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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Official K-s1 Promotional Video

Official K-s1 Full Samples (3648 x 5472 Original JPEGs)



Warning: Very LARGE Files! 

More Samples @: http://www.ricoh-imaging.fr/fr/reflex-numeriques/photos/samples/PENTAX-K-S-1.html

(Click the link near the bottom per picture page to download full size image.)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Re-birth of the Film KS-1, aka Ricoh XR-6! :D

Source: http://www.butkus.org/chinon/ricoh/ricoh_xr-6/ricoh_xr-6.htm

K-s1 Demo Video


Monday, August 25, 2014

More K-s1 Images (with DA40XS and DA40LE) and Size Comparison with K-01 and K-3

Click to Enlarge.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

K-s1 High Resolution Product Images

Click to Enlarge. Now, you can have a closer look with a magnifying glass! :-D

New K-3 Firmware V1.11


Changes to V1.11
  • Corrected – When shooting image after using the Built-in flash, Exif data of shutter speed is not updated on Version 1.10.
  • Added automatic reset function when detecting rarely occur abnormal motion of the sequence.
    (When automatic reset function is operated, latest setting will be reset)
  • *Contents of [Version 1.10] and earlier version will be also updated.

Frankly, I really don't completely understand what is updated and what's new. Fix an EXIF tag bug and an auto-reboot function when something goes wrong? :-o

12 Colour Versions of the Pentax K-s1

Via: Digital Versus and Les Numeriques

My special thanks to Blog readers sazon3 and Mistral75 for the links and alerts.

Now, I like the outlook of the camera more, at least not hating it, call me emotional if you like! ;-D And also, at least now there is not a Ricoh logo on the body which is really disgusting as it is seen on the back of the K-3, I have to say! >:-(

As for the size of this new K-s, I think it is comparable to the previous smallest Pentax DSLR body ever, the Pentax *ist DL2, which I also have. But it will not be heavier, I believe. Modern camera bodies should become lighter and lighter, when quality and weight are both sucked out by the manufacturers at the same time! ;-P

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Colour Rendition Shootout: 6M CCD Vs 16M CMOS - *ist DL2 Vs K-5

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pentax Forums Disclosed K-s1 Specs and Two More Body Pictures (More Colours)


  • 20MP APS-C CMOS Sensor
  • ISO range: 100-51,200
  • LCD: 3", 921k dots
  • Shake reduction
  • 1080/30p video with stereo mic
  • D-Li109 battery (shared with K-r, K-30, K-50, and K-500)
  • Dimensions: 120 x 92.5 x 69.5mm

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New Pentax K-s1

Source: Japanese Digicame Info

Utter ugly, silly and toyish look! It's indeed a stupid design for this appearance!! OMG!!! >:( 

Update: This new body will be small, comparable to the Canon EOS100D, but not considerably smaller. Look:

Source: Japanese Twitter

Thursday, August 14, 2014

New Q Lens Patents (F2.8 Tele Zoom Macro and F1.8 Tele Prime)



All Q lenses are designed for 1/1.7" sensors for their image circle, of course, which seems to be the maximum size of a sensor that can be put into any Q body.

Speaking of lens patents, RP has yet got another new lens patent of an ultra-wide lens used with 43 sensors, but what 43 camera and system they have? So, this is mysterious:


N.B. All the original links above are in Japanese.

K-50 Big Price Cut at Adorama

See what Photocritic refers:


A free 200FG flash and a 16GB SD card will be complimented. Note that the code you enter during checkout could be either "PENTAXJUNE" or "SUMMERSALE".

Btw, it seems that something new is coming, or the K-mount line is to be discontinued! ;-P

Monday, August 04, 2014

New Phase Detection Method and Patent by Using the SR System

(in Chinese)

Friday, August 01, 2014

The New Q is Named the Q-S1

(in Japanese)

Probably, this is just a Q7 with an original Q shell in a different painted dress, i.e., a 1/1.7" sensor inside. As an original Q user, I am sure that I will not buy one. The colour game of Pentax and Ricoh is just a history for me and I am sure I shall not buy a new Pentax camera anymore for the sake of its colour and appearance, unless Ricoh yet produces something real in the future, which they have not done that for long! >:(