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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DC Watch K-5IIs Vs K-5 Shootout Test, with Large Samples

(in Japanese, but the pictures with quick shooting info underneath speak themselves.)

The colour renditions of the two cameras are indeed different. The focus point of the two cameras are somehow different btw. AF or user error?

For instance, look at this set of f/8 shots, which should usually be the aperture of an APS-C camera at 16M, owing to the diffraction limit:-

K-5's Vs K-5IIs' (Look at the building structures as well as the tree leaves; Click to Enlarge; Large Files!)

For the rest of the review and other samples, just read, download and measurbate yourself! :-)


Yet Another Late K-5IIs Vs K-5 Comparison Review

After More Than Half a Year, DPR's Half-baked Review(s) on the K-5II and IIs are Published!

De-crippling the K-mount - An Upkeeping Petition at the Pentax Forums


Two hundred and something Pentaxians have signed. But I bet the proposition will NOT be entertained as Pentax has never listened nor made any response of course. So, it's just a waste of time, frankly! >:-(

In fact, I have requested this for years now. I think I do have a stronger/louder voice already than an average typical individual Pentaxian, don't I? :-)


Ten Things that I Want Ricoh to Do for Pentax

My Idea of a K1000D

1,000 Signatures of the Pentax SDM Petition Online!

Monday, April 29, 2013

What is/are the Meaning(s) of a Cropped Digital System Now?

In a recent interview with the Pentax Ricoh China Japanese Head, it was told that the 645D was just a completely different product than the 135 FF Nikon D800E, which is far more differentiated.

However, this reminds me of the fact that the 645D, like all other K-mount Pentax DSLRs, is actually also cropped for its sensor. So, I just wonder, how is the 645D different from those 135 FF DSLRs and how "large" is the difference? And besides, what are the trade-offs?

Here we go, for the factual data:-
CameraSensor (Film) TypeSensor (Film) Size (in mm x mm)Diagonal Length (in mm)Crop Factor ACrop Factor BCrop Factor C
645 Film12056 x 41.569.71X *0.79X0.62X
645DCropped 12044 x 33551.27X1X *0.79X
D800/E13536 x 2443.31.61X1.27X1X *
(Cropped 135)
23.7 x 15.728.42.45X1.94X1.52X
* Reference

Is everything much clearer now? The myth has been resolved!

In fact, the 645D is the "APS-H" of the original 120 film with a crop factor of nearly 1.3X. The same applies when the 135 FF is compared to the 645D, which has the exact crop factor in 1.27X. So, how much advantage does it give?

And, *suppose* that there is a Full Frame 645D which exists, the 135 FF will then become a 1.6X "Canon APS-C" cropped machine in comparison, then this difference would be more significant!

On the other hand, the truly APS-C sized K-5IIs for its sensor, when compared to the 645D, is really sympathetic! It is almost in 2X, just like when the micro-4/3 sensors are compared to the 135 FF. Actually, the APS-C sensor is much smaller than the 135 FF, its total area of the sensor is just only in 43%!

Well, what are also in return with that cropped sensor in the old 645 form factor for the 645D then? A big, heavy, slow but rather expensive camera, but which is actually NOT having a significantly larger sensor, and thus no big edge in IQ as a result!

Indeed, cropping an old sensor/mount format is always stupid in the digital era, unless new lenses with a smaller image circle which fits more tightly into that smaller image sensor are re-designed and made!

This is the end of case and the case is closed! The 645D now is a meaningless offer after all! If Pentax is listening, please give us Full Frame DSLR bodies soonest, no matter for the K or 645 mounts!! >:-(


Search Articles about "Sensor Size" in this Blog

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Pentax Coffins! >:-o

The K-30 is in the Chinese style, for its top/head/front! :-o

On the other hand, the K-7/K-5 is in Western style! :-D

* All the pictures above are searched via Google Pics and linked directly to their respective web links as posted.

Now, I know why Pentax needed to hire Marc Newson to design the K-01! Otherwise, their own designers seemed to get no idea on what to do, so that they finally decided to copy ideas from something ordinary, which are yet much related to real-life! So, after all, as a Pentax user, would you prefer a "brick" or a "coffin"? Your take! Lol.. ;-p

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Proof of Existence of Pentax Marketing - Sexy Korean Pentax Showgirls!

See: http://www.cutekorean.net/2013/03/kim-ha-yul-at-pentax-photo-festival.html

Some photos (not all):-

(Click to Enlarge.)

Note where the Pentax logos are printed! I see that it spells "Porntax"! >:-o ;-D

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ricoh GXR is Discontinued

After three years and some months, the GXR has completed its historical duty. News via Photo Rumors.

FF Officially Confirmed! Latest Interview with the Head of Pentax Ricoh China at the Chinese P&E 2013

(Left: Mr. Tomoyoshi Shibata, the Managing Director and General Manager of Pentax Ricoh China (Shanghai) Company; Right: Pentax Ricoh at P&E 2013, Beijing, China.)

Read this interview, in Chinese:-


The key points of what are told by the MD are as follows:-

1. The sales of the MX-1 has been quite good.

2. The sales of the K-01 is actually very good. It is a case that the demand is more than supply. (Oh really? :-o)

3. A professional class APS-C *Pentax* camera is being planned.

4. Pentax will continue to develop new pancake lenses and will develop and evolve the K-mount so as to meet the market needs. (The Head was asked about the latest development of the Pentax *mirrorless* system and this is his answer.)

5. A Pentax FF camera is under development. It will be a type that is different from all the others'.

6. The Pentax 645D is not threated by the Nikon D800/E which is considered to be a camera not targeted clearly for a specific market segment than what the 645D has been. (Replacement of the ageing 645D is not mentioned.)

In contrast, in the last year's interview with the same guy in the P&E 2012 (in Chinese), the Head actually refused to confirm the development and existence of a Pentax 135 FF (what he told was only "studying", but this year it is completely different! :-D

Last but not least, below are some photos of the exhibition. It seems the PR booth is not as popular and crowded as the other brands':-

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More Watch from Pentax Ricoh! (Now the Q Watch!)

See: http://www.eprice.com.hk/dc/talk/1442/3660/1/ (in Chinese)

Just shortly after Ricoh Pentax has marketed their new K and GR Watches, the Q Watch is now bundled when one buys the custom colour Q10 kit set. So, now I can safely declare that Pentax Ricoh has successfully transformed into a Watch Company for what it markets and sells. Congrats! ;-p

Monday, April 22, 2013

For Those Who Thinks the K-01 is the "Best Pentax Video Camera Ever"..

(Above: A professional setup for video shooting using the K-01, for details of the parts and accessories used, click here.)

"It is close, but not yet there"! This pro-user gave up! No matter how he had tried to make it, but in vain! >:-(


In short, the two killing major technical problems and design limitations:-

1. Focus peaking is not available during video recording (but then this is essentially a MF cam);

2. Video/HDMI video-out works ONLY in PLAYBACK mode, but NOT in RECORDING mode!

So, the Prime M processor is yet helpless. In fact, my ancient NEX-3 does a better job here, regarding the above.

Yet Another Late K-5IIs Vs K-5 Comparison Review

(in Chinese)

The pictures and crops speak themselves. Whilst the resolution of the K-5IIs images are obvious higher, the very blueish/cold plus dark response of the sensor/camera is also easily noted. Btw, I found that the overall colour response of the original K-5 was somehow blueish already. So, now the K-5II/s is yet even more "bluer"?! >:-o

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ricoh GR Size Compared to Other Cameras

Source: Flickr

Or, just compare it freely at the camerasize.com, for instance:-

Ricoh GR Vs Pentax K-01

So, we can see the big difference between the GR and the K-01, despite that both are having the same Sony sensor, in the same size of course! :-o

In fact, the K-01 is designed to be almost "gripless". So, clever Pentaxians are always much adaptive and like to DIY to tackle those original Pentax problems. See this:-

(in Chinese)

Is it much better (to hold) now? Good job, man!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Q and K-5II/s Firmwares Released

The ever shortest-life Pentax firmware of the V1.11 for the Q has been substituted, here comes the V1.12:-


Changes to V1.12
  • Corrected --- Tone Expansion of Smart Effect is not effect correctly in firmware version 1.11.
  • Improved stability for general performance.

And also a new firmware for the K-5II/s, in V1.04:-


Changes to V1.04
  • Corrected – Switch operation may not rarely work during displaying Status screen in firmware version 1.03.
  • Improved stability for general performance.

So, good luck this time! Any user should rush to the Pentax website to download these to update before it is pulled down so suddenly and quickly again, owing to a bug that is not told only after several weeks! Great! Go, go, go and act fast!! ;-D

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pentax K and Ricoh GR Limited Watches

See the latest official Japanese Press today:-


After More Than Half a Year, DPR's Half-baked Review(s) on the K-5II and IIs are Published!


I wonder if they would complete the review(s) before that the camera(s) are discontinued! :-o

Meanwhile, it is found that the K-5II has a rather weak AA filter, whilst the K-5IIs has none, e.g.:-

(Above: Left: Image from the K-5II; Right: from K-5IIs.)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The New GR is Coming Very Soon

URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88LiM3RSVVo

Via: Mirrorless Rumors

Btw, is the reader "Mistral" same guy as the one who regularly visits here? :-)

- Same 16MP APS-C Sensor as K-5II/K-5IIs
- GR V Image Engine
- New GR 18.3mm F2.8 Lens (28mm FF equivalent), 9 Aperture Blades
- GW-3 Added-on Wide Adaptor to 21mm Ultra-wide
- Quick AF and Fast Boot-up
- ISO 25600
- Size Comparable to GR1, World Smallest APS-C DC
- 1080p 30 frames H.264 Video Recording
- Built-in Stereo Microphone
- Built-in Lens Cover
- New Fn (Function) Button
- Support Eye-Fi SD Cards


Updated: Countdown to the Upcoming Pentax' New Products' Announcement!

Full Review: K-5 Wi-Fi, Q Wi-Fi and EOS 5D6! ;-)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Yet Another MX-1 Full Review, with Full Size ISO Samples


(in Chinese, Google machine-translated page here.)

A full ISO comparison with full test samples are posted. The reviewer says that the IQ is not good enough starting from ISO800 with the significant loss of details and the appearance of more noise, which is considered not acceptable. It is further concluded that the usable ISO range is of ISO 400 and below. Judging from the samples, I am afraid that the Q actually performs better, frankly.

In fact, I think this review is quite fair and objective. The MX-1 is too large, thick and heavy to handle, especially for a P&S camera. So the user-friendliness of it is just so-so. But then the IQ of it is just average, also.

Last but not least, it is confirmed that full optical zooming is not supported during video recording of Full HD movies.

D7100 DxOMark is Out, Scores Higher than the K-5IIs


So, the D7100 scores better than the K-5IIs but the D7100 is in 24MP instead of the low 16MP count by today's standard. Besides, it does not have an AA filter in front of the sensor either.

Btw, is the D7100 gonna to be better than FF then, see what Ken Rockwell has tested and found himself, very recently:-


Friday, April 12, 2013

Disassemble a DSLR and Inspecting a Mirror-Locked MZ Body

URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvFMFb9JylQ (EOS 50D)

URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3cCTv7JbrY (EOS 1000D)

The procedures are shown clearly and it is carried out in a professional manner.

Besides, there is a guide for how to check and try to repair a Pentax MZ film body that had its mirror locked up in the following thread:-

(in Chinese) 

The mirror locked up issue is actually a common issue amongst those MZ bodies, which would show up after some years of use, including mine. I shall try to open the bottom of my locked MZ to check and do it myself later, when I have the time. These cameras are not supported by my local Pentax service centre anyway, I bet. Their usual excuse was that "the body was discontinued for more than ten years ago and the required spare part is not available anymore."! >:-(

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

No FA Limited Mentioned/Listed in the Latest Lens Brochure Published by Pentax Ricoh Imaging Americas

First of all, download and read this well-prepared brochure from the Pentax Imaging website:-


Next, the FA Limited is nowhere mentioned in the above brochure, whilst the latest DA offering including the DA560 lens is there. So, what does this mean?!

Does it hint that the FA Limited and the old Pentax film lenses are being faded out?? :-o

Whilst other major old film mount camera makers, namely, Canon, Nikon and Sony, are rushing to compete in Full Frame, it is really super frustrating to see Pentax is running in the opposite direction instead, i.e., away from FF and "concentrate" further back to APS-C!

The new DA560 lens is just a strong hint, which was tested and proven to be an APS-C lens for its image circle but not 135 FF compatible! Also, the DA560 lens is the first Pentax telephoto lens that is NOT FF compatible, DA or not!

After all, I feel obliged to state that there must be something wrong in the brains of those Ricoh Pentax' management heads. If they just wanted to kill the K-mount and make it obsolete or just to change it into a pure APS-C system, why bought and acquired the brand and company?! >:-(

A Thread to Help Jim Malcolm of Ricoh Pentax USA


What we can see in the thread, as quoted or posted are: Desperate Pentaxians are leaving, the ship is sinking, the salesman was bull-shitting, stupid fanboys who bought very little Pentax stuff and rather infrequently responded and defended in between the dialogues..

So, if you have an account over there, you are encouraged to post something to respond, so as to help Jim, for what he had asked!

You can also respond here btw if you wish~

N.B. The headline of "Ricoh Pentax USA" is NOT a Typo as Jim was actually a Ricoh man rather a true Pentax' guy before he replaced Ned Bunnell. And now there is a new Ricoh Japanese boss above him who is stationed in the US anyway.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

New Ricoh Lens Patents for 1/1.7" Sensors

A 135 film equivalent 24-100mm F1.8-2.8 and a 21-84mm F1.8-2.8 lenses after all.

Via http://egami.blog.so-net.ne.jp/2013-04-08

Saturday, April 06, 2013

This is What the Limited Lenses Should be Put Onto!

That is, a 135 Full Frame Body!!

Btw, my FA43LE has better Image Quality than my Canon 40mm STM pancake which is yet better than my DA40XS lens on Full Frame (of which the image corner performance is just so poor). So, this adoption is just "unavoidable"! ;-D


DIY: Adapting the Pentax FA*85/1.4 onto the Cantax K-5D Mark III

DA40XS Vs EF40STM on 5D3 (Full Frame Shootout Test)

Pentax Ricoh New Native US Head Interviewed

By the Digital Camera Info:-


Whilst most of the talks are just pure sales talks with nothing important IMHO, the most shocking saying is that he told that he had never met any Q user and talked to any of them(us)!

Also, this guy's stance to Pentax FF is rather dismissive.

This interview article is via Pentax Forums' post below:-


So, the ex-Head Ned Bunnell must be better in PR skills, frankly! And, Ned is a Q user himself, didn't the new big guy talk to the old one, for jobs hand-over, if any?! >:-o

New K-30 Firmware V1.04

Since the last firmware release for the K-30 (V1.03) was buggy (for instance, quite some K-30 users reported that the machine hanged up from time to time), Pentax has released a new firmware version to correct the errors:-


I hope this time it will work.

On the other hand, the new Q firmware of the V1.11 was withdrawn just within one day after it had been published. Up till now, the debugged version has not been out yet. Now, people has been guessing what the bugs are actually about. Someone reported that it is the wrong metering, someone reported that it is the wrong shutter count, someone reported that the camera locked up when doing AF at low light and so on..

After all, I have lost my confidence on the software quality control of Pentax. Next time when a new firmware is released, I shall wait and see if it is yet once again "not yet ready"! >:-(

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Tokyo Gigapixels 360 Degrees!


Amazing quality and details! Flash player 10 or above is required. Btw, can the Ricoh Pentax dumb bell be compared?! ;-D (Of course NOT!)

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

MTF Tests for SMC Pentax 50mm Lenses in 1977

Source: Photography Directory and Buying Guide 1977 Via: Nesster @ Flickr.

Lenses Tested:-

SMC Pentax 50mm f/1.2
SMC Pentax 50mm f/1.4
SMC Pentax 55mm f/1.8
SMC Pentax Macro 50mm f/4

Well, these lenses are really excellent! The resolution performance is superior!

Two Reasons to Sell Off a US$125k Set of Pentax Gear!?


"2xPentax K-5 | Pentax K-01
DFA: 100/2.8 Macro WR
DA: *16-50/2.8, *50-135/2.8, *55/1.4, *60-250/4, 10-17/3.5-4.5 Fisheye
FA: *250-600/5.6, *600/4, *200/4 Macro, *300/2.8, *400/5.6, *85/1.4, *24/2, *80-200/2.8, 31/1.8 EE Ltd, 43/1.9 EE Ltd
A: *1200/8, *400/2.8, *135/1.8, 50/1.2, 28/2.8 | K: 1000/11 Reflex, 2000/13.5 Reflex
Sigma: EX DG 100-300/4, DC HSM 8-16/4.5-5.6, DC HSM 4.5/2.8 Fisheye

As to your inquiry why I'm selling all of my gear, I think there are two key reasons.

Mostly, I'm tired of the recurring rumors about Pentax gear, that get picked up and rebroadcast as facts, so that they can be rebroadcast as rumors, and then as facts sighting the facts as rumors, and then rumors spring out of the facts, over and over.

Additionally, I'm finding that the Pentax Q is where the future is at. Small, Light, and I can attach a 25mm/0.85 lens to it and have every bit the unique look. I think the quality of my images has nothing if not skyrocketed since I started with the Q."

So, the two reasons are 1: there are too many rumours about new Pentax stuff but those are not materialised; 2. The Pentax Q and system is really small enough and this is the future of Pentax (So, the K-mount gear should be aborted?)!?

This Pentax user, if is not kidding, is really funny enough IMHO. Either he is just not honest and brave enough to tell the true reason to sell all of his expensive Pentax stuff and has planned to switch, i.e., he thinks that there is no future of Pentax and it's better to leave now! >:-o

Monday, April 01, 2013

Adapting Pentax K-mount Lenses to Nikon F-mount Bodies is Painful

(FA35/2 adapted on D600, in Chinese)

The user has to replace the whole K-mount so as to fit in the lens, for the correct back focus register distance! The modification is mostly destructive btw. >:-(