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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nikon 50/1.4D Vs Zeiss 50/1.4ZE Shootout on Canon 5D3

Test Conditions: f/1.4 to f/11 in one f-stop stepping; Manual focus to Infinity according to focus indication in-body, until the green dot is lit up permanently. Photos were taken at closest time as possible and for the same scene. The weather was good but it was a bit hazy, though. Camera was mounted on tripod and was fired using 2-sec self-timer. Of course, all image settings were kept the same. Besides, no protective filter was put on either lens for the test.

All the test pictures are uploaded and posted in the following album:-


Original full-size pictures are available for download per picture page. So, go measurebate yourself for what all the differences! As usual, you are encouraged to share your views for what you find!

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How Choice of Camera Brand Says About You

Read this somehow old article, that is interesting and funny!


"Pentax owners
You’re the sort of person who would buy a $1500 DSLR body so your stash of thread-mount, K-mount and M-mount lenses from decades ago (collectively worth $75.00 at a flea market or yard sale) won’t go to waste; either that, or you’ve never heard of a Spotmatic, Pentax LX or Takumar, you just think you look cool sporting a day-glo red camera that takes real pictures. You think people are laughing with you, not at you."

Wow, it is well said, I think! ;-D

More K-50 Full Samples (Unofficial)

Here, at the Digital Camera Review:-


Click on the images and download the full original images, which were produced directly out of the K-50 without any modification.

As before, I don't like the colour response by the way. All Prime M bodies, including the K-01, K-30 and now the K-50/500 do have a strong magenta cast like that, making images look unnatural and skin tones look especially awful, which is just awkward enough after all! >:-(

Besides, all the images were underexposed somehow and they look a bit dark, which is not normal for those kinds of subjects that are already with a mid-tone reflectance, IMHO.

N.B. The official sample images of the K-50 are NOT yet available at Pentax.jp.

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sony RX100 II Announced


Will you consider this instead of the new Ricoh GR or Pentax Q7, or even over the old Pentax MX-1? Undoubtedly, the RX100 II is far more versatile and it compromises well for its features set, performance, sensor size, camera size, image quality and then the price! Well, it does support an EVF and has a flipped monitor, too!

In fact, as a current Q user, I do not consider the Q7 anymore, which is not a real upgrade for me. The RX100 II seems to be a much better combo than the Q7 with a 02 zoom lens. And, last time I inspected the Q7 samples, the corner performance of the Q7 images with the original 01 prime lens is actually not that good.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Updated Q Lens Roadmap to Show Effective AoV with Different Sensors


01 to 07 lenses on Q/Q10 against Q7 are shown. The crop factors / multiplying factors of the 3 toy lenses are complicated, as they are all different on the Q7!

Pentax Q7 Brief Hands-on at PF


I think the only useful information that is provided is the following:-

"The Pentax 03, 04, and 05 lenses do not support the Q7's larger sensor.  These lenses will automatically be used in a crop mode on the Q7.  With adapted DSLR lenses, the crop factor has changed to 4.5x, down from 5.6x."

Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Set of K-5 Vs 6D Real-life Direct Comparisons

(in Simplified Chinese)

Two cameras were used at almost the same time to shoot almost the same thing. The Pentax lenses used were DA*16-50 and the FA77LE. Canon lens used was only the "cheap" EF24-105L kit zoom.

There are many sets of comparisons. As direct linking is not allowed by the Xitek server, please click on the small sample pictures in the above thread and open into a new tab/window one by one to compare them yourself! Simple EXIF data is provided underneath each picture.

So, after inspecting a few sets. My conclusion is easy, as the difference is obvious. The K-5 is helpless in IQ when it is compared to a Canon FF, even the Pentax glasses used are more expensive! That's also the simple conclusion that can be drawn from my own practical experience, too, which is for quite long now!

Yet Another Ricoh GR Review with Full Samples


The review is in Chinese, but it doesn't matter if you can't read. The pictures speak for themselves. And just download the full sample pictures and measurbate! Do note that the Original pictures can be accessed via the links marked as "Ori".

Btw, I've seen moires and false colours in samples. Your take to find out where they are! :-)

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Friday, June 21, 2013

New Metz Firmware to Support HSS on K-30 and K-5II/s

After more than one year, the solution finally comes! :-o


This is for the Mecablitz model 50 AF-1 for instance. New firmwares for other current major metz models are also available, which is the solution to enable the High Speed Sync when using their flashes on the K-30 or a later Pentax DSLR body.

Update (6-23): Taiwan Pentax K-5 users have reported that after upgrading to the latest version 4.0 of the Metz firmware, their flashes (model 58 AF-2) have started not to fire in both A and M modes! So, if you are a K-5 user, do note the issue and should not upgrade! This story once has reminded us one thing, i.e., if you do not *really need* an upgrade of any firmware, just do not do that, as the latest is not always better. For instance, it is just a matter of compatibility after all! :-o

New Ricoh GR Review at DPR

Let's jump to the Conclusion before looking back at each section for details! ;-)


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Friendly Reminder: Backup/Migrate Your Google Reader Subscription Data Now! (If Not Yet..)

The Google Reader will soon disappear and be out of service within two weeks. I have been lazy enough to do my own migration to Feedly just a few minutes ago!

As for how to migrate from Google Reader to Feedly, here is a tutorial:-


In short, just download the Feedly plugin for your browser from feedly.com, run it and you will see this starting page:-

Follow the rest of the instructions and your migration will be completed shortly. Actually, the whole process is quick, simple and painless! :-D

Last minute I've checked, I have about 1,000 RSS feed subscribers for my Blog and nearly 3/4 of them are still using Google Reader, see the following summary captured from my FeedBurner:-

So, if you are one of them, act fast, and do the backup now, before it is too late! :-)

Friday, June 14, 2013

First Looks of the Q7 and K-500 at EPhotoZine

Q7: http://www.ephotozine.com/article/pentax-q7-hands-on-preview-22178

K-500: http://www.ephotozine.com/article/pentax-k-500-dslr-hands-on-preview-22177

The K-500 preview reminds me of how Pentax could make "two" new camera"s" by just: One bundled with a lithium battery and then the other with an AA battery holder plus without the installation of the weather sealed rubbers at the factory, that's it! >:-o

Yet Another Rumour: More Pentax DSLRs to Come This Fall

Roland Mabo, the long-time Pentax Internet supporter, has recently posted this rumour at the PF:-


This is the key statement that told: "In fall 2010 Ricoh bought the camera division of Pentax, and with this came big resources for development of new products. Now we can see the first fruits of this. Two new DSLR's at the same time, and this fall there's more on the way."

But then I really don't feel excited even what is told will happen! It is because that "two new" cameras could mean nothing at all, as we have just seen with the K-50 and K-500, which is actually the same old K-30 but split and repackaged! >:-( Maybe Pentax Ricoh finally took my little advice about the coffin looks of their DSLRs and finally decided to repack them soonest as a result! Thank you, PR!! ;-D

Btw, do you really want a K-5III with only a different outlook but 99% same things inside?! :-o

Where are all those new Pentax K-mount lenses? Do they exist? They have all disappeared! Just check against their last lens roadmap which has not been updated for quite some time now and you will soon discover that the listed new lenses on the roadmap are simply paperware! The WR editions of the "new" DAL lenses are not really anything new, neither are the newly coloured DAL kit zooms and the Q 01 02 lenses. The only new lens in this recent product announcement is only the Q 07 body cap lens!!

Q7 Official Full Samples

8 nos.:http://www.pentax.jp/japan/products/q7/ex/index.html

Not too bad in general, but purple fringing is obvious and this issue is common.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

K-50 Samples

1. @ DPR (Full Size Available):-


2. @ Pop Photo (Full Size *Original*):-


Well, it seems that Popphoto and DPR went to the same press conference and shot the same targets.. Nevertheless, the Pop Photo samples indicate that the Firmware of the K-50 camera is in Version 1.0.

3. @ Pentax Japan (Small Size):-


Go inspect if you're interested. But my bet is that those samples will give you no excitement and surprise of any, as the same sensor and image processor have been used over and over again for long by Pentax. So, for most of us, we actually knew that what would happen! >:-(

More K-50 and Q7 Stuff at Pentax.jp

1. The colour simulator (with matching for a few lens models) for the K-50:-


Meanwhile, this is the classic desert military colour that I have made:-

Note that the DA"L" 18-135 WR lens should be a typo. From the photo of the lens, it should be the old DA 18-135 WR lens, just!

2. Next, there is also a Q7 colour simulator:-


Note that now the P-Q 01 prime lens has 20 colours, including the original silver one.

3. The Q7 can be bought as a set. This "special edition" set is made available at the Japanese home market only, for a total of 1,000 sets:-



Remark: EXIF shows that the above official picture was taken with a Canon TS-E 90mm/2.8 lens on a Canon DSLR!! :-o ;-p

So, one can get the Q7 with the 01 to 07 lenses altogether at one-go! A P-Q bag as shown in the above will be bundled as the gift.

4.The P-Q 07 "mount shield lens" is officially announced:-


K-50/K-500 and Q7 are Now Official

Read the news/press releases/preview over DPR:-




As DPR has commented, the suggested prices seem more reasonable this time (they called it "realistic"). In fact, the prices will soon come down after they are first marketed, which is July 5th as planned now. So, just wait if you're interested but not too eager to get any of those immediately. :-)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Q7 Specs and There is a K-500 Also (Not K-50)

Above: Q7 with a "new" 01 prime lens in black colour.

- 12.4 MP effective 1/1.7" CMOS sensor
- New "Q Engine" image processor
- 25 zone AF, improved sensitivity down to EV0
- ISO Sensitivity 100-12800
- Shutter speed 30 to 1/2000s mechanical, up to 1/8000s in combination with electronic shutter
- In-camera shake reduction (SR) up to 3 stops approxmately
- Full HD video recording at 30fps, sensitivity up to ISO 12800
- Time-lapsed video recording
- AF possible during video recording
- Continuous shooting at 5 frames per second
- 460,000 dot 3 inch monitor
- Dust Removal II
- Supports SD/HC/XC, Eye-Fi cards
- Dimensions: 102.0 x 58.0 x 33.5mm
- Weight:180g body only, 200g with battery and card
- Estimated price: Japanese Yens 40,000 body only, 50,000 with kit lens

Besides, it is also said that another entry level DSLR body K-500 would be announced soon, but this model is to be on sales at overseas outside Japan only, in the meantime. There is no additional information about this rumoured new body, though.

Via Japanese Digicame Info here and here.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Q7 Vs Q10 Sensor Size Compared (Animated Image)

With the leaked image from Digicame Info of the Q7 and the old Q10 image from Pentax Imaging, I have made this:-

How much "bigger" is the new sensor? Your take! :-)

Besides, after almost half a year, the Pentax Q-mount body cap lens will be marketed very soon! Well, they really needed another six months to make it come true since their last/first product announcement?! >:-o

Via Digicame Info.

This is actually what I built myself for my Pentax APS-C camera last year, for a true pinhole body cap lens without any glass (in contrast to this Q lens). Besides, the AF360FGZII still haven't seen any light to be marketed soon. So, where has it gone?!

What an efficient company that Pentax Ricoh has been!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Rumour: Pentax Q-7

See this latest rumour about the "upcoming" Pentax Q-7:-


The new Q-7 will be in Q-mount (of course) but will incorporate a larger 1/1.7" sensor, source of "leaked" information from the Japanese Digicame-info.com (Google-translated), which should be reliable enough for their past track records.

Btw, the Q-mount actually could accommodate a 1/1.7" sensor, yet with the possibility of the in-body SR, see my previous illustration below:-

Above: The Q-mount and possible sensor sizes; Original posted: http://ricehigh.blogspot.com/2011/06/how-large-sensor-that-pentax-could-put.html.

So, what will happen with the original Q lenses then? Well, suppose the image circle is large enough to cover, the 01 "standard prime" lens will become a 35mm standard wide (135 film wise) and the 02 "standard zoom" will become a 21-63mm lens, which I don't think the image circle is large enough for the wide side. Thus, that explains why we saw a new standard zoom patent from Pentax Ricoh before, with a 1/1.7" image circle, details here.


How Large a Sensor that Pentax Could Put Into the Q?

New Ricoh Flagship P&S, or Yet Another GXR Module?

Sensor Sizes Re-visited, including the Latest Rumoured Nikon and Fuji Mirrorlesses

Sunday, June 09, 2013

New Pentax P&S DC Efina and White Colour WG-III

For details, see the press releases at DPR here.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

New K-5IIs Supplement Review at IR

This is the supplement review by the IR for the K-5IIs:-


The previous original IR review of the K-5II can be found below:-


So, what are the differences, go figure out yourself!


The Much Belated DPR K-5II/s Review

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Pentax K-50 Leaked


How is the "new" camera different from the old K-30, except for now the more traditional appearance and a stereo built-in microphone (still no mic-in socket of any!)? Is it really so difficult for Ricoh to make a true new body? And, where is the compact DSLR body of Pentax? E.g., a K-x successor, which could compete with the Canon EOS 100D??

Btw, there is also a "new" kit lens to come. From the picture above, it reads "DAL 18-55mm WR". Bravo, Pentax Ricoh! ;-p

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The Pentax Coffins! >:-o

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Italian Navy Officer Uses Pentax Gear

Source: Navy.81.cn (in Simplified Chinese, Goggle-translated English page here.)

The body and lens combo seems to be a FA*24/2 on a K-5.

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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The Much Belated DPR K-5II/s Review


This review finally arrives after 10 months of the original product announcement for this "stop-gap" product! I am afraid that the body have already reached the end of its product life cycle actually! In fact, it has existed just for too long whilst the real gap has become larger and larger! >:-( So, mission failed!! :-o

Sunday, June 02, 2013

40mm FF Shootout 2: EF40/2.8 Vs FA43/1.9LE Vs FA645 45/2.8 on 5D3

Above Left to Right: Pentax FA 43/1.9 Limited, Pentax FA645 45/2.8, Canon EF 40/2.8 STM; Tested on a Canon 5D3 135 Full Frame Body. (Remark: Both my Pentax lenses were Japanese made.)

Further to my last shootout test of the same, I've done the test again on a bright day, but on a different scene. Apertures from f/2.8 to f/11 have been tested per lens, at nearly the same time and at the same place. Camera was mounted on tripod and cable shutter release was used. Of course, the image settings of the camera are the same. In addition, all the protective filters were removed during the test.

The test pictures are uploaded and posted in the following album:-


Original full-size pictures are available for download per picture page. So, go measurebate yourself for what are different! Still, I want your own findings, do share if you find some!

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Copy 120 Films Using an ILDC/DSLR with a Macro Lens

First inspired by Petapixel, this is what I have tried and done myself:-

1. These are the tools that I've used: A white fluorescent desklamp at 6000K, two 77mm UV multi-coated filters, a lens hood with outer diameter in 77mm, some "white" milky transparent paper:-

2. Turn on the lamp, mine is a Panasonic with invertor circuitry which enables the lamp operated at a high frequency:-

3. Put on the "diffuser", I have made three folds of the same plastic sheet:-

* Do the custom white balance at this point with your camera. Mine was measured to be at 4600K exactly, after adding the diffuser, which is yet somehow yellowish.

4. The 120 film is then put inside the two filters, which are in the same size of 77mm. The film fits just well with that filter size. The two filters are screwed tight and the film is sandwished inside (although it is not completely flat, though, but the final DoF should be enough to cover this unevenness):-

5. Align at the position and then put on the lens hood with proper length, so as to match the magnification of the whole film frame to fit in the digital image frame and size of the camera:-

6. Find a wide angle macro lens. I am using the Sony E30/3.5 Macro on a NEX. Experiment with the subject to camera distance. I found and added another lens hood so as to make it just right for the image magnification:-

7. Take the photo with steady hands. It is preferable that everything can be screwed together although my above setup doesn't. Adhesive tape may help but I did the following unfixed. Here is the raw result:-

(Above: Pentax 645N with FA645 45mm/2.8, Fuji Provia 100F. For original picture with full EXIF, click and download here. Warning: Large File!)

8. Crop the photo and here is a clean and "complete" scan of the film:-

(For original picture with full EXIF, click and download here. Warning: Large File!)

9. If you want to compare the result for a scan from a lab machine, here is what I got from the lab which scanned my film after the film development:-

(For original photo with full EXIF, click and download here. Warning: Very Large File!)

10. The above lab scan is in 17MPs originally and mine is less than 14MPs for what my NEX could deliver (as after cropping it is less). You may note some vignetting is introduced in my "scan" as my NEX is an old model which could not correct lens vignetting in-camera. But the advantage of scanning the film by oneself is that more things can be adjusted/controlled including the White Balance, Contrast and Colour Profile and etc., which is important IMO. Also, to get the best results, a higher pixel count camera with better image quality should be used and do shoot in RAW mode, which will give you the flexibility of further post-processing for higher image quality and better results.