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Friday, May 29, 2020

Prediction: What New Features of the K-New Would Have?

Presuming that they have the same APS-C sensor, and then going through the specs of that Sony sensor and then the set of features of the X-T4. Here we go, for the possible new features that had never been offered by Pentax before, in their upcoming new flagship:

- 26MP BSI CMOS sensor (for its high ISO performance, this sample at ISO 10000 may shed some light)

- 18.82 fps maximum frame rate with 12-bit RAW (which will be converted to 8-bit JPEG anyway, limit of the sensor for the read-out bit-depth and rate combinations)

- If 14-bit RAW is implemented (KP and K-1/II have 14-bit RAW), the frame rate for continuous shooting still picture will be in between 6.84 (for highest 16-bit readout of the whole picture) and 18.82 (as mentioned above) - the above brief marketing sheet of the sensor does not mention about the 14-bit readout modes and rates

- 10 fps is possible (considering that the XT-4 offers 15 fps continuous shooting with mechanical shutter, unless Pentax's latest mechanical engineering plus image processing speed are yet not up to there. And, the Pentax has a mirror but the Fuji does not. )

- 425 point on-sensor phase-matching AF in Live View mode, which the X-T4 has

- 10-bit full-frame 4k video in 30p (limit of sensor) or 12-bit 2k video at high frame rates (55 to 111 fps which is the limits of the sensor); Or 10-bit 4k video at 60 fps is possible with the 1.18x crop factor of the centre

- 4:2:0 colour sub-sampling for H.264 codec (which is a bit too much for the dropping of the colour data) and 4:2:2 for H.265 (Pentax may have a different codec and implementation, though)

But since that the K-new will not have any articulated screen / flipped monitor, the video capability of it will not be too strong anyway?

Other sample images of the production X-T4 in DPR's latest full review of the camera can be found here. Also, a quick glance with the comparometer at the DPR, it seems that the ISO performance will be improved from the KP's by one to two stop(s), and which will undoubtedly exceed the IQ of the K-1 II.

Yaotomi's YouTube Tests of the D FA* 85

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Comparing the Optics of the Contemporary Giant 85mm Lenses

1. Pentax DFA 85/1.4: 12 elements in 10 groups, 1255g (without hood), 82mm filter thread

2. Canon RF 85/1.2: 12 elements in 10 groups, 1195g, 82mm thread

3. Sigma Art 85/1.4: 14 elements in 12 groups, 1130g, 86mm thread

4. Zeiss Otus 85/1..4: 11 elements in 9 groups, 1200g, 86mm thread 

Well, whilst the new Pentax is similar to the Zeiss in design (but with one additional element), it wins in weight amongst the four, which is actually the heaviest 85mm prime ever made on Earth. Good! ;-P

D FA* 85 Official Special Site

Development Story: http://www.ricoh-imaging.co.jp/english/products/star_lens/special/sp_dfa85-14/interview/

Practical examples by three Japanese professional photographers:



Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Trick: Installing Pentax Digital Camera Utility Without the Software CD

Step 1: Find an USB drive;

Step 2: Download the Digital Camera Utility "software updater" from the below official link:


Step 3: Copy and save the file to the root of the USB drive;

Step 4: Rename the Label of the USB drive to S-SW140;

Step 5: Click and open the Zip file, choose the 32-bit or 64-bit folder and execute the Setup;

Step 6: Install the program as if it is just a normal Setup ad complete the installation in a moment.

I hope this trick helps and could be useful to any Pentax user just in case.

D FA* 85 Weight and Price

According to the latest post by Nokishita @ Twitter, the new lens weighs 1255g and will be sold at a price of 248,000 Japanese Yens including 10% tax. Hence, it would be at around US$2,075 without tax.

Furthermore, it is stated that the official launch (marketing) date of the new lens will be on June 26.

Monday, May 18, 2020

D FA 21 Limited Dimensions and Derived Speed

From this roughly to-scale drawing, putting aside the small perspective and other scaling errors, I do agree that the estimated filter thread is in 67mm. When compared to the FA 20 F2.8 lens which also had a 67mm front thread, the sensible guess of the maximum aperture of the new lens would be F2.8, too. It should not be a re-packaged FA 20 as the new lens is much longer, nonetheless. Good. ;-)

Friday, May 15, 2020

D FA* 85 F1.4 1st Samples


Looks good for the downsized pics, with EXIF for photos in the original link.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

K-New Development Video Will be Put Online This Friday

(in Japanese)

In short, the video was originally planned to be played at the CP+2020 which was cancelled and now it will be put online, at Tokyo time 1200 hours on 13 May. So, let's see what happens and will be told.

Friday, May 08, 2020

A Closer Look at the Focus Screen Etchings of the K-New

A careful-minded Pentaxian at the DPR Pentax DSLR forum spotted that there were interesting etchings and marks on the focusing screen of the exhibit of the K-new prototype displayed back to September last year, here we go:

First we look at the center of the screen, there is an inner set of brackets of four, in addition to the central spot circle. Note that I have increased the contrast of the above and below pictures for the sake of easier viewing of the marks.

And then at the outer, there is yet another pair brackets of two which covers almost the whole picture frame horizontally. Hence, the AF area of this K-new as a DSLR, i.e. the TTL phase-matching AF, is really very wide. Good! :-D

Furthermore, at the upper right corner there is a mark of a letter "O" which is supposed to mean "Optical". This coincides my guess in the new year for the likehood of a new hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder in the K-new.  Really nice! :-))

I am happy this time, and so do many Pentaxians and fans, I suppose. Good news from Pentax (Ricoh) should come soon!

Replacing the Defective Rechargeable Battery for Pentax DSLR's Date/Time/Settings Memory

The below captions are self-explanatory and can be followed step-by-step:

Credits: https://polonai.se/scrapbook/pentax-k-r-date-time-forget-fix/index.html

Via post in the Cinese Xitek Pentax forum, with additional illustrating photos.