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Monday, October 31, 2011

An Interesting Lens Mount Adaptor!

Via Egami Blog (Japanese)

This one, for what I have seen for the first time, can change the back focus distance so as to make the lens short-sighted (for macro purpose) if required. The above adaptor is for Leica M-mount lens to Sony NEX E-mount. Below are some more additional information about the possibilities of the adaptor when used with particular Leica M lenses:-


And an example adapted combo:-

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K-5 Replacement Coming? (Continued)

It is noted that the K-5 prices in Japan and China have been dropped quite drastically recently. It is not difficult to verify these price drops from the online camera stores in both countries:-

(Source: Mapcamera at Rakuten)

(Source: Shop at Taobao)

So, as for the Mapcamera's price, it is of Japanese Yens 78,343, which is roughly equal to US$980 and that the Chinese price is even cheaper, at RMB Yens 6,000, which is roughly equal to US$940, both below US$1,000 now!

IMO, it should be yet another strong sign for indicating that at least Pentax/Ricoh has been trying very hard to clear the (last?) K-5 stock in some countries, at least for the Japanese home and the mainland China, even though the last time the secret France new stuff announcement was withdrawn and subsequently Pentax France rep confessed that it was simply a "mistake"! :-o >:-(

Okay, Pentaxians, let's wait for the next Pentax DSLR body and upgrade to come! Or, you could just buy the K-5 right now if it is just cheap enough and you do still want one at this late stage! :-D

Friday, October 28, 2011

Engadget Reviewed the Q, Unfavourable Conclusion



Pentax really has managed to design the world's smallest interchangeable lens camera -- and yes, it does work. But there's no magic at play here. The Q is small because all of its components were downsized -- Pentax took everything from the lens to the image sensor to the mode dial and shutter release and gave them the shrink ray treatment. Everything but the full-size hot shoe, LCD and SD card slot are miniature versions of what you'll find on larger, more capable cameras. The result is an attractive, pocketable ILC that doesn't quite follow its powerful pedigree.

The Q is a very unique camera -- one of a kind, even -- but that doesn't mean it's the one for you. If money is no object and you're not keen on capturing incredible images and video footage, then perhaps you'll still consider picking up a Q. As for the rest of us -- we're perfectly happy with our larger, much more capable ILCs, and wouldn't dare consider making such a sacrifice just to carry a bit less weight on our shoulder."

Ricoh to Fill a Gap of the Camera Market in 2012


Quoted, "Chas Moloney, Ricoh UK marketing director, said the company is now preparing a new product that will plug a gap in the market, which will be unveiled in 2012."

So, what will come and what "gap" is to be filled? Is it just pure sales talk, or is something big really coming??


Ten Things that I Want Ricoh to Do for Pentax

No More New Pentax Product in 2011 (Hearsay)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nikon 1 (Very) Brief Hands-on Impressions

1. The body is heavier and thicker than expected.

2. The glossy white painting looks toyish (subjective anyway), but overall the body is felt quite solidly built.

3. The kit zoom cannot be operated until it is unlocked and extended. The lens looks and feels cheap and it has very rough feeling during zooming.

4. AF is fast, continuous shooting is very very fast and duration is long. But yet the feeling is strange, it's just like playing sound track than real shooting, nonetheless. The shutter sound is very low (maybe it is real).

5. The V1 viewfinder is large and bright, but I am not impressed with the DR and image fineness. Do remember it is just a EVF afterall, still!

6. Putting the Pentax Q with the J/V1 side by side, the Q is truly a dwarf!

7. The P-Q shutter action seems to be more pleasant, but its shutter sound could be fake anyway (and is a playback from the speaker), I suspect.

8. Control and user-friendliness of the N-1s is not as good as the P-Q, which is surely more intuitive to use and controls are more direct.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Tour to the Nikon 1 Factory

At the DC Fever: http://dcfever.com/news/readnews.php?id=5845

(in Chinese, English Translation Here)

All Interesting..

See also yet another brief field test report of the N-1:-


The IQ of this night scene picture seems to be not bad.

N.B. For large/original pictures, please visit the DC Fever pages above.


A Virtual Lens Plant!

Leica Lenses Manufacturing Process

Pentax Q Struggles to Stay in the Japanese Sales Chart

It is ranked at 77 this week at best, and 74 as for the last, for the Japanese BCN sales volume chart which ranked from 1 to 80:-


Good luck, Q and Pentax! It seems that the Q would soon fall out of the chart in the near future unless it should be price reduced, IMHO! :-o

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P-Q BCN Sales Results have Only been Good for One Week!?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

SDM DIY Repair Method Also Works for the DA17-70

Since this DIY repair method was first discovered, there have been a lot of SDM users who had their SDM died have reported success of repair by themselves, at least momentarily. Whilst most of them were dealing with the DA*16-50 lens, today I have seen yet a DA17-70 user has reported a successful repair for his DA17-70 SDM lens:-


(in Chinese, English Page Here (Google-translated))

Whilst this is a positive news to all SDM users I believe, I just wonder why Pentax just not doing the repair in the same way? >:-o


Hair Dry and Repair the SDM! :-o

Repair a Stuck SDM DIY - An English Guide

1,000 Signatures of the Pentax SDM Petition Online! (Now 1,229 Signatures)

Sony Thailand Sensor Plant Flooded, Pentax Affected?

See this latest report at the Image Sensors World:-


As we know, all the current Pentax DSLRs (except the 645D) and ILDC (i.e., Pentax Q) use Sony sensors. So possibly, the production of those Pentax cameras could inevitably be affected.


This is the Most Silly and Uncompassionate Public Post that I've Seen in the Year!

Heart of the Pentax Q - Sony IMX078CQK Imager

Inside the Nikon D7000: The K-5 Sensor is There!

Monday, October 24, 2011

DA 16-45 Vs DA*16-50 Head-to-head Shootout

See this useful test, side-by-side and head-to-head for the two lenses:-


via Michael A. (Blog reader)

As we can easily see, optically the DA*16-50 does perform better than the DA 16-45, especially at wide opened and at the wide end and at the image corners:-

Pentax 16-45mm at 16mm and f/4 - sharpness test Pentax 16-50mm at 16mm and f/2.8 - sharpness test
Pentax 16-45mm at 16mm and f/4 Pentax 16-50mm at 16mm and f/2.8

However, the tester does not like the bulkiness and expensiveness of the DA* lens:-

The close-up ability of the DA 16-45 is yet better:-

Pentax 16-45mm macro Pentax 16-50mm macro
16-45mm closest focus 16-50mm closest focus

As for the distortions, both are somehow obvious at 16mm, but the DA 16-45 does perform slightly better, yet:-

Pentax 16-45mm distortion test at 16mm Pentax 16-50mm distortion test at 16mm
Pentax 16-45mm distortion test at 16mm Pentax 16-50mm distortion test at 16mm

Last but not least, I would like to add that the other main disadvantage of the DA*16-50 is about its SDM. I am sure that the DA*16-50 is the most widely reported Pentax DA* model with the SDM issue. So, after all, I gave up to get it long time ago, although it might be optically better than the DA 16-45 resolutional wise.

K-5 Vs Canon 5D Vs 5D2 Vs 7D Dynamic Range Test and Measurement

Came across this earlier DR test of K-5 which also compares the DR of a 5D, 5D2 and 7D:-


(Spanish, Google-translated English Page Here)

via http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1036&message=37056118

So, in short we have:-

And the dynamic range summary, by setting a 12 dB signal-to-noise ratio as the threshold limit:-

As we can see from the above, at the lowest ISO, K-5 has about 2EV more DR than the others. Do note that the advantage for the "dark" side only, but not for the highlights. That means that K-5 is able to keep about the same shadow noise level and maintain the SNR at -2 EVs more. Moreover, this advantage diminishes as ISO goes up, just say at ISO 1600, the 5D2 has 1 extra stop of DR than the K-5.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sony E55-210 Vs Pentax F80-200 Brief Shootout (on NEX-3)

Apertures were set at around f/8, weather condition was a bit hazy but with some weak sunlight shining on. Images were then resized to about 4,000 pixels in width, full EXIF preserved. E55-210 images were taken using AF whereas F80-200 pics were taken using MF peaking function at 7X. Other than the above differences, pictures were taken at almost the same time with the same other settings. Okay, I won't comment further and will just let you measurebate and decide! Of course, feedbacks are welcome for what you find later on!

Sony E 55-210/4.5-6.3 OSS
Pentax F 80-200/4.7-5.6

Not Available
(Click to Expand in a New Tab/Window)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

This is the Most Silly and Uncompassionate Public Post that I've Seen in the Year!

I just can't help myself to write something to express my disgust and disappointment, even though I think direct "attack" to yet another somehow more famous and "popular" Pentax writer should be avoided for most of the time. But I think the mentality of his is really really bad and this reflects typical silly Pentax fanboyism that is always existent amongst those stupid Pentax fanboys. See this latest post at that semi-official "Pentax DSLRs" blog:-

Source: http://pentaxdslrs.blogspot.com/2011/10/this-may-be-year-for-pentax.html

I think as a long-time Pentax supporter and customer myself, I do want Pentax to do good things and be going strong by themselves, with their right decisions made and hard efforts paid, but NOT to hope natural disasters and other human unfortunates to go over other competitors so as to "help" Pentax and could even feeling happy for that! As a Pentaxian myself, I really feel rather ashamed of that kind of really bad mentality and childish behaviour!

In contrast, I think we should always bless for those people who are affected and hope that the adverse situation could improve and everything could come back normal as soon as possible, with minimal loss to asset damage or more importantly minimal life loss should be caused. To act more pro-actively, we should see what we could do to offer help, for those who are being suffered, truly.

Moreover, I think Pentax PR is also plain stupid enough to let that guy to register the website domain of pentaxdslrs.com instead of keeping that name by the Pentax themselves since the name simply looks purely official as it should be and no other camera brand of others would do that and allowed that happened! Hope Ricoh should rectify the problem soonest later on! :-o (N.B. pentaxdslr.com is a Pentax Imaging (USA) registered and owned website, on the other hand.)

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Friday, October 21, 2011

No More AF is Needed, Out-focus or Not, the Camera Records it All!

I first read this Engadget report few days ago, then Dpreview has also reported it yesterday. So, I did more research about what it is. Frankly, in the very beginning, I was a bit susceptible that if it is yet another paper/vapourware that will have no real product come into the world and never.

So, here comes the sectional structure diagram of a real product as it reports:-

And more about the inventor Lytro, which more information can be found at their website, for example:-

And some more illustrations: http://www.lytro.com/pictures/lyt-8/

At last, if you still won't believe it (just like me before), here is a latest YouTube demo by the CNet:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDyRSYGcFVM

After all, this is not a paperware. It is a real product with selling price(s)! At about $400 for the cheaper version, will YOU buy this Kaleidoscope-alike Toy or Pentax'? (Yes, I mean the Q!)

Pentax Cheap Glass Wins Sony's Hands Down!

Same body, same testing method, by the same tester, but for different lenses, i.e., DAL 35/2.4 Vs SEL 30/3.5:-

Oh well, big hooray for Pentax?! ;=D Or, it is just that that Sony lens is just too worse to compare? :-o Note that the costs of both lenses are more or less the same.

If you just don't believe in chart shooting and Imatest, there are also some real-world samples posted, although those are in small size.

Cool TV Ads for Latest Nikon Cameras (J1, V1 and S6200)

Takuya is coolest actually!

(URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNYQW-u48kE)

(URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oY11vmZ3EuA)

That's called marketing, but this one could be costly. But who cares, as long as the promotion and publicity is effective?!


Nikon 1 DxOMarks are Out

The "Nikon 1" is Announced!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Yet Another Special Edition Camera (Orange Fuji X100)

After the special edition of the Leica D-Lux 5, now Fuji also follows the colour-the-camera trend that Hoya made it years ago with our K-x!

via Facebook via Photorumors

This Fuji X100 looks really nice to my eyes and it is only available in Hong Kong. But I'm afraid that at US$1800 the price is set too high, as even the standard black "leather" offer is a bit too expensive IMHO. Remember that this camera is not even lens-interchangeable, despite that it has a larger APS-C sensor! >:-(

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lots of Pentax Q Samples with Legacy Lenses


Samples are in full size and many old legacy lenses of Pentax, Olympus and Leica were adapted and tested. Whilst photos could be taken, don't expect any miracle in IQ, though. Enjoy anyway!~

Old Unpublished Shootout: MZ-S Vs K100D Vs 5D

Here is a shootout test which I made years ago but did not publish before. It is about shooting-out a MZ-S w/ a FA24-90 (w/ Slide Film) Vs an APS-C K100D w/ a DA16-45 Vs a Full Frame Canon 5D w/the EF 24-105L. Here we go:-


EXIF data are kept for the K100D and 5D samples, which are in full size of 6MPs and 12MPs respectively. The slide used for the MZ-S film gear was a roll of Fuji Sensia II 100, which was processed and then eventually scanned using a Minolta Dual Scan III film scanner, in 12MPs also.

Each picture was shot with close enough settings as possible, e.g., the same focal and Av. However, as the base ISO of the K100D was 200 but the rating of the film is 100, I opted to test the 5D in ISO 200 also. The cameras were then mounted onto a tripod and the shots were taken with mirror-locked up before the exposure.

View the album, the first ten pictures with numbering X-XX are of the film, and the the second group of ten with file names of IMGPxxxx are of the K100D and then the last group with the names of IMG_xxxx are of the 5D. It's your take now, if you're yet to measurbate. In short, I might conclude that "Film was Dead", but then do note that the workflow may NOT be fair enough to the film after all! :-)

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"Film is Dead"! ;-)

Useful Summary on PhotoZone Pentax Lens Tests

This is a re-posted old summary by someone at the Chinese Xitek Pentax forum, for all the PZ Pentax lens tests and results on a K10D body. It is presented in a very clear way which is easy to read which helps a lot:-

Note that for the first star/rating column it is about the optical quality and the second column is about the mechanical quality. And, the lenses are ranked, from the best (which is at the top) to the worst (down to the bottom). As for the last column of the table, it is "highly recommended" if it is marked.

Enjoy! Btw, whilst PZ/Klaus has been updating his review for these old Pentax lenses on a new K-5 body of his, it has been verified that the results and conclusions would be much different from the old ones. That is, good lenses are yet good ones and mediocre lenses are still mediocre! :-o

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A Practical GX-10 DIY Repair Guide

Thanks to Blog reader "Tom", who kindly shares with us his repair story of his GX-10 for a practical guide he has prepared:-


Well done, guy! And congrats for the success! :-) Btw, the inside of the "Samsung" GX-10 and the Pentax K10D are actually the same, as expected.


DIY Reminder: Pentax Service Manuals @ the Pentax-Hack(.Info)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Canon 1DX is to be Announced this Afternoon? (Announced!)

Source: http://forum.xitek.com/showthread.php?threadid=926389

The tone of the poster is quite firm. It *seems* that he has known something. It is told that the press release will be held at 2:00 p.m., Beijing Time (UTC +8:00). Below is a brief list of the specs:-

Name: Canon EOS 1DX
Sensor: 1800 Megapixels
ISO: Up to 51200, Expandable to 204000
Shooting Speed: 14 fps
AF: 61-point System
Other New Features: Built-in Multiple Exposure, Built-in LAN Port

Besides, it is discovered that the official "product speaker" of Canon DSLRs in China, the Hong Kong movie star Jackie Chan, has arrived in Beijing the day before:-


Of course, you can take all these as grains of salt, as nothing could be verified.

Update 1 (11:45 a.m.): Canon Rumors have had much of the leaked information, including the following finder view and the AF layout. I would now regard the 1D X has been confirmed and it is real! :-)

Update 2 (14:00 p.m.): Canon Japanese 1DX webpage now has all the official information over there. The "full" specs are there, but some parameters including the weight are not yet published. There is also a sample page, but still pictures are in really small size and the movie samples are edited (there are no Full HD original for download neither). Nevertheless, some of those more interesting official pictures are linked as follows:-

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