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Friday, December 18, 2015

New K-s2 Firmware V1.11


Improved tracking performance for ASTRO TRACER of O-GPS1.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

D FA* 70-200 F2.8 is Delayed to April 2016

(in Japanese)

I bet the Pentax FF body would not be released earlier! :-( Frankly, the new lens and body should be released on the 1st of April so as to celebrate the traditional Pentax BIG day for these years! ;-D That must be really great and please delay no more, Ricoh!! :-(

Saturday, December 12, 2015

New Small Sized Sample Images of Pentax FF Posted

Using old FA* primes.. Uploaded at: http://www.pentax.com/jp/pentaxff/

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Rumour Again: K-1 and 70-200 F2.8 are in Full Production Now!


The new generation of Pentax rumouriser, Mr Asahiman, strikes again! :-o

I still remember last time he told the world that the Pentax FF was coming on October the 6th! ;-)

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Pentax FF Website Updated


Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday, November 16, 2015

Old Ephotozine HD PENTAX-D FA* 70-200mm f/2.8 ED DC AW Review


Has this lens not yet been released? How come they tested it back to April already? :-o

Saturday, November 14, 2015

D FA★ 70-200mm F2.8 is Delayed Again!

(in Japanese)

They say, "In order to meet the performance which was originally expected." And the new release time will be advised later in December. So, what has gone wrong with this lens!? :-o

Saturday, October 24, 2015


Credit: Matthew Saville

Sunday, October 18, 2015

A DFA 24-70 Hands-on and Samples

(in Japanese)

Tested with a K-3II. The pictures speak themselves, although they are not in full size.

Friday, October 16, 2015

New Ricoh SLR AF Patent

http://egami.blog.so-net.ne.jp/2015-05-13 (Translated)

To improve AF sensitivity in the dark.

HD/DA18-50 and DA18-55 are Having the Same Optical Formula


So, they are the same optically, but only the allowable zoom ranges are different.

Promotional Information Leaked of the Pentax FF


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Rumour: Features and Performance of the New FF

(in Chinese)

Someone at the Chinese Xitek forum hinted that he had tested the beta unit of the FF and told the following:

1. The new machine is not 42MP.

2. The AF speed is very high.

3. There are many AF points than ever.

4. SR Super-resolution mode now works handheld.

5. The result of the handheld super-resolution mode is good and it works!

6. Overall better experience than the D810.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Photo Rumors said the New Pentax FF Will Use the Old 36M Sony Sensor


Thursday, October 08, 2015

D FA 24-70mm on K-5

Source: http://pentaxfans.net/thread-154168-1-1.html (in Chinese)

The "DFA" badge looks cheap IMHO, though.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

MTF Charts of the DFA24-70 Vs Tamron A007

They look very close, but there are minor differences, probably due to sample variation or measurement method differences.

Credit: Love Penta. XYZ (Japanese)

Monday, September 28, 2015

New K-mount Roadmap

Via: Photo Rumors

Saturday, September 26, 2015

HD PENTAX-D FA 24-70mmF2.8ED SDM WR is Just a Tamron A007 OEM Variant



Someone cloned the two into an animated gif and got:

So, they are proven to be identical optically.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

HD PENTAX-D FA 24-70mm F2.8ED SDM WR (Rumour Stage)


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Size Comparison Again! Pentax FF Vs Canon 5D Mark III

This is what I have compared with the images got from the camerasize.com. Here we go, the Pentax FF image has been accurately resized:

Photodo MTF Scores for Pentax FF and MF Lenses

Maybe it's time to check and review the old figures, there are at least six months to go! ;-p

And, the Pentax lenses I own are marked in Bold, although not all of my FF/MF Pentax lenses were tested by the Photodo, e.g., my FA31 and 77 Limiteds! :-D

Credits: Photodo and http://bbs.sjtu.cn/bbscon,board,Photo,file,M.968209306.A.html

Grade: 3.7 35mm/AF Pentax SMC-FA 20/2,8
Grade: 3.7 35mm/AF Pentax SMC-FA 24/2 AL (IF)
Grade: 3.8 35mm/AF Pentax SMC-FA 28/2,8 AL
Grade: 3.6 35mm/AF Pentax SMC-FA 43/1,9 Limited
           35mm/AF Pentax SMC Pentax-FA Makro 50/2,8
Grade: 4.2 35mm/AF Pentax SMC-FA 50/1,4
           35mm/AF Pentax SMC-FA 50/1,7
Grade: 4.6 35mm/AF Pentax SMC-F 50/1,4
Grade: 4.6 35mm/AF Pentax SMC-F 50/2,8 macro
Grade: 4.4 35mm/AF Pentax SMC-F 50/1,7
           Medi/AF Pentax 645 SMC-FA 75/2,8
           35mm/AF Pentax SMC Pentax-FA Soft 85/2,8
           35mm/AF Pentax SMC-FA 85/1,4 (IF)
Grade: 3.9 35mm/AF Pentax SMC-FA Makro 100/2,8
Grade: 4.3 35mm/AF Pentax SMC-F 100/2,8 macro
Grade: 3.7 35mm/AF Pentax SMCP-FA 100/3,5 Macro
           Medi/AF Pentax SMC-FA 645 120/4 Macro
Grade: 3.5 35mm/AF Pentax SMC-F 135/2,8 IF
Grade: 3.2 35mm/AF Pentax SMC-FA 135/2,8 IF
           35mm/AF Pentax SMC-FA 200/2,8 ED IF
           Medi/AF Pentax SMC-FA 645 200/4 (IF)
           35mm/AF Pentax SMC-FA 300/2,8 ED (IF
Grade: 4   35mm/AF Pentax SMC-FA 300/4,5 ED IF
           Medi/AF Pentax 645 SMC-FA 300/4 ED IF
Grade: 3.9 35mm/AF Pentax SMC-F 300/4,5 IF ED
           Medi/AF Pentax 645 SMC-FA 400/5,6 ED IF
Grade: 3   35mm/AF Pentax SMC-FA 400/5,6 ED IF
           35mm/AF Pentax SMC-A 500/4,5
           35mm/AF Pentax SMC-FA 600/ 4 ED (IF
Grade: 2.7 35mm/AF Pentax SMC-F Fisheye zoom 17-28/3,5-4,5
Grade: 3.4 35mm/AF Pentax SMCP-FA 20-35/4 AL
Grade: 3.2 35mm/AF Pentax SMC-FA Zoom 28-105/4-5,6
Grade: 1.7 35mm/AF Pentax SMC-FA Zoom 28-200/3,8-5,6 AL (IF)
Grade: 3.5 35mm/AF Pentax SMC-FA Zoom 28-70/2,8 AL
Grade: 3.3 35mm/AF Pentax SMC-FA Zoom 28-70/4 AL
Grade: 2   35mm/AF Pentax SMC-FA 28-80/3,5-5,6
Grade: 2.3 35mm/AF Pentax SMC-FA 28-80/3,5-4,7
Grade: 3.3 35mm/AF Pentax SMC-F 28-80/3,5-4,5
Grade: 2.8 35mm/AF Pentax SMC-F 35-105/4-5,6
Grade: 2.5 35mm/AF Pentax SMC-F 35-135/3,5-4,5
Grade: 3.1 35mm/AF Pentax SMC-F 35-70/3,5-4,5
           Medi/AF Pentax 645 SMC-FA 45-85/4,5
Grade: 2.9 35mm/AF Pentax SMC-FA Zoom 70-200/4-5,6
Grade: 2.9 35mm/AF Pentax SMC-F 70-200/4-5,6
Grade: 3.4 35mm/AF Pentax SMC-F 70-210/4-5,6
Grade: 3.2 35mm/AF Pentax SMC-FA Zoom 80-200/2,8 ED (IF)
Grade: 2.5 35mm/AF Pentax SMC-FA 80-320/4,5-5,6
           Medi/AF Pentax SMC-FA 645 80-160/4,5
           35mm/AF Pentax SMC-FA Zoom 250-600/5,6 ED (IF)
           35mm/MF Pentax SMC Pentax A 15/3,5
           35mm/MF Pentax SMC Pentax A Fisheye 16/2,8
           35mm/MF Pentax SMC-A 20/2,8
Grade: 2.7 35mm/MF Pentax SMC-A 24-50/4
Grade: 2.5 35mm/MF Pentax SMC-F 24-50/4
           35mm/MF Pentax SMC Pentax Shift 28/3,5
Grade: 3.2 35mm/MF Pentax SMC-F 28/2,8
Grade: 2.8 Medi/MF Pentax 645 SMC-A 35/3,5
           Medi/MF Pentax 67 35/4,5
Grade: 2.2 35mm/MF Pentax SMC-F Zoom 35-80/4-5,6
           Medi/MF Pentax 645 45/2,8
           Medi/MF Pentax 67 45/4
           Medi/AF Pentax 645 SMC-FA 45/2,8
           35mm/MF Pentax SMC-A 50/1,2
Grade: 4   35mm/MF Pentax SMC-A 50/2
           Medi/MF Pentax 645 55/2,8
           Medi/MF Pentax 67 55/4,0
                 Medi/MF Pentax 67 Zoom 55-100/4,5
Grade: 3.4 Medi/MF Pentax 645 SMC-A 75/2,8
                 Medi/MF Pentax 645 75/2,8 LS
                 Medi/MF Pentax 67 75/4,5
                 Medi/MF Pentax 67 75/4,5 shift
Grade: 3   35mm/AF Pentax SMC-F Zoom 80-200/4,7-5,6
Grade: 4.6 35mm/MF Pentax SMC-A 85/1,4
                 Medi/MF Pentax 67 90/2,8
                 Medi/MF Pentax 67 100/4,0 macro
Grade: 2.4 35mm/MF Pentax SMC-FA 100-300/4,5-5,6
                 Medi/MF Pentax 67 105/2,4
Grade: 3.6 Medi/MF Pentax 645 SMC-A 120/4,0 macro
                 Medi/MF Pentax 67 120/3,5 Soft
                 Medi/MF Pentax 645 135/4 LS
                 Medi/MF Pentax 67 135/4 Macro
Grade: 4.2 35mm/MF Pentax SMC-A 135/1,8
                 Medi/MF Pentax 645 150/3,5
                 Medi/MF Pentax 67 165/2,8
                 Medi/MF Pentax 67 165/4 LS
                 Medi/MF Pentax 645 200/4
                 Medi/MF Pentax 67 200/4
Grade: 4.2 35mm/MF Pentax SMC-A Macro 200/4ED
Grade: 3.7 35mm/MF Pentax SMC-A 200/2,8 ED
Grade: 3.4 Medi/MF Pentax 645 SMC-A 300/4 IF ED
                 Medi/MF Pentax 67 300/4
                 35mm/MF Pentax SMC-A 300/2,8 ED (IF
                 Medi/MF Pentax 67 400/4 ED (IF)
Grade: 3   35mm/MF Pentax SMC-A 400/5,6
           35mm/MF Pentax SMC-A 400/2,8 ED IF
           35mm/MF Pentax SMC-A Reflex Zoom 400-600/8-12
           Medi/MF Pentax 67 500/5,6
           Medi/MF Pentax 645 600/5,6 APO
                 Medi/MF Pentax 67 600/4
                 Medi/MF Pentax 67 800/4
                 Medi/MF Pentax 67 800/4 EDIF
                 Medi/MF Pentax 67 1000/8
                 35mm/MF Pentax SMC-Reflex 1000/11
                 35mm/MF Pentax SMC-A 1200/8 ED (IF
                 35mm/MF Pentax SMC-M Reflex 2000/13,5
Grade: 2.1 35mm/MF Pentax SMC-A 28-80/3,5-4,5
           35mm/MF Pentax SMC-A Zoom 35-80/4-5,6
           Medi/MF Pentax 645 45-85/4,5
Grade: 2.2 35mm/MF Pentax SMC-A 70-200/4
           Medi/MF Pentax 645 80-160/4,5
           35mm/MF Pentax SMC-A Zoom 80-200/4,7-5,6

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Size Comparison of Pentax FF against K-3

Credit: http://forum.xitek.com/thread-1500132-1-1-1.html

Friday, September 18, 2015

Let me Light Up the Dark Images! :-D

Official! Pentax FF to Come Spring 2016


It is yet delayed once again! :-(

The good thing is the "Pentax" web domain is revived again! :-D

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

My Pentax FF is Already Here! ;-p

My Pentax Full Film body is almost 15 years old now. And, I am right here waiting for the Pentax Digital Full Frame body for at least 13 years! :-(

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Disassembling a FA 28-70 Lens


A K-s2 Full Review

(in Traditional Chinese)

The test pics and captions are self-explanatory for the results.

Countdown for the Upcoming Pentax Full Frame


Thursday, July 30, 2015

Saturday, July 18, 2015

K-3 Vs K-3 II AF-C Shootout


Monday, July 13, 2015

Product Recall: Power Leakage Problem of the K-3 II


Thursday, July 02, 2015

Pentax FF to be Launched October 3rd, with Two New Lenses?


See the above rumour at a Chinese forum, someone said that he had pre-ordered!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

New K-s2 Firmware V1.02

V1.02 is now available for download at the Japanese Ricoh site:

(in Japanese)

Announced changes:

1. Stability of CDAF is improved.

2. Finer sound quality setting when external microphone is connected.

3. DNG RAW may not be displayed correctly at the PC when previewed with software, bug removed.

New K-3II Review (and its focusing performance)

@ The PB: http://www.photographyblog.com/reviews/pentax_k3_ii_review/

Whilst PB has been positive about the AF performance of the K-3II, our respectful PF, on the other hand, has found something opposite, see:


Quoted, "Although on paper, the Pentax K-3 II promises to bring undisclosed improvements to AF-C performance, we did not observe any evidence of faster focusing, lower latency, or quicker target re-acquisition with the K-3 II."

So, whom should we believe after all? ;-p

Friday, June 19, 2015

Green Ringed GR? :-o

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Shootout Again! 645D Vs A7R

I think I have been for long not posting shootout test and here it is, for my old cameras! ;-)

Measurbate and discover by yourself, for all the differences! Original photos are available for viewing by clicking the "Download" option per photo under album! :-D


EXIF data is available for all photos. Pairs of test shoots were taken at almost the same time for the same scene.

Lens used for A7R is a Canon EF35mm F2 (AE and AF adapted) and a FA645 45mm F2.8 for the 645D, for almost identical FoV.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Resolution Shootout: K-3 II Vs E-M5 II Vs D810 Vs 645Z


Friday, May 29, 2015

HD 16-85 Measurbation Reviews

Both are done by measurbators, but one with real-world scenes as the shooting targets and the other with test charts in a "lab":

(Tested with K-3, in Traditional Chinese)

(Tested with K-5 II)

The lens model seems to be fairly good. However, it arrives just too late, Canon and Sony had similar models many years ago, when APS-C DSLRs still shined. Nonetheless, I myself feel that the DA17-70 F4 would still be a better lens optically, because of its constant aperture but only a slightly shorter reach. For size and weight wise, the HD 16-85 is not a compact lens anyway.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

K-3 Firmware V1.21

Contains fix for a major bug which was introduced last time.


Saturday, May 23, 2015

DA18-135 Discontinued


It is reported that Ricoh Imaging USA has confirmed this also.

It seems that the Pentax APS-C system is dying, but the new FF system has not yet been completed and arrived, bad! :-(

Rumour: Pentax K-mount FF Comes this Autumn, no Built-in Flash but GPS

(in Japanese)

Btw, the author of the above post is a famous Japanese photographer who is close to the official Ricoh Pentax internal source.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Ricoh's Camera Business is Losing Money Again


Reference Source: Ricoh's Financial Report for 14/15 (pdf)

Friday, May 15, 2015

Monday, April 27, 2015

Official K-3II Full Samples


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ephotozine Tested the Pentax-D FA* 70-200/2.8 (on APS-C)


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ephotozine Tested the Pentax-D FA 150-450


A green ring always looks better! :-D But at 2kg, this lens is just too heavy! :-O

40 Years of the K-mount

Source: http://store.ricoh-imaging.co.jp/contents/originalgoods_2015.aspx

Related: Pentax SLR Cameras 1952-2011

K-3 II

Official announced and specs:


DPR hands-on:


The "Ricoh" name printed on the back is gone! Good! :)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Saturday, April 11, 2015

645Z and K-s2 TIPA Awarded


Everyone got an award anyway. And, I just wonder why the K-s2 is an "advanced" DSLR whilst the D5500 is an "entry level". They are direct competitors in the same market segment and price tag range afterall!

Btw, here is an YouTube direct comparison review of the two, for those who are interested:

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Official Pentax 645Z T-shirt


@Uniqlo, 3 colours, two different designs.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

The New Ricoh Theta is to be Announced on April 13

(in Traditional Chinese)

Friday, April 03, 2015

Pentax User Manuals Download April 2015


For DSLRs, user manuals and guides from K-s2 to *ist D are available. For instance, the manual for the new Image Transmitter 2 is also uploaded, too.

I have re-downloaded 15 models of the Pentax cameras that I bought over years on the list! ;-D

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Flickr Camera Brand Share and Ranking


Pentax is ranked #12, the model ranking is as follows:


Where K-5 is ranked no. 1, K-3 follows. But the strange thing is that the number of items made with K-3 is zero, but it still ranks no. 2!? :-o

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Official Full Size Samples for the New FF Zooms



The IQ is not bad IMO. But wait, a K-s2? APS-C, not FF?? ;-D Do note the aperture values also.

The New Standard of the 135 Full Frame!


The 645Z is also side-by-side compared.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Market Prices of the New Pentax FF Lenses

Friday, March 20, 2015

Ricoh Image Sync YouTube Demo (w/ K-s2, Unofficial)

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Friday, March 06, 2015

Friday, February 27, 2015

Pentax FF is Planned to be Launched in October, Priced at 2,000 Euros

See what Pentaxeros reports:


Whom I consider is a reliable source as they are close to the official Pentax.

Well, I believe that the last lump of plastic thing is just to keep commercial secrets by the RP whilst letting interested users to know something is really coming soon, the testing prototype or even the beta machine should be more than that, in view of the launching date which is so close.

A Good K-s2 Quick Overview

(in Japanese)

Different non-standard colour schemes are shown. New features and functions are briefed.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Overjoyed Pentaxians!


Nice humour! But very true!! :-D

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

[Official] Compatibility of the K-mount FF Converter with DA Lenses! ;-D


Well, if you just don't understand why this is actually the Pentax K-mount 135 FF converter, read my previous experiment of this! :-P


Compatibility of DA Lenses on Full Frame

DA 16-85 Vs DA 18-135 Comparison Reviews

By PF: http://www.pentaxforums.com/articles/review-news/hd-pentax-da-16-85mm-first-impressions-review.html

By a User: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3799349

The DA18-135 is not bad IMHO.


My Practical Review on the DA18-135

Friday, February 13, 2015

PF's Interview with Pentax' Officials at CP+ (Mr. Kazunobu Saiki and Colleague)

Transcripts in English and Chinese are as follows, dropped down and translated by a Chinese Xitek Pentaxian:


First of all, thank you for publishing the news about the upcoming launch of a full-frame DSLR.

The PentaxForums.com announcement reached over 200,000 Pentax fans on Facebook and was met with very positive feedback.

Do you have any thoughts to share with the fans that eagerly await the full-frame product launch?



To tell the truth, I was relieved because many Pentax fans don’t say “It’s too late!”. I’m very glad to hear the positive comments from Pentax fans. Thank you for waiting for a long time.



What kind of users and applications will the new full-frame Pentax DSLR be aimed at? How will it stand out alongside the competition?



The first users are Pentax fans, besides it’s important to get back the Pentax users from competitors. Therefore, it’s not up to making have many strength
of Pentax.(??) Besides, it’s important to have attractive features newly which other competitors don’t have.



What do you think is the most suitable resolution for DSLRs with full-frame sensors?

Current cameras in the industry have resolution as low as 12Mp and as high as 50Mp as of this month.



I think the suitable resolution is changing. According to the sensor technology, and environment to handle the image to date(??)



Can users expect more full-frame compatible lenses to become available together with the launch of the full-frame DSLR?



We are going to develop DFA lenses as soon as possible, you can see the new lenses on the newest lenses roadmap.



Do you have plans to re-launch or update any FA-series lenses as with the 645 lineup, or will you be focusing on new designs going forward?



We are going to design new lenses basically, however, we are also going to redesign some FA lenses which have good resolution performance.



You state that the full-frame will support DA lenses via an in-body crop function.

How would lenses with 35mm image circle coverage such as the DA* 200mm f/2.8 be handled?

Will you change any existing lens designations/specifications?

你们说全幅将通过机内Crop功能来支持DA镜头。那对于那些可以覆盖35mm图像范围的镜头呢?比如DA* 200mm f/2.8,机身将如何对待这些镜头?



It’s true some DA lenses cover the full frame image circle. However, we make it priority to develop the new lenses basically, rather than to redesign the DA lenses.



Do you plan to reintroduce the aperture coupler in the Pentax full-frame body so that legacy lenses can meter without having to stop down?

你们有计划在全幅机身中重新引入Aperture Coupler么?这样那些老镜头就不必缩小光圈测光了。


I think it’s important, but it’s difficult because of the limited space.



How would you describe the response to the Pentax K-S1? Has it seen success among gadget-oriented people?

你们怎么形容Pentax K-S1的反应?看到它在面向电子科技的人群中的成功了么?


Because K-S1, we try to attract non-Pentax users mainly, in that sense, we have very nice interests, but before that, the (??) so far we couldn’t get return as we expected.



Do you have plans to improve the speed of the SAFOX auto focus for fast-paced shooting?



The AF performance of K-5 II has been improved. We are improving speed one more, and new telephoto zoom lenses, have high speed actuator and new developed algorithm, so you can you then comfortably.

自动对焦性能已经在K-5 II中得到了提高。我们又进一步的提高了速度,新开发的长焦变焦镜头中,我们使用了高速电机,和新开发的算法,因此用起来会很舒服。


The Pentax lens lineup still lacks products such as leaf shutter lenses, tilt/shift lenses, and extension tubes. Is this an area you feel important to expand?



It’s important, especially for 645 series, so, we are considering.



Why is wired tethering not possible with the Pentax K-3? Do you plan to offer this feature in the future, i.e. via Image Transmitter 2?

Many users find the speed and range of the FluCard to be insufficient.

为什么没有办法在K-3上联机拍摄?你们有计划提供这个功能么?比如通过Image Transmitter 2?许多用户发现FluCard的速度不足以支持联机拍摄。


Image Transmitter 2 is developed for 645Z, however, some K-3 users requiring us, so, therefore, we are considering with firmware upgrading.

Image Transmitter 2是为645Z开发的,不过一些K-3用户反映了这个需求,因此我们正在考虑通过固件升级的办法来解决。


As industry trends change, do you have plans to continue pursuing more consumer imaging gadgets like the Ricoh Theta based on the market response?



Of course, it’s important to expand the market(??) with new imaging gadgets.



Would it be possible to leverage the SR mechanism to increase the effective resolution of a Pentax DSLR?



We have tried to increase the effective pixels with shake reduction, but dataset is big, but image quality is not improved. So, we are now trying to improve the resolution performance, without increase the effective pixels.



Do you have any comments in response to the technical feature suggestions presented by our users?



It’s really nice to listen to the end users, because they have requests and expectations. We study carefully, and depending on the necessity of the requirement, we might consider to implement onto the firmware upgrading.



Why has Ricoh Imaging decided to launch the full-frame DSLR now?

Can you comment on how it will stand out relative to the competition?



Ok, as you know, we have a lot of K-mount series lens, as well as 645 mount, so we had valued our existing customers, and we believe with this time has matured, it’s really nice time to release full-frame for whom waiting for that.



How does the size of the Japanese market for Pentax and Ricoh cameras compare to international markets?



Frankly, the comparison of Japan market for Pentax Ricoh is larger than the one for the global market.



Has the Ricoh Imaging international market share for ILC’s increased over the course of the past two years?

Which product category has been the most successful?



As you know, the market itself has really aggressively decreasing. We are facing that trouble, but we are safer than total market trend.



Sony has been dominant in sensor manufacturing the last few years.

Are you seeing other manufacturers wanting to partner with Pentax?

Does Pentax see some advantages to partnering with other sensor manufacturers?



Selection of sensor is purely for our engineers to make our product more attractive, so we are not attaching to A name brand or B name brand, so it’s merely to what kind of performance the device provide to us.



Would you like to share any closing remarks with the community?



Yeah, both of us are really thanks for this interviews. After the launching of the full-frames, everybody is exciting. So, please be happy, until the product come into your hands.

Thanks for waiting for Pentax full-frame camera for a long time. I’m glad to …(??)

Some More Photos of the New DFA Lenses

I have lost clue to the sources of the photos as these are found in the Internet Pentax forums, so cannot make the credits.

One More (and Better) PS Job for the Pentax K FF

Multiple view angles and "side-by-side" against the K-3, really nice! Good job, man! :-)

Credit: Chinese Xitek Pentaxian

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Size of the New FF Body

So, it is somehow big, as many Pentax fanboys have complained for years for *all* 135 Full Frame bodies of other brands. So, what would they say now? :-P

Besides, just found this PS job at the Chinese Xitek forum, does the mockup feel more realistic now? ;-D

K-mount FF Body Mockup Unveiled at CP+

(in Japanese)

The new body would not have RTF, i.e., the built-in flash, as seen.