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Friday, June 29, 2012

True Pentaxian - a Way to Prevent Us from Switching and Jumping Ship Forever! ;-)

Via DC Home (in Chinese)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

K-30 Promotions (and a New K-3 Rumour)

1. Sarah Harding, an UK young singer, did PR for Pentax on the K-30:-


2. In Japan, Pentax employed a young male popstar to do the job instead. Watch these YouTube videos:-

30-second long version

15-second short version

Via DSLR Maniac (Japanese)

3. Besides, there is a wild new K-3 APS-C flagship rumour at the DPR Pentax forum and it is told that the source of information is from the B&H sales staff. I hope that the poster is not mistaken or misinformed but I do hope for a Pentax FF instead anyway!

K-30 User Manual and Official Samples Uploaded



It seems that the Pentax photographers like to take backlit photos btw!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Various K-30 First Tests

1. First of all, the Chinese Engadget the PhotoBlographer have reviewed the K30 hands on:-

(in Chinese)

(with resized samples)

2. Next, here is the IR who always gave you the ISO measurbations:-


If you don't want to see ISO samples, here are the real world ones in Full Size!


3. Next Next, the PhoBlographer has also done a pour test under the tap and at the sink:-


Well, I think the K-30 is not the only camera that can be abused like that in a short period of time, someone else actually had done something similar on the K-5 previously (but yet almost no body noticed):-


Btw, if any user really wanted to have a waterproof camera, why not just get an Optio WG or to use an underwater housing? :-o

Enjoy after all!~

Friday, June 22, 2012

Yet Another New Pentax Lens Patent (for APS-C Mirrorless)

A new 16-55mm F3.5-5.6:-

Source: http://egami.blog.so-net.ne.jp/2012-06-22 (in Japanese)

Note that the back focus of this lens is in 4.181mm this time. It seems that a new line of Pentax APS-C lenses is coming, which is possibly for the K-0x series of mirrorless. It is because for that short back focus distance, it is impossible to use these lenses for a traditional DSLR(eflex) that has a mirror.

By the way, as we see Pentax has not yet filed any new lens patent for any 135 Full Frame lens, Is our Pentax FF dream once again to be in vain? :-(


One More Super Short Back Focus New Pentax Lens Patent (Super Slow Too!)

What If When a Pentax FF Body Really Comes (My Own Case Study)

New Pentax FF Rumour

Monday, June 18, 2012

K-5D Mark III: DA 18-55 II Converted to a 24-80 FULL FRAME Lens!

As we all knew, the DA18-55 lens (whatever version) does not cover 135 full frame image circle (and actually so do all other DA zoom lenses). Here is what we see when the lens is attached on a FF DSLR at 18mm:-

(See original post here)

Those DA zoom lenses, in 11 nos, are actually NOT compatible with 135 FF. Well, is there any technical solution and work around? Note that these days after I have posted about the new Pentax FF rumour, I've seen around in the Pentax land Pentaxians have been discussing crazily about it and one thing that is commonly raised is about the lack of Pentax FF lenses in the current lens lineup!

Now, let me announce my latest invention, the Riceh. K-5D Mk III, with built-in 1.4X magnifying glass on image circle! ;-D

(Click to Enlarge)

Then just mounted a DA18-55II onto it!

(Click to Enlarge)

Project succeeded! Now, a DFA 24-80mm F4.9-7.8 Full Frame lens is easily obtained! ;-D Look at the large samples of mine below to see is the IQ is good enough (lens was stopped down).

At the Wide Side:-

(Click to Enlarge)

At the Tele Side:-

(Click to Enlarge)

After all, I believe Pentax will market the DA 1.4 SDM Tele-Convertor very soon, so as to make all the old DA zoom lenses usable as if they were designed on the cropped sensor, and actually now can be a little bit wider, too. For example, in the above case, the original APS-C film equivalent 28mm field has become nearly a 24mm after the conversion.

People will then say now the lenses are too slow then. No problem, we all have recently learnt that Pentax is going to go down this route no matter how! :-o


DA 18-55 on Full Frame

Compatibility of DA Lenses on Full Frame

The "Canon" 40mm FF Pancake is Here! :-D

Sample Photos of Full Frame Fisheye and 43 Limited on 5D

Friday, June 15, 2012

K-30 Test Videos (Spot AF Speed and Continuous Shooting)

Seems to be snappy and decisive enough.

It is just a K-r, I am almost sure! Be prepared for the super vibration accompanied with the super loud sound! :-o

First Original Canon EF 40mm STM Samples (Wide Opened, on Full Frame and Full Sized)

These are the first large-sized original samples of the lens that can be seen on and download from the web, via DC Fever (in Chinese). Click the following to download the full samples:-

The above pictures were taken with a 5D Mark II, i.e., on a Full Frame body. We can see the bokeh quality and the resolution of the lens for where it is in focus. Seems not bad to me for the first impression. I might buy this lens shortly when it is available.

What If When a Pentax FF Body Really Comes (My Own Case Study)

Actually, I have been planning to get ready for a Pentax FF system for years and every time I bought a new Pentax lens I had that in mind. Well, below is the case for my current lens setup:-

1. Currently, I have 10 original Pentax primes, amongst which only the DA21 is not FF compatible, so the complete FF range is ranged from 28 to 300mm. The old "film" primes of mine include A, FA, FA Limited and FA* lenses. In addition, my existing three DA primes (namely, 35, 40 and 70) are all FF compatible (see my own samples here and here). In short, there are 9 lenses (out of 10) that can be used on FF!

2. For zooms, I still have 7 Pentax AF zooms amongst which only two DA standard zooms are not FF compatible. Other lenses are F, FA and FAJ ones and the made-up zoom range is from 17mm (fisheye) or 18mm (rectilinear) to 200mm. So, no problem again and I do have 5 FF zooms (out of 7)! :-D

3. I also have two FF tele-convertors by Kenko which is in full KAF2 compliance, i.e., with power zoom (SDM/DC) contacts.

So, all in all, I already have 14 original Pentax lenses plus two fully compatible AF tele-convertors (and also two other Sigma lenses that I rarely used, i.e., 18 lenses in total) to begin with when just overnight a Pentax FF DSLR body appears! Note that most of my lenses are AF lenses and full functions and compatibility is ensured and the focal range has been well covered. That must be really great! :-)) As for new Pentax FF lenses that are to be launched, I am sure that I will not hesitate to invest further if I can see the future of Pentax later on (but not now)!

P.S. If this time the rumour turns out to be not true and still there will be NO Pentax FF by early 2013, I think I might sell most of my Pentax gear and concentrate to build further my Canon system and make it glows. The wait should be over, for more than ten years, shouldn't it and shouldn't I?

P.S.2. I have another 13 lenses for other systems. possibly soon to be 14, when the Canon new pancake arrives!

P.S.3. How about your case? Welcome to share in reply! :-)


Compatibility of DA Lenses on Full Frame

Two Major Meanings of Full Frame - Choice of Shallower DoF and Most Optical Quality from (FF) Lenses

Old Question: Will there be a Pentax Full Frame DSLR?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Pentax FF Rumour

It is not from any trusted source with any past track record and hence nothing can be verified. But from the details it has provided, this grain of salt is yet somehow specific and interesting!

(in Chinese)

What are mentioned:-

1. Pentax will make the world's most compact Full Frame body which is to be marketed by March 2013;

2. Two body colours, in black and in silver;

3. Using the new Sony 24MP FF sensor, possibly the same one in the upcoming Nikon D600 and Sony A99. However, owing to the agreement between Sony and Pentax, the new Pentax FF has to be put onto the market six months later;

4. A new FF kit zoom lens starting from 28mm wide angle;

5. Together with a new vertical battery grip;

6. And also a new flashgun unit, too!

7. To be sold at HK$22,000 for the body only (equals to US$2820);

8. Will be announced "soon" in September (at Photokina?).

Nothing has been mentioned about the video, though. But are the above already exciting enough? Real or not. :-)

Last Related:-

No Pentax FF This Year if This Rumour is True!

D600 is Really Coming, Pentax?

(in Chinese)

It is said that the pictures were leaked from Nikon's Thailand factory but most importantly they look real! Btw, the D600 seems to be more compact than all other existing Full Frame bodies and all people have been saying that it will be sold cheap. So, I think Pentax is really doom this time, or at least I would say the 135 K-mount will become useless sooner or later and many Pentaxians have migrated just because the lack of a Full Frame body in the Pentax land, especially for those long-time old loyal supporters! >:-(

Hey, Pentax, are you still too busy in working with some new f/6.7 to f/7.1 zoom lenses in K-mount such that there is still no Full Frame body of any as no research nor resource of any is put into that? :-o

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

One More Super Short Back Focus New Pentax Lens Patent (Super Slow Too!)

Last time I was surprised with the very short back focus distance of the new Pentax lens patent, but it is disclosed lately that it can be even shorter!

See: http://egami.blog.so-net.ne.jp/2012-06-13
(in Japanese)

For this optical design, it can work out a 18-70/3.5-7.1 lens or a 19-75/3.5-7.1 lens with some variations and for example. The shortest back focus distance at the wide side is now 2.17mm. However, the lens speed at the tele side is now at f/7.1 which is ridiculously slow, especially for the indeed low zoom power and short range of the zoom. It seems that Pentax is still wasting their already rather limited resources on something that is yet impractical, or even non-sense, I would say. Just imagine that the aperture and speed of such lenses are even slower than almost all P&S DCs'..

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

US Pentax Lens Price Update under Unilateral Pricing Policy

Many are moderately lowered now but some are raised. Still, the original old prices are gone and those were the days!

See the latest price summary on the B&H prices at the Pentax Forums:-


"Few will refute that Pentax's new policy raised the prices of some lenses beyond their value, especially considering that most of them were crop-sensor lenses."

Btw, it can also be seen that Ricoh is trying to set the prices of those few Full Frame Pentax lenses higher and higher. So, what does this imply?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Yet Another Pentax APS-C Mirrorless System?

(Above: Optical design of a new Pentax 18-55mm F3.5-6.7 lens)

See this new Pentax patent, via Mirrorless Rumors.

The most mysterious thing is that 3.0mm back focus distance (of which the Pentax Q's is 9.2mm), especially consider that it is an APS-C lens, which at the first glance I believe that it is just a typo, but which is actually NOT! :-o

After all, could it be still using the K-mount with such short back focus distance?

Friday, June 08, 2012

K-30 Official FAQs


Available in Japanese only.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Canon Follows Pentax in Making Their 1st Pancake Lens

Via Canon Rumors

And here is also a nice summary article on existing pancake lenses on the market by B&H. Btw, Pentax seems to be yet the leader here, see this modelling:-


The "Canon" 40mm FF Pancake is Here! :-D

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

SLRGear Tested the 40XS Lens


Seems to be fairly good enough on APS-C for those things that are measured. And their results resemble my practical experiences.

But still, there are many things that they cannot check with their tests, one thing is about the colour rendition. IMO, the image colours produced by the 40XS lens are somehow lowly-saturated. And, the other unmeasured IQ aspects are all inferior to my old FA43 Limited too, frankly. The differences can be easily seen once the lenses are used in the field for instance, not even a side-by-side test is really necessary to tell the truth.

The Pentax June 1st "Gift" is Here

Last time there was a teaser..

Today, it has been disclosed!

It is a 80 Euro cash rebate for buying a K-5 from now till July 15, just! Damn it! >:-(

At the end of the day, this is NOT a Gift, but just an Offer! A gift is something that is given free of charge, for its prime definition!

Friday, June 01, 2012

K-01 IQ against K-5 etc.



So, how is the new Prime M engine compared to the old Prime II? Should it be better or could it actually be just worse? I blog, you decide!