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Monday, April 30, 2012

DA40/2.8 Limited Disassembly

(in Simplified Chinese)

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Loewe x Pentax Q Black and White

Via DC Home (Chinese)

Whilst the original source of these is not mentioned, the photos look real and not PSed. Simply note the different angles and positions of the stuff in the two photos. Moreover, the shadows of the bags are different too.

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Pentax Q Discontinued?

It is said that B&H rep told this. See this thread:-


And, Adorama is selling the Q prime kit at $499. On the other hand, UPP is in action for the 02 zoom lens, of which the street price is now raised to $399 from $252 at B&H. That is insane after all for such a kit zoom in asking for such high price, no matter what! >:-(

So, it seems that the Q discontinuation is true and Adorama is trying to clear the last stock for themselves and Pentax. What is next up then?

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

5D3 Vs K-5 ISO Shootout (100 to 25600)

Shooting conditions:-

1. 5D3+EF50/1.8 II, Latest Firmware (1.1.2), All Factory Default Settings (Picture Style Standard 3, 0, 0, 0), Auto White Balance, Av Exposure Mode at f/8, Evaluative Metering with No Exp. Comp., One-shot AF / Central AF point, 2 sec. Timer on Tripod, Large Fine JPEG;

2. K-5+DA35/2.4, Latest Firmware (1.13), All Factory Default Settings (Picture Style Bright 0, 0, 0, 1, 1 (Sharpness)), Auto White Balance, Av Exposure Mode at f/8, Evaluative Metering with No Exp. Comp., Single AF / Central AF point, 2 sec. Timer on Tripod (SR Off), Large Fine JPEG.

Images of both cameras are resized to 3,999 pixels in width and are linked below, click any of the following to download and view the specific large-sized picture:-


Still, if you want to access and assess the original un-retouched samples, you can go here:-


One thing to note is that the exposure level and focusing accuracy varies with the 5D3. The K-5 is more stable and consistent there for both, in contrast. It seems that whilst the 5D3's AF is really very fast, its accuracy and consistency is in doubt.

5D3 Vs NEX-3 ISO Shootout (200 to 3200, Outdoor Scene)

Here is my latest measurbation! :-D

Shooting conditions:-

1. 5D3+EF24/1.4L II, Latest Firmware (1.1.2), All Factory Default Settings (Picture Style Standard 3, 0, 0, 0), Auto White Balance, Av Exposure Mode at f/8, Evaluative Metering with No Exp. Comp., One-shot AF / Central AF point, Large Fine JPEG;

2. NEX-3+E16/2.8, Firmware Ver. 04, Landscape Creative Style 0, 0, 0 (Standard mode is too pale, otherwise all other settings are defaults), Auto White Balance, Av Exposure Mode at f/8, Evaluative Metering with No Exp. Comp., Single AF / Central AF point, Large Fine JPEG.

Images of both cameras are resized to 3,999/4,000 pixels in width and are linked below, click any of the following to download and view the specific large-sized picture:-


Still, if you want to access and assess the original un-retouched samples, you can go here:-


Furthermore, ISO shootout pictures for the 5D3 against the K-5 from ISO 100 to 25600 will be published shortly! The shootout is made with my standard "bird" targets in an indoor environment. :-D

Friday, April 27, 2012

Ricoh Suffered Big Loss in the Last Fiscal Year


(in Japanese, Google Translation Here)

They have had a Net Loss is in 44.56 Billion (44,560 Million) Japanese Yens, which equals to 542.72 Million US Dollars!

In contrast, in the previous fiscal year before the last one, Ricoh still had a Net Profit of 18.63 Billion Japanese Yens.

Chinese K-r (K-x?) TV Ad


I like this Ad, maybe mainly because of the girl? ;-D Btw, the K-r replacement will be announced very soon and so K-r is just a history of the past. And wait, aren't all the cameras appeared in the video just the K-x, but not the K-r, against what is mentioned at the end? :-o So, I just wonder if this Ad is really official or not after all.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Film is Not Dead, but Will Become More Expensive

Good and bad news. The good news is that Fuji will still produce their slide films. The bad news is it will become more expensive:-



No Kodak Slide Films Anymore! :-(

Loewe x Pentax: Pentax Q Magenta Pink

(in Japanese)

Targeted for ladies, 69,800 Japanese Yens for the 01 Standard Prime kit, accept for pre-orders from April 28 to May 6, goods are to be delivered in June. The total number of units to be produced is not specified.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Download Old Firmware Files of Pentax DSLRs from the Pentax.jp Server (and Do the Downgrade)

I can see occasionally some Pentax DSLR users want to download the older firmware and program it back into their bodies for whatever reason(s) of their own. But the first thing they have been asking is where to get and download the older version(s) of the firmware?

Actually, most of those are still kept at the Pentax.jp server, just do it this way:-

1. The current and latest firmware is linked in each support page of the respective camera model, i.e.:-

http://www.pentax.jp/english/support/digital/firmware/k5_e113w.EXE is linked from the download support page for the firmware version 1.13 of the K-5.

Do note about the capital letters of the .EXE which is correct, i.e., the filename is case sensitive;

2. Just copy and paste the above "current" link and modify it for the version of the firmware that you wish to find, say:-


3. That's it! I've checked that K-5 firmware files for versions 1.01, 1.03, 1.10, 1.11 and 1.12 are all there! (Except for 1.02)

Next, you might want to do the downgrade. I guess it is not allowed by the camera when it checks the firmware version of the .bin file, you may try this old method which was proven to work with older Pentax DSLRs. Anyway, I haven't tried it myself and you should do everything at your own risk if you follow and try!


How to Get Back to an Older Version of the Firmware?

Opposing Voices to the UPP of Pentax Imaging

This open letter is well said and I think it worths to report it here:-


The poster has said the very true indeed, since the beginning of 2010, I have only purchased my K-x kit and my K-5 body at local shops whilst all my other Pentax purchases during these two years and more were made online, these include the purchases of my K-r Gold and DA35/2.4, my DA70/2.4, yet another DA21/3.2 Limited, a DA18-55II, a ML-60 focusing screen and until very recently the DA40/2.8 XS lens as well. Besides, I have also purchased other camera items for my gear of the other brands online. So, internet and online purchasing is the irreversible trend, which I totally agree.

What Pentax and Pentax Imaging doing is actually completely against the trend and their consumers. I think a lose-lose-n-lose situation will be created for all parties, i.e., the users, their dealers and Pentax the manufacturer themselves in the end, unless they are to lower the current unreasonable high set prices of many of the Pentax lenses under their fixed prices policy, which is known as UPP officially!

Besides, 1001 Noisy Cameras have also made a very good "ranting" post:-


I also think that their observation is absolutely right, i.e., few photographic and gear site have made at least some sound to oppose that silly happening at Pentax! This time I think PF has also been honest and brave enough in this case, in contrast to what they have been doing and against the others.

Last but not least, I suggest someone can create a new open petition at the Petition Online, like the last SDM issue and firmware request (but which has never been acknowledged and responded by Pentax anyway), which might be a way to gather all our opposition to what Pentax is doing, which should ultimately show that how disgusting this policy is and how the brand is eventually hurt and damaged! Pentax and Ned, please wake up!!

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Visualising the Change of Ownership in the History of Pentax from the Product Labels

In reversing time order..

4. 2012: Pentax Ricoh Imaging Company:-

A Ricoh K-5:-

Source: A DPR Forum Post

3.5. 2011-12: Transitional Period from Hoya to PRIC:-

Label and documentation are showing Hoya but there is a notice of change of ownership included in the box.

Source: Changing the Focusing Screen of K-5 - Tips and Techniques

3. 2007-2011: Hoya Corporation:-

A Hoya K-5's bottom:-

K-5 is a Pentax DSLR model which carries both a Hoya and a Ricoh label for the units manufactured before and after.. Btw, mine is a Hoya unit.

Source: Imaging Resource

And my Optio WG-1 GPS purchased last summer:-

Source: My Take (Tick) on the WG-1 GPS! ;-)

2. 2001-2006: Pentax Corporation:-

My K100D:-

Source: Where are the Pentax DSLRs and Lenses Made?

1. 2001 and before: Asahi Optical Company:-

The bottom labels of my MZ-S and Optio 330:-

Source: Where are the Pentax DSLRs and Lenses Made?

Friday, April 20, 2012

K-01 Must Feel More Solid than the D3200!

It is because it is smaller, but 11% heavier! OMG! >:-(


I always wonder what Pentax has put into the K-01 such that it is so heavy? And why's that? :-o


Inside the K-01

Cheaper Pentax Body Next Year, Mirrorless or Not

New Sigma Lens for Pentax


I think the important meaning of this lens is that Pentax is not yet dead in the eyes of other manufacturers. It has been quite a long time that there is no new 3rd party lenses released for Pentax and in the K-mount. Now, Sigma is there! And yes, now Pentax needs the support from 3rd parties! It is really true..

Full K-01 Samples Posted at Focus Numerique


Original and in Full Size.

There is also an ISO measurbation carried out, but I don't think it is really useful anyway.

"Exploded View Diagram" of the Spotmatic F!

Source page: http://gmunk.tumblr.com/post/14672948043

What a hack job!

Still Four New Pentax Bodies in this Financial Year?

Our famous Pentax "rumouriser", OGL, has made a post about upcoming new Pentax product until March 2013 after the Russian CEP Photo Expo:-


I suppose that he has talked to some local dealers of Pentax over there. However, I really doubt that if Pentax Ricoh will really launch and market four bodies within one single financial year! This is unbelievable! And even more so for a brand new FF system with new body and lenses introduced!?

Hey, Boris, have you been drinking too much these days?! ;-)

Some Pentax Tidbits

Pentax gear is on the cover of the last issue of PopPhoto. An image of the cover is circulated around the net. Well, from the EXIF and GPS tags it can be seen that it was originally taken by someone at Melbourne using the iPad.

Btw, is the body a K-7 or K-5? As for the lens, it is just the original DA 18-55 (the first *ist DS/DL/K100D kit lens, non-WR). So, probably this lens can be thrown away after the modelling photo was taken, unless it was PSed! :-o And, I just wonder why the PopPhoto editors didn't wipe away also the Pentax and DA names from the lens front in the image so that they would not have freely advertised the camera gear for Pentax!

Next, here is an interesting video made with the Q. Wow, that's what the eyes of a dog would see across the streets in its daily life!

(URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OqZpu9SRog)

Source: http://www.mediabistro.com/agencyspy/the-humane-society-gives-a-dogs-eye-view-of-life-on-the-streets_b31921

Well, this "application" shows the great value of a small and light camera! Btw, is the Pentax Q waterproof?! Why not just mounted an Optio WG? :-o

Thursday, April 19, 2012

RH-02 K-mount Mirrorless ;-)

Someone said that the RH-01 is not thin enough, so I've created the RH-02 as its replacement! ;-) (Have I acted quickly enough?)

Is it better this time? This is what a K-mount mirrorless should be, for a much slimmer, smaller and lighter body with a thin lens on it! Right? In fact, the overall thickness of the above is not much thicker than that of when the thinnest pancake lens of NEX is mounted. Just compare against the following:-

Since the K-01 is thick and without a flipping monitor, Pentax/Ricoh can now start to make the next thinner model as K-02, just like what I've done! Yes, for a new model! And also the next next model with a flipping mon as K-03 and then the next^3 model as K-04 for being equipped with an EVF also! Then that may come to the end of the line when it happens! ;-D Lol..


When the Super Pancake Meets Different Bodies~

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

See What Ned Bunnell Has Explained (Re: US Lens Price Increase since April 1st)


In short, it is told that "We are not increasing the prices of the lenses, but we only require our dealers to stick to the MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price)."

No matter how, the real-world effect is, we can now only purchase new Pentax lenses in US (either locally or via web) at *higher* prices than before! What "misinformation" and "rumors"? Where are they?? >:-(

In fact, back to March, I did still have my plan in buying some new DA lenses and a new flash gun from the B&H and now all my plans are cancelled. It is just because that now the new prices are too high to be justified for me to buy them from overseas anymore. The decision is really simple as there is no longer any cost benefit or saving after this US price increase. Every thing is actually REAL, but which according to Ned is NOT TRUE, BUT all are just "mis-information", "mis-informed comments" and "rumors" that he had to clarify and "dispel"! :-o

The hard fact is when the *street* prices of their lenses are increased in that amount (regardless of what Ned says), they lose customers and potential buyers like me, as we'd always better to spend our money elsewhere! Simple Eco 101!

And, for one of the forums which spread the "misinformation" whom Ned is accusing of, does he refer to the PentaxForums actually?? (N.B. PF is one of the first Internet media who wrote an article about the breaking news with a clear summary on the price changes.) I'm afraid that this time I am with Adam here, Adam and his guys only reported the truth and everything is indeed factual!

After all, I am really very disappointed about the response and attitude of Ned in this case. Frankly, Ned has been one of the few senior Pentax officials whom I have been respecting for a long time for his personal ability/talent/charm, honesty and open-mindedness as well as his zeal in photography and camera gear. But this time he is really letting me down and I think I am not alone! :-(


Ned Bunnell Has Made an Interim Response to the Recent Lens Prices Increase

Breaking Bad News! Crazy Price Increases of Pentax Lenses with Immediate Effect!

Pack a Gun to Protect Camera Gear from Airline Theft or Loss!? (in USA Only)



Sometimes, I do find that some US laws are funny. I just wonder why firearms could be transported legally so easily after all?! Yes, owning guns are human rights in the States, but how about the living rights for those innocent people who have been killed from year to year just because of this stupid policy? >:-(

NEX-3 Vs 7D IQ Test with a Pentax SMC 50/1.7 Lens


Via 1001 Noisy Cameras.

It seems that the IQ of the NEX-3 is just better. There are more details in images and with better colour too, IMO. And, the optical quality of that old Pentax standard prime is still very good.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

K-01 AF Speed Tests with 16 Different K-mount Lenses

(URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFBnraiK0A0)

Via http://forum.pentaxfans.net/thread-124538-1-1.html
(in Traditional Chinese)

The user tested 17 lenses, first a K135 lens for the MF focus peaking beforehand, and then the other 16 AF lenses in K-mount (13 Pentaxes, 3 Sigmas) for speed and check the performance and reliability. At the very beginning of the test video, a side-by-side physical comparison to the K-r was also done.

I translate his summary of the results as follows:-

FA28mmF2.8.....Very Fast
DA21mmF3.2.....Very Fast
DA40mmF2.8.....Very Fast

DA35mmF2.8 Macro.....Fast, Long Running Span
FA28mmF2.8 Soft.....Fast, but Easy to Fail (to Focus)
DA*55mmF1.4.....Fast, Long Running Span
DA*200mmF2.8.....Fast, Long Running Span

FA*300mmF2.8.....Average Speed, Long Running Span
DA100mmF2.8WR Macro.....Average Speed, Long Running Span (I think it is already rather Slow!)

SIGMA180mmF3.5 Macro.....Slow, Long Running Span

FA28-105mmF3.2-4.5.....Below 50mm: Fast, Becoming Slower and Slower when approaching 105
DA17-70mmF4.....50mm: Fast, at 70mm: Slow

DA*300mmF4.....Very Slow, and Incompatible/Unstable with the Body, Often Fail to Focus and the K-01 Body Hanged Up(!)

Actually, someone and Steve Huff had reported about the K-01 hang-up cases before. Now it seems that it is NOT an isolated issue. And, it should be noted that the problem is repeatable, as verified and confirmed by two different K-01 users by now. Hopefully this is a bug that can be corrected via firmware and Pentax should provide this firmware update soonest.


Bug Report: Repeatable K-01 Crash

This Film Accessory is Nice!


Who says "film is dead"? I really want to buy one!


When the Super Pancake Meets Different Bodies~

"Film is Dead"! ;-)

What is This?

Touchy (English) via Jimmy Yen's Blog (Chinese).

Well, it gives those lonely boys a good excuse to touch on girls otherwise they could see nothing!

But the next problem will then be that the camera will continue to shoot after every ten seconds of touching! Interval shooting?

Have nothing better to do and interested in this product? Here are more product photos and its full technical specs!

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True Fanboyism!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Pentax Gets Awards for K-01 and WG-2

The K-01 is red-dotted (Google-translated) (official Red Dot page about their awards here) and also the Nikon 1, which is awarded as the "best of the best" (official Nikon announcement here) in the same category. There is no official news announcement at Pentax.jp for this, though. Anyway, I don't mind to publish this news for them.

Btw, I bet that one of the reasons for the K-01 to get this red dot award should be that it has a red dot (button) on the top of the camera! ;-)

Besides, the WG-2 is TIPA awarded, which is the only Pentax product which is on the TIPA award list this year, for 2012.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pentax Lens Price Increase Coming to the UK As Well



Quoted, "Email from SRS Microsystems: Yes there is a price increase in all Pentax lenses and it is across the whole range unfortunately. The prices will go up as soon as we order any new stock at the new prices. hope this helps."

Speaking of the UK lens price increase, it does affect the used market, see this bid, of which the asked price is just insane!


£1,347?! Pardon? Ten years ago, I could buy this lens at HK$3300 brand new (~US$423).


Ned Bunnell Has Made an Interim Response to the Recent Lens Prices Increase

Breaking Bad News! Crazy Price Increases of Pentax Lenses with Immediate Effect!

Friday, April 13, 2012

When the Super Pancake Meets Different Bodies~

1. First of all, see the ever thinnest Full Frame lens on a very thin film SLR body!

Full compatability with all the supported functions is ensured for the above combo!

The mount is made of metal, but surely it is not stainless steel. I suspect it is made of aluminium or brass, which is then coated later:-

Btw, the overall build quality of this lens is indeed cheap.

And the total weight is.. (Without film and batteries loaded)

..in 432g only, for a workable *camera*, i.e., body with lens! And, it's my most favourable focal in 40mm in 135 FF, as my first fixed focal camera had it.

2. Put it on a K-x:-

Not much larger than on a K-01? Right? But it has an Optical Viewfinder!

And the weight (without batteries and card also):-

3. Put it on a K-5:-

The combo is not as good looking, I'm afraid. But the colours are matching, i.e., Black to Black. (not back to back ;->)

In fact, mounting and detaching this super thin lens is rather difficult just because it is just too thin to hold. I don't have very large hands btw.

After all, this thin pancake will be tested and it will start its poor fate of being measurbated, forever, in the hands of a measurbator! ;-D

Initial rough test of the lens in shooting reveals that it is quite sharp optically, nearly from corner to corner, even at f/2.8 wide opened! AF is accurate and bokeh is great. The colour rendition is yet another thing, which I think my early Japanese production FA43 performs far better.

Finally, I have to complain yet once again about the poor cleaniness of the lens inside, which is full of dust and could have some scratches on the glass elements inside. Normally, these cannot be seen until the lens is pointed to a bright light source, push open the aperture level and look through it, I am almost sure that you could see many of them!

P.S. This is exactly the 30th lens in my current arsenal. :-)


Dirty Pentax Lens Factory, Dirty Glass! :-(

"Film is Dead"! ;-)

Brief Hands-on with the K-01 and My First Impressions

Can Pentax DSLRs be Made Thinner?

What Will be My 10th/Next DSLR/ILDC Body? (Which Now is the K-5!)

Inside the K-01

(An interview in Japanese)

It seems that there are still quite some spare spaces inside the body and further minimization should be possible. Besides, the inside of the K-r is also compared. Finally, it can be seen that the Static RAM chip used is from Hynix, a South Korea semiconductor company, but not from Samsung, which is also a major memory manufacturer.

Update (4-21): Here is yet another K-01 disassembly by someone. It seems that the K-01 is just easy enough to disassemble:-

(Click to Enlarge and Pop in New Tab/Window)

View Also:-

Disassemble a K-5

Aggregated Digital Camera Brand Shares in 2011 (at Japan Market)

Above: BCN Survey on Digital Camera Market Shares by Brand, inclusive of all camera types; Click to Enlarge.

Source: BCN (Japanese) via Nikkei News (Japanese) via DC Home (Chinese)

So, to translate the above Pie Chart, the brand shares are as follows:-

Market Share


So, it seems that Japanese consumers just don't buy Samsung? Well, do they buy the Galaxy line of mobile gadgets then? ;-)

And, I knew that some Pentax brand fans would then suggest that now the brand shares of Pentax and Ricoh should be added, so that the made-up brand share is now 6.5%. But so what? Merging the weakest to the 2nd weakest just won't help! At 6.5% they still come last as a single brand! :-o

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

PENTAX Digital Camera Utility 4.35 Update


[Main changes from Version 4.34]
  • Added lens data
    [smc PENTAX-DA 40mmF2.8 XS]
    [smc PENTAX-DA 645 25mmF4 AL [IF] SDM]
  • Updated library for reduction of tone jumping.
Btw, as before, I do not understand completely for all the changes. What does the second thing mean? :-o

Big Pentax Q Price Cut in Hong Kong (and Now in US Too)

Via: DC Fever (in Chinese)

The above newspaper cutting shows that it is now priced at HK$3,998 which is equal to US$512.56 for the prime kit!

Cheap enough? But then what does this mean and hint?

Update (4-13): The Amazon prices have also been reduced latest for the Q, now US consumers can get at at about US$540 brand new for the same kit, via 1001 Noisy Cameras.

Brief Hands-on with the K-01 and My First Impressions

Played a "panda" unit at a shop briefly, found the following:-

1. The unit is not as large and as heavy as originally expected when it is put in hands! It is surely not particularly small, but with a DAL 18-55 attached, it does not feel really very large neither.

2. Holding the camera is in general comfortable. However, there is a rather strange feel of holding a brick in hands as this camera is really just too flat and straight for all its surfaces, especially when every time I looked at the camera! :-o

3. The unit is solid and well built including its the built-in flash. The flash's moving mechanism and construction is nice, popping up is smooth and the flash is overall sturdy. In fact, I regard that its build is far better than that of the Sony NEX-7, which is made to be rather flimsy and has much play when closed!

4. The material of the body does not like plastic, but it doesn't feel like metal neither as it cannot be felt to be cold and hard - another "extra-ordinary" and unique "feature" again! ;-)

5. The mode dial above the chimney is magical! It is more easy to access and turn and indeed the new position is better! What a design! Now, I know that it is not only about aesthetics, but Pentax really thought about ergonomics!

6. As for the user menu, everything is almost the same. It's good as the Pentax menu system is almost the most user-friendly and easy-to-use plus fast access one on the market, which I usually like. In addition, the new Red button really comes handy for video recording, too. After all, I don't like engaging movie mode via the mode dial.

7. With the DAL 1855 lens, AF is fast and snappy in a bright room throughout the whole zoom range, which is yet another unexpected thing against what are viewed on the YouTube. I consider that the AF to be on a par with my Sony NEX. The auto-selected focus points and image positions are in general accurate (I mean at least making sense), I think.

8. The shutter lag is a bit longer which this time lag is significant and could affect actual use. There is no noticeable double shutter actuations as in other Pentax DSLRs in Live View mode, though. I guess Pentax has used a new technique to reset/discharge the sensor before exposure instead of closing the shutter mechanically. The shutter sound is clear but not really very loud. At least it is not as noisy as my NEX and yet the sound is crisp which I like.

9. The back LCD monitor is the same one used in the K-r, I believe. There is no anti-reflective coating and is not particular bright. The glare is quite obvious even at indoor which is annoying and I am almost sure that at outdoor it will be rather difficult to view.

10. The colour of the LCD monitor is in general accurate, which is one of the pros of Pentax cameras (against what Canon and Sony's cams of which the displayed images are usually rather blueish which I hate). The resolution is fine but again at outdoor it doesn't matter anyway as it cannot be viewed clearly in the end! :-x

Okay, nevertheless, I think I still will not buy the K-01, as it is meaningless to add it in my Pentax lineup, in addition to my K-5, K-r and K-x! I might buy the DA40XS lens alone shortly, though, as this lens is funny and still not too expensive. It is also film / FF compatible as well!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New K-01 Review at PB


Full original real-world samples are available for download under this page. Btw, 3.5 marks out of 5 were given.

Cheaper Pentax Body Next Year, Mirrorless or Not

See what the Japanese Nikkei Financial News has reported, via Digicame Info via Mirrorless Rumors.

So, for what's important that we could learn are (direct copied from Google translate!):-

1. "The company has continued deficit in the digital camera business followed by a low-price competition";

2. "The company has to strengthen product competitiveness in the acquisition machine, to return to profitability as soon as possible.";

3. "Ricoh is "Pentax" brand of digital camera was acquired from HOYA to last fall, to introduce next year a new camera with interchangeable lenses of popular price.";

4. "low price spread of a broad customer base of 50,000 yen can be expected" for the new body;

5. "Thickening the selection in the market selling, find a new market such as Asia. Service was also considered in conjunction with the Internet and consumer electronics, such as customer acquisition also aim at a younger audience."

So, it now explains why there is an urgent need to increase the prices of the Pentax lenses as Ricoh has suffered big loss from the Pentax camera business. But then are their policies contradicting? Cheap bodies and expensive lenses? Or, everyone is doing the same right now? E.g., just see the latest ridiculous high prices of the model Canon lenses such as the 24-70/2.8L, 24 and 28/2.8 IS! >:-(

Nonetheless, last time it was reported, Hoya's IT division as a whole, including the previous not-yet-sold Pentax camera division, had growth in *profit*! Now after the takeover by Ricoh, the Pentax camera business runs again into a death pond of RED water again! Really too bad.. And, a low priced body only in the next year of 2013? Is it the long awaited K-r *DSLR* replacement? Or, it is just a plastic version finderless K-01L (where L stands for Low Cost, say)? Well..


Hoya's IT Division Attains Increased Profit

The Future of Pentax

Monday, April 09, 2012

Disassemble a K-5

A K-5 user at the Xitek forum suffered long from the mirror jumping disorder issue of his K-5 and one day he finally decided to fully disassemble his K-5 to see what had been going wrong!

(in Chinese)

Whilst I am uncertain that if he could really find the source of problem but what we can now see is the inside of the K-5, here are some selected pictures:-

The full set of all pictures can be viewed in the following:-