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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Latest K-30 and K-5II/s Reviews

Full K-30 review at the DPR:-


Rough K-5II and IIs review at the PF:-


Now the "stop gap" models suddenly has become "new flagships"! That's really funny! :-D

Monday, October 29, 2012

100 Colours Q10 - Real Dummy Units!

Photos at "Pentax Briefing Paper" (Japanese).

Wow! I really want to buy one this time and couldn't help myself, regardless of the super small sensor of this TOY! :-D

Previous Stories:-

100 Colours of Q10 are Available for Ordering Now

100 Colours of the Q10

Another K-5 Vs K-5IIs Sample Comparison (w/ FA*28-70)

Same site, same author, who has done many shootout tests between the two cameras recently and shared his results:-

(in Japanese)

The lens was put at f/5.6 at 50mm which could one of the possible sharpest settings of the lens.

This time, IMHO, the difference between the K-5 and K-5IIs is almost non-existent. In fact, with the extra-sharpness setting +1, the K-5 sample and crop seems to be a bit sharper, even! See this:-

(Above: Left K-5, Right K-5IIs, Extra-sharpness at +1; Credit: Pentax Briefing Paper.)

Pentax Forums K-5 Vs K-5IIs Sample Shots and Comparisons (Two Pics)


Btw, do you see and like the moires? :-o

SLRGear (IR) DA18-135 Full Test

See: http://slrgear.com/reviews/showproduct.php/product/1384/cat/46

The measurbation results seem to be in line with what PhotoZone found long time ago. I now understand why Pentax Germany replied Klaus that the lens under test was "within factory specs"! :-o

If we compare further of the above against those of the original Canon EF-S 18-135 IS, the new Canon 18-135 IS STM and the Nikon 18-135 DX by the SLRGear, the Pentax results are really pathetic.

Still, I like my DA18-135, maybe the lens IQ, especially the image corners, are not good at close distance, where a test chart is usually placed.


Updated: Some Recent Random Snapshots of Mine

My Practical Review on the DA18-135

Latest Pentax Reviews: DA18-135 and K-5 Vs 7D

Saturday, October 27, 2012

EOS M First Hands-on Impressions

First played with a M with the 18-55 STM kit zoom for about 15 minutes and here are what I found:-

- The body is really nicely built and it feels very solid in hands. Unlike all other mirrorless bodies, the M is actually made in Japan.

- The body is thicker than the NEX but is obviously thinner than the K-01. It feels a bit heavier than my NEX-3, which is yet the lightest and most compact APS-C mirrorless body ever.

- The M does not have a built-in flash nor supports an EVF neither, which is even worse than the K-01 which has a built-in flash!

- The LCD monitor display quality is good, the touch screen is fairly (but not very) responsive.

- The AF is rather sluggish, though. The environment I tested it is fairly bright. It sometimes missed the focus when the DoF is large, say, at close distances. To focus on far object, the AF time was shorter.

- When using the AF with touch focusing, the camera seems to focus slightly faster. But I just wonder why, or my feeling was wrong. Under this mode, the camera will shoot immediately after the focus is achieved, which may not be good for this design if you want some control for when to take the picture but I understand that this is intended for the novice.

- Also, turning off the touch focus function the camera seems to focus slightly faster, too.

- The mechanical shutter action is smooth, light and quiet, better than all NEX here (I just used a NEX-7 of my friend the week before). Unlike the NEX and the K-01, I can't really hear the double shutter actuations of the M. Indeed, a light touch is important as it would cause less camera vibration caused by the first shutter actuation.

- The shutter lag of the M is long but I think it is comparable to the NEX and is a bit faster than the K-01.

- As for the operation, I haven't yet adapted to its menu system and operation interface as there are very few direct buttons and no mode dial at all. On the other hand, there is a record button at the right thumb position at the camera rear which is very handy to use (same as the NEX' design).

- I haven't tried the video function yet, maybe I shall try later.

- Still, I think the NEX-6 maybe a better package and offer all in all for that very close price range, of which the ILDC related technologies should be more mature.

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News: E-PL5 Has No AA FIlter! (And Amazon Top Sales Charts Pentax Update)

See what 43 Rumors report:-


So, this is a camera with a 16MP Sony sensor without an AA filter in front of the sensor, resulting in a "higher image quality" as people say.

This must be the cheapest AA-filterless body in the market then. Similar to the K-5IIs, it is in 16MP and uses a Sony sensor.

Speaking of the Amazon sales charts that 43 Rumors have pointed us to, we can see that in the ILDC chart, the best Pentax result is at #40 for the Black Q dual lenses kit. The other Pentax offers that stay in the chart are #71 for the Yellow K-01 with the DA40XS and then the Black K-01 with the DA40XS at #100, as being the last one that stays in the chart, just! :-o

As for the DSLR chart, the best Pentax result is K-5 body-only offer at #41, followed by the K-30 with DAL18-55 (non-WR) kit at #43, and then at #61 for the K-30 with DA18-135 WR kit. The more surprising thing is we can see the K1000 Pentax film body with the 50mm F2 lens is on the chart at #62 (and jump the boat?)! It seems that a lot of the old Pentax users are selling their old Pentax classic gear like this! >:-( Btw, the last Pentax thing that we can see in the chart is the White K-30 with DAL18-55 kit at #86.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Disassemble (and Repair) the FA 80-320 Zoom Lens

Thanks to Blog reader MattMatic for his alert, here is the series of lens disassembling photos of his:-


Full shared story here: http://www.pentaxuser.co.uk/forum/topic/fa80-320-37602

Btw, the MIJ label reminds me of those high quality days of those Pentax products, even a consumer zoom like this was made in Japan, where and when the QC is far better! And, the lenses are much cleaner inside out of the factory, too!


Blog Search on "Disassemble" 

Dirty Pentax Lens Factory, Dirty Glass! :-(

Made ("Assembled") In Vietnam

Where are the Pentax DSLRs and Lenses Made?

Focus Peaking Trick on E-M5 (Which has NOT the Feature! Trick NOT works for Pentax Bodies!)


Via 43 Rumors.

Wow, this OM-D user is really clever and brilliant!

However, this tricks does NOT with any existing Pentax bodies which do not have the focus peaking feature built-in, i.e., those models without a PRIME M processor, including the K-5, K-5II/IIs and the Q. It is because the in-camera digital filters of the Pentax cameras are applied in post-editing, but not viewable at real-time in Live View.

Remark: To those particular fanboys: Whoever wants to argue again, do read the relevant Pentax user manuals and try before hand. If they don't have those Pentax cameras (which they usually don't have the gear they defend!), I would ask them to get the soft manuals online first! :-o

Thursday, October 25, 2012

New K-30 and Q Firmwares Released

1. Firmware Version 1.01 for K-30:-


Changes to V1.01
  • Improved performance of contrast AF
  • Improved stability for general performance.

2. Firmware Version 1.10 for Q:-


Changes to V1.10
  • Correspond to [Adapter Q for K-mount Lenses]. How to input focal length Click here
  • Correspond to [PENTAX-06 TELEPHOTO ZOOM]
  • Improved stability for general performance.

Update (10-26): Thanks to Blog reader "joejoe", it is now discovered that the new Q firmware has the lovely feature of focus peaking which is added but not mentioned by Pentax! Here is the proof he provided:-

More K-5 Vs K-5II Comparisons (Moon Shots and Outdoor LCD Views)

(Left: K-5; Right: K-5IIs, 100% Crops.)

Via Post @ the Chinese Xitek Forum

Well, the poster commented that the difference in sharpness is negligible in his opinion. Besides, I found that the colour rendition of the K-5 is better, once again! The K-5IIs shot is somehow greyish for the blue.

(Left: "Air-gapless" LCD Mon. of K-5II; Right: K-5.)

Via Post @ the Chinese Xitek Forum

I like the colour rendition of the old K-5's LCD monitor better. It looks more faithful and detailed than the new air-gapless LCD. In particular, just view the heavy blue cast of the white sky of the air-gapless mon. and that the green colours do look odd and unnatural. But yet, the outdoor visibility in the field is not differed by that much against what is officially claimed!

After all, it is really not good to run bare, for both the sensor and the LCD! :-o ;-p

K-5 Vs K-5IIs High ISO Shootout (800-12800)

(in Japanese)

Test Conditions:-
Manual white balance, Natural custom image, NR Off, FA77 Limited lens used at f/5.6, LV AF, Direct JPEG.

Below is a snapshot of the ISO 3200 comparison pair:-

(Left: K-5, Right: K-5IIs, @ ISO 3200 - Click to Enlarge.)

It is obvious that the colour response of the K-5 is more favourable. The colours produced by the K-5IIs is dull and less pure. As for the details and sharpness, I even found that the above K-5 picture is better! The noise of both cameras are very close and comparable, nonetheless.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A K-5 Vs K-5IIs Head-to-head Measurebation

Test shots were made with the same FA31 Limited lens under the same lighting and test condition from f/1.8 to f/11 with an addition test shot at f/5.6 with the "extra sharpness" setting:-

K-5: http://pentax.briefing-paper.com/1121 (in Japanese)

K-5IIs: http://pentax.briefing-paper.com/1864 (in Japanese)

In particular, the following is the side-by-side f/5.6 pair of the comparison shots:-

(Above: Left: K-5 100% Crop at f/5.6; Right: K-5IIs 100% Crop at f/5.6; Normal Sharpness; Lens Used: FA 31mm F1.8 Limited - Click to Enlarge.)

Btw, with the removal of the integral AA+IR filter of the original K-5, the K-5IIs seems to produce colder picture than the K-5, with a purple tint and tendency.

In fact, the amounts of details of the two cameras are close enough, whilst the K-5IIs pics look a bit "sharper" and "harder" on edges. The fortunate thing is that the focusing accuracy of both cameras is good enough. The K-5 pictures are yet a bit brighter, though, despite that a +1EV exposure compensation was applied for both cameras. Last but not least, the micro-contrast of the K-5 shots seems to be somehow better.

More K-5IIs User Samples (Downsized)

See this Flickr page:-


All the photos in "original" (i.e., maximum) size are downsized/edited to about 3MP and all EXIF data is deleted, nonetheless.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

K-5 is Sharp Enough! (Portraitures w/ DA70 Limited)

Portrait Gallery! (Include Guys and Gals, Slide-show)

100% Crops (No Sharpening, Slide-show)

The K-5 plus Pentax glass is really sharp enough! Besides, we can see nice Pentax colours and skin tone! ;-p So, what's the point of a "new" K-5II which has reset the price to 50% dearer?! :-o

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Monday, October 22, 2012

K-5II/IIs: Central Cross AF Sensor Will be Disabled with Most DA Zoom Lenses, and even Some DA Limited Primes!

(Source: Pentax Japan K-5II/s page, Credit: Blog reader "jaad75".)

Look at the above official diagram and illustration. For the "new" K-5II and K-5IIs, the first thing is that only the central AF point is equipped with the f/2.8 sensor, for the horizontal one. That f/2.8 sensor is unique for being the one and only one f/2.8 AF sensor that the camera has. However, this sensor will NOT work with any lens that is slower than f/2.8! Under such case, the horizontal AF sensor will have no function! That means that the central cross sensor will simply become only a vertical linear sensor with most zoom lenses, except for those very few f/2.8 ones. Moreover, even those slower primes are affected, e.g., the DA21 F3.2 Limited and the DA15 F4 Limited!

At the end of the day, I would rather keep my K-5 and do the AF fine adjustment in a precise way instead if I have to sacrifice like that, which is even more problematic IMHO! :-o

After all, my last prediction is correct! Pentax is yet to do thing in the easiest but cheapest way, without taking the real drawback caused as a result into account! >:-|


K-5II User Manual is Put Online

What is the Exact Layout of the f/2.8 AF Sensor(s) in the K-5II/s?

Focus Adjust the K-5 and Pentax AF Lenses with Live View

Again, Why a "f/2.8" AF Sensor is Crucial for Higher AF Accuracy!

"PENTAX Demonstrates Host of New Products At PhotoPlus Expo 2012"?!


What's the "Host of New Products" actually? They are all the same old and unexciting stuff that were shown to the world at Photokina last month!

Btw, the K-01 and the previous disclosed new lenses are not mentioned anywhere and will not be displayed of course. It seems that Pentax Ricoh has firmly decided to abort the "line" and will continue to execute their that decision. That is really sad after all! >:-(

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Gun Cameras, Camera Gun! (And Please Continue the K-0x Line, Pentax Ricoh!)

Two Really Good Things of the K-01!

Read this lengthy incompatibility EF lens list with the EOS M (when the EF adaptor is added) and I am shocked!

(in Chinese)

Even the lens is compatible, the AF speed of the new Canon mirrorless is just terribly sloooow, even when it is worked with the latest Canon EF-M STM lenses, which are specifically designed for the EOS M! :-o


Oh, what a poor performance it is! Compare that against what the K-01 can do and it is different as day and night!

Furthermore, the K-01 guarantees full compatibility with any of the original Pentax K-mount AF lenses.

After all, the above two good things should be praised! :-)

WiFize "Any" Camera of Yours!

Well, here is the PQI Air Card in SD format, it should be compatible with all the latest Pentax DSLRs and the Q inclusive, as officially tested and listed.

With this card and the App (in both iOS and Android versions), instantaneous WiFi transfer of image files to mobile device is easy and effortless.

A YouTube demonstration can also be found here:-



Canon 6D is Now Official - One More "Cheap" FF Suddenly Arrives!

Is K-01 the End of the "Line"? (Pentax Interview @Photokina)

Toshiba FlashAir Wireless LAN SD Card Hands-on Video

645D and Eye-Fi Card (YouTube Demo)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

K-5II User Manual is Put Online


Last time I have searched for the whole document, there is no information of any for mentioning about the f/2.8 AF sensor for this "new" camera. So, the mystery about its layout and compatibility / usability with different lenses are yet unknown!

Speaking of the K-5II, IR has put their measurbation RAW(DNG) and JPEG files onto their website. So, pixel peeping time again! (Via 1001 Noisy Cameras.)


What is the Exact Layout of the f/2.8 AF Sensor(s) in the K-5II/s?

Friday, October 19, 2012

First K-5IIs Hands-on Review with Complete ISO Samples (100-51200)

(in Japanese)

All samples are available in full size and full EXIF is preserved even for thumbnails. ISO samples from ISO 100 to 51200 are posted, with a few other picture samples, all of which are also night scenes. Lenses used for the test are FA77/1.8, DA14/2.8 and DA*16-50/2.8.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sensor Size Talk with Aptina at DPR (Interview)

Read: http://www.dpreview.com/news/2012/10/16/Sandor-Barna-explains-how-1-inch-sensors-will-save-the-compact-camera

Via 1001 Noisy Cameras.

So, how is the Pentax Q? Your thought?

Another K-5 Vs K-5II Vs K-5IIs Side-by-side Comparison

By Wesley Wong again:-


The Setup:-

One of the Crops:-

The Test Conditions as mentioned:-

"1. Lens used is Pentax-M 100mm f/4.0, shot at f/11, 1/125, ISO100 mounted on tripod. 

2. Subjects are lighting with two Lastolite RayD8 5500K continuous lights.

3. Focusing was done manually with focus lock confirmation.

4. Each image was recorded as RAW DNG and converted using Adobe Photoshop CS6. All sharpening and noise reduction were turned off in ACR."

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A K-5II Vs K-5IIs Image Shootout

(Click to Enlarge.)


P.S. My thanks to Wesley for his email alert for his above test.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

K-01 Firmware V1.00 Vs V1.01 Round 2: w/ DA*300, DFA100WR and FA28-105


Via http://forum.pentaxfans.net/thread-131047-1-1.html (in Traditional Chinese)

AF tests with the new firmware is starting from 04:55 and before that is with fw version 1.00. It is once confirmed that the new firmware provides obviously better performance with faster AF speed. The improvement is particularly obvious with the longer (focal) lens, i.e., the DA*300 in this test.

Update: One more exact comparison with the DFA100WR also, by another Japanese K-01 user, before Vs after:-




K-01 AF Performance Firmware V1.00 Vs V1.01

K-01 AF Speed Tests with 16 Different K-mount Lenses

Sunday, October 14, 2012

K-01 AF Performance Firmware V1.00 Vs V1.01


By What Blog is This?

Via 1001 Noisy Cameras.

Assuming the battery power levels were the same, the new firmware does significant improve the AF speed of the K-01. However, the CDAF still need to turn the lens to-and-fro so as to search for the focus but did never know which direction to turn first at the beginning. I believe that if Pentax will be able to get the new Sony sensor with PMAF sensor built-in, e.g., like the one used in the NEX-5R, this search should not be even required in most cases and hence the AF performance could be twice faster! (But provided that if Pentax can get any new sensor! >:-()

Saturday, October 13, 2012

100 Colours of Q10 are Available for Ordering Now

(in Japanese)

Last Report:- 

100 Colours of the Q10

Friday, October 12, 2012

Shutter Shake Problem is More Significant with Mirrorlesses than DSLRs!

See this article:-


(Newly discovered website introduced by the 1001 Noisy Cameras.)

Well, we all know, DSLRs have mirror slap as well as the shutter movement that cause camera shakes right before the exposure and hence image blur. But then mirrorlesses have yet another shutter movement in lieu of the mirror slap, so the final results obtained could not be better! :-o

Btw, Sony has its electronic first curtain shutter by now in their latest NEX and A series bodies, I think it will decrease the shake effect and should improve shutter lag. However, the side-effect of it in particular to any possible impact on the IQ is yet unknown, if any. (I do not believe that it could be a perfect design, as for most of the time everything is just a trade-off!)

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K-5 Mirror Slap Blur Issue

K-5 Shutter Blur Effect Tested: K-5 is Half of That of the K-7, Told Lumo

The K-x Blur Issue

Thursday, October 11, 2012

New K-01 Firmware! (V1.01)

The K-01 is not completely dead, Pentax has provided a new firmware for it today!

(In Japanese)

It is said that the AF performance and compatibility with SD cards are improved as well as the new firmware is generally debugged. If you are a K-01 user, just follow the download link in the above page to get and install the new firmware.

Gun Cameras, Camera Gun! (And Please Continue the K-0x Line, Pentax Ricoh!)

Well, this is a gun camera:-

Source: http://www.photoblog.hk/wordpress/24662/

It was modified from a real gun by the Japanese traffic police back to 1954, the purpose of it was to shoot with one hand and steadily! Clever design, I have to say.

But then there was a real gun which looked like a camera by the CIA in 1966. Well, it was modified from an Asahi Pentax Reflex! Oh yes, it was the big glorious days of Pentax which Canon and Nikon only knew to follow!!

Source: http://www.aohc.it/oddse1.htm

Don't press the shutter release button of this "camera" too causally, it would really make a *killer* shot! :-o

Now, in 2012, what does the meaning of the first gun camera? Back to the 90s and early 2000s, there were such cannon/gun looking film and digital cameras:-

Above: Sony F717, 2002, Picture Source Here.

Above: Ricoh Mirai, 1988, Picture Source Here.

Above: Olympus AZ-4, 1989, Ricoh Mirai Twin, Picture Source Here.

And finally here is the Pentax Optio MX/MX4, of which I purchased my "MX" back to 2004. I must say its ergonomics is excellent and is very suitable for prolonged time video shooting. Whilst the user can hold very steadily for both video and still picture shooting, the camera can also be operated with one hand basically. Well, the Optio MXs had a flipped LCD with great freedom for its movement, which is really great!

Above: Pentax Optio MX, 2004, Pictures' Source Here

Now, it is heard that Pentax Ricoh is going to abort the K-01 line and is not developing it further. That is sad as they should make the K-01 in such form factor and design, which they should be able to do. That will surely hide the long flange distance of the K-mount and adding an EVF and include back a flipped monitor with a similar design of the MX', that will be a clear winner, I am almost certain!

We all know that the K-01 is by now the "best" video shooting Pentax body in the line. However, I do think that it is just not good enough. Change the form and shape of it, add also a stereo microphone! Then it could rival the Sony NEX VG900, even it is a Full Frame, just because this proposed Pentax mirrorless can be sold far cheaper for its much lower cost. Also, if there will be such a cannon K-02, all the R&D efforts paid by Hoya will not be wasted, and possibly it will form a new line of Pentax K-mount APS-C mirrorless that could finally succeed, as it is being unique in the market but yet have a great usability and being very practical to use!

Furthermore, they should buy the new NEX-5R 16M sensor from Sony, which will do PMAF on sensor to further enhance the AF performance, especially during video recording. The last time I tried, the CDAF of the K-01 was not that bad indeed. In fact, I am much impressed with the CDAF performance of the latest Pentax cameras which is better than any Canon DSLR and close to my NEX IMHO. And who says the K-01 CDAF is meaningless? I am sure that it is more accurate with all different K-mount lenses than all those Pentax DSLRs after all, the K-5II/s inclusive! The CDAF is WYSIWYG, what thing else can be more accurate?

Don't you guys agree with me this time?!

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A (Pentax) Camera Catalogue Collector

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Big Pentax Q Cake for Ned Bunnell! :-o

Read the story here: http://www.imaging-resource.com/news/2012/10/08/giant-pentax-camera-cake-marks-retirement-of-pentax-u.s.-president

Btw, my all the best wishes to Ned! Happy retirement! :-)

Latest Pentax Interview with Pentax Ricoh HQs' Senior Official by DC Watch

Thanks to Blog reader "qwe" for his alert, we have the latest Pentax Ricoh interview by the Japanese DC Watch, as follows:-


The above is in Japanese, you can read also the machine-translated English pages by Excite here and Google here.

The interview has just been published today, it seems that the tone of Pentax Ricoh has changed considerably since the last series of Photokina interviews (by IR, PF and etc.) a few weeks ago. This time, the interviewee is the head of (product?) development division of the Pentax Ricoh HQs, Mr. Toshiyuki Kitazawa:-

(Mr. Toshiyuki Kitazawa, Head of the Development Division of Pentax Ricoh Company Japan.)

So, I would like to summarise the more important things and key messages contained from my best understanding:-

1.The aspiration of a Full Frame camera and body for even better image quality by the users is understood.

2. The trend of traditional DSLRs (with mirrors) for being go up to the Full Frame sensor size and with lower prices is recognised.

3. They have started to develop a Full Frame digital system. However, the current faced problem for not marketing a FF system right now is the lack of a complete FF lens lineup, which is yet to be developed.

4. They are continuing to liaise with sensor manufacturers and try to source a suitable sensor unit for the new body.

5. He believes that the APS-C format still has its advantages, for its compactness and flexibility, and which the image quality is already not bad. As such, the development of APS-C and FF will be carried out in parallel.

6. A Pentax FF would come true within the fiscal year of 2013/14, but still maybe later.

7. The advantage of a camera body without an AA filter is for its highest possible resolution out of the sensor but with trade-offs of possible moire and false colours and noise, which is less likely to happen with the higher pixel density of model sensors.

8. Pentax has planned to make more AA-filterless camera bodies in the future, with new technologies being developed and involved.

9. The Q system will continue its development as an unique product line of its own.

I like the style of this Japanese Pentax Ricoh guy than the previous PR sales guys at the Photokina. I do have a far better impression on the way he is talking things in a far more practical way. He has touched on something technical but it is not too difficult. All in all, I think his statements are concise, clear, direct and fairly honest plus humble enough of himself, on what are being asked! Good! :-D Of course, at the end of the day, we don't have to agree with what he says and the Pentax plans as told, nonetheless!

Update (10-11): I have just checked that Mr. Toshiyuki Kitazawa is an engineer by himself who owns quite some patents related to cameras over years. See this profile of his for details. Now I know why I have had a good impression on him by feeling at the beginning! ;-) I don't like those sales guys btw, who often have too much crappy sales talks for most of the time but without knowing better for the technical stuff behind! >:-( They will never tell you something concrete also, neither, at the end of the day!


Yet Another Pentax Full Frame Rumour

First K-5IIs User Sample

(Click to Enlarge.)

This should be the first K-5IIs sample that posted online, via a forum post at Photo Malaysia here.

In the same thread, we can see a pair of comparison pictures on the K-5II and K-5IIs sensors and their different appearances:-

Via this post here, in the same discussion thread.

Well, I like the appearance of the K-5II sensor better, it looks clearer and more transparent after all.

Btw, if you wish to see the official comparison illustrations by the PR about the difference between the K-5 and K-5IIs, read the opening post of the above thread here. The diagrams were displayed at Photokina as exhibits.

Yet Another Pentax Full Frame Rumour


Everything has no proof of any and rumour is rumour. So, just believe it or not! Btw, these Pentax FF rumours have been with us for years, which seems to be a dream that never vanishes amongst we Pentaxians, maybe until one day a FF Pentax body really comes! ;-)

Ephotozine DA50/1.8 Test, with Full Samples


This time the samples seem to be look better than those of the last review at Optyczne.pl. The measurbation results seem to be better than what SLRGear measured and found also.

However, I discovered an obvious quality issue (minor or not) from the outside appearance of the lens under test at my first glance. That is, the white painting of the "focusing" mark (but which points to *nothing* for this lens design!) spilled over in the front and too much paint was applied at that position in the factory, resulting in a rather uneven white line. Indeed, this little error causes the lens looks cheaper which gives an even poorer impression on the build quality and QC of the lens! >:-o

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Poll: Do You Intend to Buy the K-5II or the K-5IIs?

The K-5II and IIs will be on sales in Japan on October 19 and the official initial (Japanese) selling prices are published.

So, I would like to see what's your buying intention of these new models. Are you intended to buy?

Do you intend to buy the K-5II?
pollcode.com free polls 

Do you intend to buy the K-5IIs?
pollcode.com free polls 

The "Pentax Ricoh" Online Survey

Thanks to Blog reader "flomatix" for his email alert, I have noticed this:-


Which is supposed to be an online survey created and conducted by Pentax Ricoh, although it is not clearly stated anywhere in the survey, except the PR logo.

I have participated in the survey anyway and you are encouraged to do so as well. But since the identity of the survey creator cannot be verified, I suggest not to put in too much personal information especially those sensitive ones at the end of the survey as such. Also, I think they focused too much about "making money" with the Pentax gear, which I bet most of we Pentax users are just amateurs whom take photos as hobby and buy gear solely for hobby and so their thinking had been in the wrong direction right from the beginning! :-(

Btw, I conducted a brief poll around the Photokina which in principle was asking something similar to some of their questions, but in a more concise and direct way, of course. You can still make your vote in the following poll of mine if not yet:-

That's All What Pentax has Shown us at Photokina! What Will You Do Next?

And also you can view the results by yourself as there are already more than 700 votes received up till now.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

DA40XS Vs EF40STM on 5D3 (Full Frame Shootout Test)

Let's measurebate again! It's actually what I promised months ago and here we go! :-D

Testing conditions: All test shots were made in Manual exposure mode at f/6.7, 1/500s, ISO 100, Standard Picture Style with tuned down Sharpness, Contrast and Saturation by 1 step each, optimal focus as measured and indicated by the body's PMAF system. Pictures were all taken at almost the same time for the same scenes and compositions. Click on any of the thumbnails below, a Large image with Full EXIF in width of 3,999 pixels will be opened in a new tab. Go figure out all the differences by yourself!

DA 40/2.8 XS @ f/6.7 EF 40/2.8 STM @ f/6.7

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K-5II/K-5IIs are to be On Sales on October 19

In Japan:-


According to the prices at the official Japanese Pentax Online Shop, the K-5II and K-5IIs will be sold at 109,800 and 124,800 Japanese Yens respectively, which are roughly equal to US$1370 and $1560 then.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Updated: New Pentax Lens Patent Published: 70-200mm F2.8 Full Frame Lens!

(in Japanese, Excite English Translation Here.)

Via Photo Rumors.

This new patent has just been published yesterday. Do note that it is specified that the "Image Height Y = 21.64mm", which simply tells that it is not a 135 Full Frame lens for the image circle, despite that the focal range is really common for many of those Full Frame F2.8 tele-zoom lenses made by others. The slightly larger image circle than APS-C will allow the in-body SR to work and also that the sweet spot of the optic could be utilised.

Btw, it is yet another piece of evidence to hint that a Pentax Full Frame body and system is not going to happen in the foreseeable near future, as Pentax Ricoh is still putting much effort and resource in the development of those hopeless APS-C stuff! >:-(

Updated: Thanks to the reminder by someone and I have checked again the performance chart diagrams as published (example here), I think it is actually a Full Frame lens! The Y is simply the distance that is measured from the optical centre! So, it is just a Full Frame lens! Well, the dark cloud has suddenly disappeared and been turned to bright light then! ;-D Sorry for the confusion anyway and I am really glad that I have been wrong! Still, the new lens and design is yet 10cm longer than the old FA*80-200/2.8, which *also* has an internal zooming mechanism and is much shorter and "compact" enough.

Besides, this new lens should include an in-lens IS (or SR in Pentax' terminology), as the image circle just fits and there is no spare space for the body SR anymore.

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Thursday, October 04, 2012

DA50/1.8 Full Samples (on K-5)

(in Polish)

They look rather soft and lack of contrast throughout the frame, which is even not much improved when stopped down. I am almost sure that my K-5 with an old budget A50 could do better, but I don't know why these samples suck nonetheless!

K-5II/s Official FAQs


Available only in Japanese, but you can read the machine English translation via Google here.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Q10 Official Full Samples