maybe too large for bird shooting. Well, only the bird's butt can be seen!? :-o ;-> Besides, the IQ of the NEX photos are obviously better, too.)

And, here are some other related links for the adoption to different telescopes and the required/used accessories and adaptors, etc.:-




Enjoy! :-)

Aftera all, it seems that Pentax has successfully to explore and open new markets for CCTV lenses adoption and now for astro-telescopes! Wow, what a really "big" marketing success that has been achieved!? ;-D

Pentax Photo Gallery Will Get Fully Revamped Next Month

The Pentax Photo Gallery (which aka PPG in short form), will get fully revamped by the end of next month. See the official notice here:-


It seems that Ned and his guys have been diligent enough to improve things and I am sure that the PPG could promote Pentax the brand in a positive way. In contrast to my this negative "dirty brand-bashing" Blog! ;-D

Btw, I have never made any submission to the PPG as a bottom level online expert whom took no photo. So, how could I find any photo to submit? :-o Even if I just do it, I am almost sure that my photos will never be admitted as they are all junk! ;->

Japanese Famous CAPA Editor Mr. Hideo Nishihira Has Passed Away

The sad news today: Japanese famous CAPA editor and camera gear reviewer Mr. Hideo Nishihira (西平 英生) has passed away on Sept 15th last week, at the age of 63. See the official CAPA notice here.

Born in 1948 at Japan, Mr. Nishihira is one of the most prestigious camera gear reviewers in Japan and worldwide for his in-depth and yet extensive knowledge plus extraordinary observing power on camera gear. In fact, his reviews on camera gear (Pentax inclusive) had been one of the few most valuable references for camera users in the pre-Internet days.

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Herb Keppler, 1925-2008 (External Link)

Monday, September 19, 2011

C-mount and D-mount Adaptors for Pentax Q



Manufacturer's Homepage: http://www.dl-kipon.com/en/

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Pentax Succeeded to Adapt ALL Lenses and Mounts on Earth, with the Assistance from 3rd Party!

eBay Price Charts of K-mount Lenses (Comprehensive, 2005 to 2011)

My special thanks to Blog reader "flomatix", who has kindly provided me an alert about this archive:-


Many K-mount lenses are listed, from the K/M mount, to the A/F/FA and then to the DA ones. Some 3rd party lenses in K-mount are also listed. The official suggested price per lens is also plotted. But do note that all prices are German ones, nevertheless.

An example screen-shot of the charts is shown below. This one is for the FA*85/1.4:-

My hats off to the guy who compiled the plots! I can see the huge efforts involved (and that he paid)! :-o

Pentax Q Suffers Much from Image Details Loss from ISO 200 and Up!

This test is self-explanatory, the pictures indeed speak themselves:-


ISO 125

ISO 200
ISO 400
ISO 1600

Umm.., the noise is not particularly obvious, but the image details suffer! >:-[

Do note that the above shows a real-world application of using higher ISO speeds for shooting, i.e., at/for lower light environments.

It seems that such a small sensor is really helpless and actually, hopeless! :-(

"Every Camera Has Issues"!

It is lately found that the Sony NEX-5N and the Pana GF3 do share the same bug. See these "clicky" sample videos:-

(URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooDgxpAmnT4&feature=player_embedded)

(URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnK1hGIkuSw&feature=player_embedded)

via http://sonyalphanex.blogspot.com/2011/09/nex-5n-clicking-noise-in-video-mode.html

So, I'm afraid that Pentax' defenders have been so right this time, i.e., "every camera has issues"! In fact, this clicky sound video issue has not yet been found/reported for the Pentax Q. And once again this must yet be another victory of Pentax as such! ;-)

P.S. The Pentax Q does not (auto-)focus in the video mode, so it completely eliminates the chance for any sound made as a result, also! ;-p

A Better Pentax Mirrorless is Coming?

Thanks to Blog reader Voice of Reason and yet another guy who opted to drop me an email, we have the following latest news or rumour about Pentax/Ricoh:-

EXCLUSIVE: Ricoh to Beef Up Digital Camera Biz [Jiji Press English News Service]

Update: The original source Japanese article can be found here:-

http://www.jiji.com/jc/trend?c=newitem&k=2011091700198 (Excite English Translation Here)

For what it is important, quoted:-

"A new mirrorless camera will be developed by Pentax Imaging Systems Co., which the Japanese office equipment maker will acquire on Oct. 1 to take over the Pentax brand, the sources said."

"Equipped with a larger sensor, the new model will allow for a wide variety of photo styles, such as making out-of-focus areas in a shot much more blurry, the sources said."

So, is it a K-mount mirrorless from Pentax this time? Any chance? Or, is this *rumour* reliable enough after all??

Btw, the Q is also mentioned, it is described as "it was rather designed for beginners with a small image sensor", nonetheless.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pentax Q Development Story (Interview)

Thanks to "D*isuke" of the Japanese "PENTAX Q Unofficial FAN Site", we have the following interview of the Q development story:-


(in Japanese, Excite English Translation Here)

Update (9-19): The access right of the above article has been changed and now be read only by registered members of the website.

The 4-page interview contains first-hand official information about the whole development of the Q, some development photos, including the Q mock-ups, are disclosed for the first time. You can also see the faces of the designers/developers of the Q and know their names, of course. :-)

Last but not least, it is told that the project was first started back to 2003 with an aim to make a digital version of the Auto 110. The project was then lately revived in 2009, after suspension for quite some time, only when a Hoya big guy saw the digital Auto 110 prototype and found it to be "interesting". So, btw, Ned's guys were wrong the last time in their interview with TWICE, as in neither case the Q was designed for five years, i.e., it should be either eight years or just two!

A77 / NEX-5N / 7D / 5D2 / G3 DR and High ISO Head-to-head Test

See the latest shootout test conducted by the eZone Hong Kong:-


Downsized samples are available for download per picture page, just click on the Chinese words of "下載點" to download. Btw, it is told that he DR test was done at ISO 200, whilst the high ISO test was done at ISO6400.

After all, the tester concluded that the IQ of the new Sony cameras are better, despite that they are only APS-C sized for the sensor, followed by the FF 5D2 and then the 7D, and then finally the m4/3 G3, which comes last. So, it's your take now to judge, and see if you agree with them or not.

Friday, September 16, 2011

An Excellent Japanese Photo Blog


There are lots of photos of a variety of different topics, despite that it is themed for dogs for the blog name. Many of the photos are quite interesting and well done, although all of which are in web size and by no means for pixel-peeping.

This moon shot, as found in the above main "camera" page, taken with the Nikkor 300mm/2.8 on a D700, is nice and not so typical and ordinary:-

At the side bar at the right-hand-side of the blog, there are links of different categories and pages which are grouped by different bodies and then lenses. It seems that the K-x is yet his mostly used camera despite that the guy seems to have also many other cameras and gear like the K-5 and the Nikon full-frame gear. I guess he does love Pentax but just that Pentax does not have any full-frame gear so far and just he acquired also the Nikon/Nikkor. Besides, the DA16-45 seems to be his favourite lens which has the highest number of post count. Below are just some example pages:-


Well, the guy DIY a locked shutter release for his K-x, for star/astro-shooting, see:-



And this time-lapse taken with the DA16-45 on a K-x is quite nice:-

(YouTube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaKApvzkbFY)

He used another K10D to take this still photo at the same time as his K-x was occupied for the time-lapse:-

Explore further yourself and Enjoy! :-)

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