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Monday, April 14, 2008

K200D Battery Issue is Now Official!?

On Page 37 of the user's manual of the K200D (Page 39 of the pdf file), it is said that "the use of Ni-MH batteries is not recommended as the batteries' voltage characteristics may cause a malfunction", despite that in the same section about batteries for use in the K200D, it briefs about "AA lithium batteries", "NiMH AA rechargeable batteries" and "AA alkaline batteries" Only!(?) Where is CR-V3 lithium battery type? Can't they be used? And, don't Pentax know that CR-V3 Lithiums are having a different chemical formula than those (Energizer) AA Lithiums and generally have a slightly longer life?? Or, is it just that the K200D cannot use the CR-V3 Lithiums? (I don't think so, though).

The most funny thing is that whilst Pentax list out 3 types of batteries for their K200D in their manual, they immediately "do not recommend" 2 types already but left only the AA Lithiums to be the *only* "recommended" choice for use in their camera. So, does all the new K200D users can use "only" the (Energizer) AA Lithiums in their K200D? Hey, Pentax, don't you know that only Energizer make AA Lithiums but nobody else, unlike CR-V3 Lithiums?

In fact, I have always being disagreed with the over-conservative behaviour but actually irresponsible approach of Pentax for over-protecting themselves in their documentation (no matter in their manuals or in their websites) instead of trying to find a good solution to a *real problem*. Years ago, they simply banned all the Rechargeable CR-V3 batteries "one off", although many of those regulated RCR-V3 models should be working perfectly in their "AA DSLRs". Now, this time, they are even dare to say that Ni-MHs are "not recommended". Really funny, but super ridiculous! As I have been "blaming" them for years, why didn't they and don't they just compile a list of compatible battery models OR JUST to bundle an approved model/type of batteries along with a charger, no matter it is Eneloop NiMH (or something else alike that are usable, although NiMHs will surely make the camera slower, particularly for the AF) or even RCR-V3s, even they STILL have NOT found out a solution to improve their circuitry, for the camera's power supply part???

A disappointing finding afterall. This officially provided information does not only reflect the same old widely reported problem will probably be persistent forever, it also reflects the poor attitude, stubbornness and the lack of intention of Pentax in tackling some of the real and well-known problems (even this time it shows that they know very clearly about it) which is just a very stupid thing for them, really. Annoying and Sad!

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Samsung Hints at a Full Frame DSLR Sensor

Just seen this piece of news at the Amateur Photographer's website, for Samsung hints at a full-frame sensor for a professional DSLR camera in Pentax mount:-


I think the more exciting thing we can learn from the article should be the following quote:-

"Although there is no indication yet as to when it might arrive, it seems now that photographers can look forward to a professional full-frame DSLR with a Pentax lens mount at some point in the future."

Since it is said that the full-frame sensor project is still now at the early stage of the design phase, I think for all those existing Pentax users who are eager to see and dream for a Pentax FF DSLR soonest, they shall still have to wait for a longer time. There is *hope*, though, if this rumour is really true.

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