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Monday, August 24, 2020

Notice: Copy and Paste of Text and and Saving of Pictures within Blog are Disabled

In order to avoid possible copyrights infringement, which I could see from my Blog log from time to time, the copy and paste of text and saving of pictures and images within my Blog are disabled, with immediate effect.

Thank you for your continuous support and happy reading and viewing! :-D

Yaotomi Camera Speaks More about the K-New (aka K-3 III Now)

Japanese Yaotomi Camera has just twitted yesterday and disclosed more information of the K-New, now tentatively named as the K-3 III.

And the launch/marketing date will be delayed to the year end, but should be within 2020.

Yaotomi originally also wrote about the expected price tag of the K-3 III but it was deleted shortly after that. Their explanation is that it was their own "guess" only so it was improper to write about it.

Nonetheless, Yaotomi still keeps their guess that the K-3 III is positioned between the D500 and D7500 if Nikon DSLR bodies are compared. Hence, we can expect the price should be somehow in between but closer to that of the D500, as it was normal that the Pentax new bodies were selling at higher prices than the competitors' comparable offers.

Last but not least, Yaotomi also disclosed that another two announcements would be made before and after the K-3 III announcement, for the K-1 II Silver body and also the three silver DFA lenses, respectively, in their original twitter post.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

EISA Awards 2020-21 for Photo Gear

EISA has announced their awards this year for photographic equipment:


Without any surprise, there is no Pentax gear on the list. Just because there was only one new product of Pentax last year. And even worse, without any innovation, what achievement is expected? :-(

Monday, August 17, 2020

Ned Bunnell Demonstrates How Good the Old Pentax Glass Could Be (Re: A* 85 F1.4)

Ned Bunnell, ex-CEO of the Pentax Imaging USA (which was named), published some of his recent pictures taken with his A* 85 F1.4 on a K-1 II,. See this Flickr set of his:


I like both the colour rendition and the micro-contrast of the lens reproduced, which could look better than what is produced by the latest D FA*85 F1.4, from the various samples that I have seen so far. I think Ned is also a good photographer, too, as I could feel the mood of his photos in a good way.

Speaking of Ned, he is actually a nice and good guy. I dropped him a few emails for my suggestions and comments when he was the CEO and I was the (in)famous "Pentax basher" decade ago. Whilst many Pentax fanboys did hate me much and had to beat me to death whenever I spoke, Ned did always respond to my every email in a polite and respectful way. I think it is not easy for him, as the top management of Pentax, to not ignore an "enemy" like me and I believe that he is an humble and open-minded guy after all.

DPR's Sample Gallery of the D FA* 85 Published


Resolution wise, undoubtedly it is very good, near wide opened and from corner to corner for the whole image frame. Vignetting is also minimal at wide opened at F1.4.

But, it seems that the lens does lack some micro-contrast. The images in gallery do not look that three dimensional or "airy" after all. The colour rendition is also not that exceptional, IMHO. The old FA* or A* might look better in those two specific image quality aspects. My two cents, though. YMMV.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

One More Practical Test of the D FA*85, with Full Samples


(in Traditional Chinese, Google translated English page here)

Indeed, this set of photos taken just by an ordinary Pentax user does look better than the set created by the Pentax official Japanese professional photographer IMHO. Despite that some pictures taken at high ISO still look soft when viewed at pixel level, which is just the primitive problem of the K-1II and is actually unavoidable.

Note that original full sized samples are available for viewing and download via the user's Flickr album here.

DC Watch Reviewed the D FA* 85 F1.4, with Bundle of Full Samples


(in Japanese, Google translated English page here)

Enjoy! But it looks to me that the photos are a bit odd in tone. And, it seems that they are not as airy, transparent and bright as those images produced by its predecessors A* and FA* 85 ishes. But afterall, I blog, you decide, as usual. :-D

Monday, August 10, 2020

The Quickly De-coloured 100th Anniversary Hotshoe Cover

A Xitek Pentax user complains about his brand new O-HC171, which was purchased from official Ricoh channel, has turned its colour from silver to black just within two days after he removed the protective film of it:

(in Simplified Chinese, Google translation to English here)

And, another Pentaxian in the above forum thread reported that his O-HC171 had also turned dark.

Seems like oxidation took place. What a Quality of Ricoh! :-o

Saturday, August 01, 2020

When the X-T4 and GFX 100 Produced Images Look the Same

I am afraid that same case applies for the Pentax K-New Vs the 645Z, which they have exactly the same APS-C and 44x33mm sensors respectively and that the final conclusion drawn would possibly be the same. :-P

Dimensions and Wireless+Power Info of the K-New

(in Japanese)

Wi-Fi(11b/g/n) with Bluetooth; Dimensions: 134.5mm W x 103.5mm H x 73.5mm D without protruding parts (138.5mm W x 103.6mm H x 80.4mm D maximum), i.e., a little bit larger than the K-3/II but with less depth; Power: D-LI90 with optional vertical grip D-BG8.

Btw, the previous secret unmarked button is just the lock button. :-(