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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bad News: The Pentax Muesum is to be Closed Down by July 31! :-|

My "simple" worry back to 2008 has come true! Hoya is to close down the Pentax museum!! :-(( Look at the latest report by the Japanese Impress DC Watch:-

(in Japanese, Google English Translation Here)

The 1000 Pentax cameras will be gone, and so as those collected lenses and accessories, exhibits, illustrations and photos. July 31 will mark a very sad day for Pentax. The museum was established by the Asahi Optical Company back to 1968 in which the full history of Pentax is contained, updated and most of the old and new Pentax items are collected.

I am rather disappointed with the decision of Hoya for their this move and I think many of the Pentax lovers are heart-broken. I think the decision makers are really rather short-sighted and they only know how to cut every Yen of cost that they can acheive to save in their accounts book.

Those Hoya guys have no real sentiments or love, of any kind and none, in the brand Pentax and they have never thought more about such a museum can also help them to promote the brand (and thus sales) or even to promote tourism for their country! (I once wanted to go there but owing to the shortage of time, I was not able to go finally as the musuem is not near the town and must be reached by bus which does not have a frequent schedule - last time I had checked)

Now, our Silent Tribute.. :-|

Some Production K-7 Sample Videos

Updated July 2 - More Clips Added and Technical Remarks Appended!

(Mic: External - Make/Model: AZDEN SMX-10, SR: On)

(Mic: Internal)

(Mic: Internal, Resolution: 1536 × 1024, Lens: Pentax-M 50mm F1.7)

(Mic: External - Make/Model: Audio-Technica AT9440, SR: On, Lens: Tamron 18-250mm)

(Taken at the Kyoto Station, Tokyo, Japan)

(Mic: Internal, Lens: DA 18-55 WR)

(Lens: Lensbaby 2.0)

(Lens: DA21)

I blog, you observe!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

First Retail K-7 Unboxing at Japan


Well, the first sample was taken at ISO 200 and I can only see visible noise in the grey background and the subjects are soft and resolution is low:

(Warning: Very Large Original File!)

The second ISO 100 sample don't look better neither, noise is still there and the subject is not sharp:


The third sample is of ISO 800, now the subject is sharper but noise is very obvious and colour noise are all there:


Do note that the DA 35 prime was used this time and it just proves that the new kit lens is just junk! Or, the AF is not accurate with the kit lens. Either of the above two possibility is no good indeed!

The last one is with the DA 35 at ISO 200, I do find it is nothing special indeed:


After viewing these, I am afraid that the production K-7s are just making NO difference against those "pre-production" ones, for what the previous mediocre samples that have been shown! And, maybe even the K20D produces sharper pictures with less noise! And, I hate colour noise! (anyone will like?) Too bad..

I shall update more when the user or other new K-7 users upload more samples. I always hope that I am wrong for what I have seen and these are not real. But objectivity tells me that these are all TRUE!

Update (6-28): More sample photos by the new Japanese K-7 users uploaded!

1. ISO 3200 K-7 Vs K20D:


2. More high ISO samples (800 - 3200):


3. Other samples:


I write no further comment this time. I blog, you judge!

Friday, June 26, 2009

PhotographyBLOG K-7 Review is Out (Soft JPEGs, Noisy RAW Converted Images)

The PhotographyBLOG (PB) have their latest K-7 review published. Look at their image quality review page (page 2 of the report) will quickly reveal that the JPEGs are soft with much loss of details and decreased resolution (even at ISO 100) whilst the RAW converted pics are sharper and well defined for the image but however they are all noisy to very noisy at all ISO speeds (ISO 100 has visible noise and IMO ISO 800 is already not acceptable, IMHO). See:-


It seems to me that the K-7 is particularly noisy for the Red channel, just look at Yvon Bourque's ISO comparison shots tested with his Red Jeep as the target previously:-


Furthermore, the PB comment in their Conclusion that "Exposures were generally 1/3rd EV stop under-exposed, perfect for retaining detail in the highlight areas without sacrificing the shadow areas too much, and colours were accurate using the default Bright setting." This is the same as what WDC said previously for the underexposure problem as well as my observation here as well. And, the "preserve highlights" look like a too old but classic excuse for those Pentax DSLRs to be behaving drastically for exposure and metering, which this Pentax specific persistent issue is just too annoying and would cause much degrade to the IQ indeed. (For further information on how "expose to the Left" is just not a good idea and the adverse effect on the IQ, read here.)

Besides, the SR test shows that the SR does work for the test at 82mm focal length at a shutter speed about 3-1/3 stops slower than the theoretical safely shutter speed (i.e., 1/80th sec), but however it is not perfect - see the crop.

Near the end of the report, the PB has made some remarks on their test unit is a pre-production one with production 1.0 firmware. But so what? It is just a simple disclaimer with the existence of a disclaimer in mind IMO. Should we really hope that the "production" K-7 will magically be vastly improved over the "pre-production" one with the same version of the firmware? I think it is just purely a wishful thinking with a too high unrealistic expectation (and actually last hope) by many people recently, very frankly!

Okay and lastly, you can always inspect the posted samples yourself as they are there and make your own judgement and conclusions:-


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bundle of New Full Size K-7 Sample Pics, Firmware 1.0

The photos are made by Fengwei (Frank) again, at ISO 800 to 3200, here are the direct links for download (Warning: very large files in full resolution!):-

ISO 800:








ISO 1600:











ISO 3200:



I guess the lens used is the FA 31 Limited. Pentax Photo Browser does not show the lens model as all the maker's notes that should be contained in the EXIF have been removed, including the lens id number. As such, these pictures are likely not directly out of the camera but just converted and massaged after shooting RAW (DNG). But then the mysterious thing is that in the EXIF it does not even show what software it is used but just K-7 Ver. 1.0 - no difference from in-camera Jpegs! My hats off, Frank, you're a Real Expert (on Software)! Anyway, with that limited fields of the EXIF set, I would say the pictures must have been edited, and at least on the EXIF data set, even they are directly out-of-the-camera (but very unlikely).

Nevertheless, the final results still look quite nice to me. I just wonder why it seems that only Frank has been able to produce more decent K-7 samples so far? Coz he is an Expert? (Ned Bunnell would also have been, but he intentionally "overexposed" the pics by much.) I guess Frank is just a guy who knows very well "how to use a camera" and has exceptional skills of sucking most image quality out of a camera and at the same time avoiding the pitfalls of it as far as possible! Well done, guy!!

Last but not least, a strange single banding line is found for the shots at ISO 3200 by someone with a very careful mind. See the illustrations below:-


Ned Bunnell has Uploaded the K-7 User Manual


Just download it (sign in required, but it's free) and read. You will get all the information regarding the operations of the K-7, with useful illustrations. This will be far more useful than any other operation descriptions in any review of all those review sites, especially when you're going to find the details and particulars.

I always just wonder why people just don't like to read operating manuals these days. They just like go to read the reviews online or even ask questions at forums which the manuals should have already had the best answers to their questions! Ironic?

Anyway, I hope that manual will be useful to you, no matter you are considering buying a K-7 or you have already pre-ordered. :-)

Kodak to Stop Production of the Kodachrome :-(

See relevant articles below:-




So, this marks an end to this beautiful and iconic classic slide film by Kodak. Btw, is Ektachrome (E6 process) still in production?

The big wheel of time for the digital era actually will eventually kill and rule out all the films. The Kodachrome is the first classic one, what will be the next?

Anyway, I am using "RDP III" (aka Fujichrome Provia 100F) by default these days ;-), see my previous examples of work here.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Welcome to the New Pentax Online Discussion Community!

It is a New Pentax Community for all Pentaxians with Freedoms, Equality and Harmonies!

Since I established a new Discussion Group on Pentax a few days ago, 50 new members have already joined and free discussions on various interesting topics have already started. My warmest welcome to all the new members and my big thanks!

All the ongoing latest discussions and posted messages can be found directly at:-

(You can Bookmark This Page, the Archive is Public and can be viewed by anyone.)

You're cordially invited to join our new community and discuss freely with due respect to one and each others with total equality! I do believe with our common interests in our hobby and the brand Pentax, much fruitful discussions can be achieved over there!

To be one of the earlier members of the new Group, Join Now! See you~

If you have a question to ask and intend to seek opinions, advice and assistance, I am sure members of the Group will help you in a truly friendly and much helpful way, and me 2!

Mr. Blurry Cameraphone's K-7 Test with Firmware 1.0

(Text in Simplified Chinese)

He writes that the weather was very good. EXIF are preserved.

Frankly, I would comment that the image quality is just so-so, despite that he has so many excellent Pentax glass to shoot with (see the two picture shots for the Pentax lenses he brought). The first portrait of the lady was shot at ISO 200, but I can still see some noise at the background, which is somehow obvious, even for a picture that has been downscaled to that size.

Centre-weighted metering was used for all shots, but then drastic exposure compensations were required which I do believe with my Canon gear much less such compensations are required for similar situations - at least not so frequently and even when it is required, the compensation values would be smaller.

Anyway, since it is told that the K-7 hardware, in particular the sensor, will be altered, I think all those trials, tests, first reviews made around the world will all have to be reset. So, let's wait and see when the *real* machine is really out and what will happen! :-(

Monday, June 22, 2009

K-7 Will Have an Altered Sensor

That's what the AP reports:-


And actually Ned Bunnell also writes that he has not yet received a production K-7 in his blog, lately:-


The image quality with the WR kit lens is quite impressive, but he did apply much +ve exposure compensation for all those shots made so as to bring out the good IQ/PQ, I have to mention. A discussion on the (serious) underexposure issue of the K-7 is going on here.

Yvon Bourque is also posting his latest ISO test samples taken under bright sun for his Jeep:-


What I have to say is that the noise levels are totally NOT acceptable - just inspect the ISO 400 and 800 crops of the test shots yourself.

If the first lot of production K-7 performs just like this in IQ, I'm afraid that I have to hold off my K-7 purchasing plan and cancel my pre-order. In fact, just that serious underexposure issue, if it is still being existent even in the K-7, is more than enough to piss me off! :-(

As the Japanese on sales date of the K-7 is on June 27, I expect not much significant improvement and difference could be found in the first production K-7, could there? Sensible educated guess will tell me NOT!

Plus when considering the K-7 kit lens is asking for HK$1500 and a new DA15 (which I was quite interested in) is for HK$6800, street prices (1 US$ = 7.8 HK$, fixed), the chance for me not buying any Pentax stuff anymore is actually possible now! :-((

Afterall, it is just a joke for an APS-C DA prime with F4 widest aperture can be sold more expensive than both a Canon FF EF 70-400/4L and a EF 17-40L, which are selling for at around HK$5,500 at HK streets. The Pentax new 18-55 kit is also doubled the price of the Canon 18-55 IS kit. Really much ridiculous..

Now EVEN IF the "altered" K-7 can be good by the body itself (but not that optimisstic owing to the minimal time left and what we have been able to see with beta K-7 units with production firmware), what lens can I invest further in the Pentax land? What? And at how much? Well, I do have the money, but it is just UNJUSTIFIED!! NOT!

Update (6-23): Falk Lumo (falconeye) learnt from Pentax Germany that the "alteration" to the sensor and production K-7 hardware would NOT affect much the final image quality and noise performance, expect when one measurebates. If this is true, this would be the biggest disappointment so far since the K-7 was announced! It is simply totally not acceptable that the IQ and noise performance of the K-7 is even worst than the K20D, which was designed at least 1.5 years earlier! In view of the current situation, I'm afraid it has been more and more likely for me to cancel my pre-order and forget about the K-7, or, also maybe the brand Pentax! ( I have totally lost my patience after these five years of waiting! :-( )

At the end, I just wish to ask: If the K-7 is only be able to have IQ/PQ like that and is yet so much noisy, what is the point of having so many additional features and "improvements" in the body? And still, the exposure accuracy seems much worrisome so far for what I have seen for various different tests and results.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Samsung NX is Around the Corner?

Some new Samsung NX photos are leaked at a Chinese site for three days now, see:-


One More:

Now, it looks as if that prototype can be powered on. If true, would it mean that the NX is already around the corner and will be announced or even marketed very soon?

As for we Pentaxians, our main concern is only that if the NX will accept K-mount lenses - even if an adaptor is required!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

K-7 Firmware Version 1.0 (Production Firmware) Arrives!

See Falk Lumo's latest article at his blog:-


And, he has uploaded some test shots in DNG format. Note that he mentions that his
beta testing K-7 unit is somewhat different in hardware than those production
K-7, although now his unit is programmed with the production firmware.

Noise is well controlled up to ISO 1600, exposure is good (multi-segment metering, no exposure compensation applied), white balance is good (Auto WB used). The white balance is not really very "whitest" but I like that it does reproduce the true feel of being under tungsten that the objects in the pics are not overly yellowly casted (just see the iPhone which is in snow white and we should know).

As for the ISO 3200 and 6400, they are there as standard or expanded options. But I would rather avoid to use them as far as possible for that high noise level and the obvious grains. The difference between the ISO 1600 and ISO 3200 is huge. Btw, does any Noise Reduction applied for any of these shots? I don't know, and I shall ask Falk..

Still, the lens used seems to produce not very sharp images. I think the focus is on the ball but yet I can still see some blurs when viewed 100%. Kit lens? (It does not look like Noise Reduction for that kind of blur.)

Edit (6-19): One more test with 1.0 firmware programmed into a beta K-7 by Frank (Fengwei) at Singapore here:-


The results look good but do note about that very adequate exposures were given for all the shots (so that the resulted pictures are all looking bright) and there is not much shadow and darker area in the test scene. All these just mean a more favourable environment and testing condition for the test, e.g., over Falk Lumo's one above (and below, read further).

If you have read the latest K-7 Vs K20D Noise Comparison Test by Falk Here, it can be easily noticed that shadow/dark area/underexposure is the true friend of noise. In fact, the noise as shown in Falk's test is that the K-7 isn't going to be better for the noise level and control for every ISO speed than the K20D, but the higher level of details achieved at higher ISOs by the K-7 would be.

Edit (6-20): One more review on K-7 with production firmware:-


And reactions by Pentaxians here, here and here. What I would say is that this review is not much useful, frankly.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

K-7 Full Size Samples for Download, Firmware Version 0.37

I think this firmware version should already be very close to production one as all photos have just been taken at Hong Kong within the last seven days:-


Well, what I can tell is that I am not totally impressed with the picture quality this time, especially the high ISO shots - noises are just too visible. The images are not sharp at all, especially at the corners where blurs are just so obvious, even for the outdoor shot for the blue building (at ISO 200). A (kit?) lens issue? And, the reproduced colours are somehow fake in some of the shots. A setting/"Custom Image" issue? The high ISO test shots of the cup are mostly out of focus (and with some little handshake too). Simply an user problem for the errors produced? But he is already an editor for testing gear and writing a product review!

In addition, there is a downsized video recorded at the camera's full resolution of 1536 x 1024 uploaded (at the Vimeo). Unfortunately, again, I would say the video quality and smoothness are both just so-so.

Rather disappointed.. :-( And, if the production K-7 will really just perform like that.. (!?)

Some Photos from the K-7 HK Product Launch Show


The D-BG4 can adapt also 4(?) x AA Lithiums (at 1.5V each) in addition to the 6 x AA rechargeables (NiMH, at 1.2V each)? As far as I can see from those official published specs so far , it is only told that NiMH rechargeables are supported. So, as seen from the above photo, it is really a good news! AA Lithium batteries have two main advantages over NiMH ones: 1. They are much lighter and weight can be saved nearly by half per cell, especially consider only 4 lithium AAs are required instead of 6 NiMHs, obviously it is just a big advantage! And, 2. Those AA Lithiums are much more cold-resistant, that would be a perfect match with the cold-resistant K-7 when the camera is really used under cold conditions.

The same poster has also posted some show girl photos taken with various different lenses and the K-7:-


See also the notes at the bottom of each photo:-

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Some Bits and Pieces News Digest (June 16)

1. First of all, here comes a new discussion at My New Pentax FREE Discussion Group about the recent price increases of Pentax lenses worldwide:-


There is one nice summary on the price increase percentages in Germany:-


What you you think? Will this affect the sales of Pentax bodies (in particular the new K-7) and Pentax's marketing (results) and the brand and the company? Don't feel hestitate to voice out and make your opinions there!

And, a poster has discovered that all the Pentax lens prices that were originally listed at the B&H webstore have been removed!(?)


So, what does this mean??

(Tips: To view all latest messages at my new Pentax board, just bookmark:-

2. Next, here is an annoyed potential Pentaxian who is pissed off for the fact that he has not been able to find any dealer in the States who actually carries the Pentax X70 that he wants to buy!(?)


And of course, the response he has received from Pentax is just ridiculous. I do feel for him.

3. Next, there is one more preview of the K-7, at Adorama:-


Some downsized sample photos without EXIF are posted, all with fisheye lens:-


4. Next, the K-7 appears in a large and popular local newspaper in Hong Kong:-


(Apple Daily Online: Text in Traditional Chinese)

Well, the headline of the article is a bit exaggerated IMO, "Pentax Model No. 7, All-Weather Killer!"

The Head of the Business Division of Hoya has also come to HK (Mr. 井植敏彰) to promote the K-7 and demonstration was made to the Press. See photos there.

Besides, some small size sample photos are also posted.

5. Last, latest announcement at Pentax Japan official website today tells that the K-7 will still be on sales in Japan home-market on June 27. So, the schedule is able to be met!


(in Japanese, find the "News" headlines and the top one)

Newly Added: 6. A 5 fps combined "Motion" Jpeg at ISO 1600 by the "latest" K7:-


Well, I can see much noise, although other things seem to be good enough.

Update (6-17): Here is an ISO 1600 *Jpeg* shot in the product show, for the same show girl:-

http://images5.fotop.net/albums3/ridleyliu/man173/IMGP9915.jpg (EXIF preserved)

Would the noise be better this time?

Enjoy Reading!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Development Stories of the K-7

It's official but interesting. Look!


Some key points as mentioned:-

1. The K-7 is the result of all the latest R&D efforts of Pentax and Genes.

2. The K-7 is designed to be operational under cold temperature of -10 deg. C. (Well, we all know..)

3. The interviewee is Mr. 濱村壽宏, the Designer of the Development Team of the Pentax Imaging Division of the Hoya Corporation.

4. One of the main target was to make a body to match well with the Limited lenses.

5. The K20D is just too large, we wanted to make back an *ist D sized camera.

6. To not make a curved camera body further, but a classical look one with more straight line.

7. A lot of CAD (Computer Aided Design) resources have been utilised during the development.

8. They spent quite some efforts to make the built-in flash far less protruding and can be raised higher.

9. In order to test the weight balance and feel of the new body, various mock-up units were produced.

10. They invited also novices to try and test the mock-ups! Just because novices have no prejudges! (Well, brilliant!)

11. They created the K-7 with the pride of the most famous and successful Pentax bodies in mind, like the LX and MZ-S. A new brand/product image is intended to be re-established with the K-7.

12. The minimization of the K-7 body is done to an extreme and it is achieved to be very small actually.

13. The lines/shape of the Pentaprism part of the K-7 is intentionally made in a way to preamp the Pentaxprism, which is 100% field of view.

14. The body fittness / ergonomics and comfortability of the K-7 was further fine tuned with various clay mock-up models and the gripped hand positions were recorded for reference.

15. So did the position, shape and size of buttons, dials and levels, which were all very carefully designed.

16. Dials are now covered with sturdy rubber so as to further improve comfortability and reliability for operation.

My translations may not be exact and please excuse for the poor translation and I hope you can get the meanings contained! :-)

Update (6-17): I've found a full translation (almost) by a Swedish poster who stays at Japan.
Here it is:-


I hope this would be more complete in sense for the whole story.

Update (9-24): The above Japanese page has been updated and is now split into three stories and subpages:-




Remarks: Note that the original story and link above should now be the first story ("index1"), although it automatically (wrongly) links to the third story ("index3"). And, the links of the original pictures linked above are now invalid and thus I have updated the picture links accordingly. The headline of my this blog entry is also updated, from "story" to "stories".

And, the OK1000 Pentax Blog (which is now getting almost semi-official) has got the official translations from Pentax (Imaging, USA?) and has published also the first two stories up till now:-



I expect the translation for the third article to come at the OK1000 very soon and you may wish to re-visit the site later on if you are interested.

Btw, I don't feel good for yet another used-to-be (long time ago) totally non-Pentax affiliated (as it is claimed) site going semi-official and now has very close relationship with Pentax (Imaging) again, which I think may not be a good thing (when most of the larger Pentax blogs are now semi-official). Indeed, when you read information from a website which has close to very close relationship with a commercial sector, I think you should note about that fact and think more about their stance, my humble opinion.

RiceHigh's Pentax FREE Discussion Group

I have created my Pentax Discussion Group at Yahoo!:-


It's a place for all Pentaxians..

You're Free to Post anything Pentax there!

You're Free to Discuss anything Pentax there! There is no restriction of any kind so that any discussion topic in any combination for Pentax gear (Lenses/Bodies/Flashes/Accessories and etc.) and about Pentax the brand are possible!

It is totally Free of Charge! Donation or any Dirty Money related things are NOT Welcomed!! :->

With all the above Three Freedoms, Personal Attacks and Uncivilised Behaviours are Strictly Prohibited, whilst Different Opinions are Always Welcomed!!

If You Buy My Ideas Above, JOIN NOW!

I hope this Place will be every Pentaxian's Paradise and the Best Ever Pentax Discussion Group for the Pentax Community! See YOU~

Tips: To list more messages on the screen, you can bookmark this page:-


If you prefer to group by topic instead of seeing individual messages, click once the "Group by Topic" link near the top and the page will remember your option automatically.

And, as for most other forums on the net, I have set that the Group public, i.e., anyone can read the messages in it. But if you want to post a new topic or to make a reply, you have to register and join.

First Production K-7 Field Test and Report (as Claimed)

Here is a report recently posted at the PC Home China website for a field test trial report with a *Production K-7*, as claimed:-

(Text in Simplified Chinese)

Whilst you can view the posted samples in smaller size (larger ones have been linked but not uploaded yet), you can also check the basic EXIF data as preserved by the Adobe Photoshop which produced the pictures. All the other original EXIF cannot be found as checked by the PhotoME.

As for other remarks from the author of that article, I translate and summarise the key points and his words as follows:-

1. The K-7 has no more dark blindness for its AF. Its AF is not lightning fast but it has now catched up in the competition of the industry.

2. Custom Image Mode used is "Bright". Default Noise Reduction for ISO is "Moderate".

3. Although the number of 77 segments for metering is still less than some other manufacturers, the exposure accuracy of the K-7 is yet at least better than the K20D too obviously. In practical uses, its performance is found to be good enough.

4. Noise control for different ISO is average, similar to those (APS-C) DSLRs of Nikon. ISO 800 useable. With ISO 1600 and higher, moderate to high level of NR is recommended.

5. There is not much practical meaning for the ISO 3200 and the expanded ISO 6400 with the K-7 (as it is just too noisy).

6. With limited lenses or other fast primes mounted, the image quality is very nice. The Shake Reduction under dim conditions is found to be effective.

7. He said once again that the AF under low light condition is better than the K20D so that he could now take the shot which meant to be missed with the K20D in the past, with picture shown.

8. The colour rendition is pleasing and accuracy is good.

9. Noise under dark regions are visible at ISO 800, but acceptable.

10. The CTE whilte balance is demonstrated in a shot for the night street scene. Auto WB is compared. The CTE obviously produces better results and the AWB is a mess-up for that complicated lighting environment with different artifical light sources.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hypocrites of the PentaxForums and Their Lies

Further to my last post on why I have to leave the PentaxForums and will not post overthere anymore, I copied and pasted the whole post at the PentaxForums to say fairwell to my buddies and true friends overthere for the last time as I had remarked.

Here is my last farewell post at the PentaxForums. In fact, I expect that would possibly be deleted very shortly. But up till now it was just closed by that Marc Langille whom is just a Radical Hypocrite and Lier but nothing else. (The details will be told below.)

I take the opportunity here to thank for all the buddies who have replied and aired out for me for the unfair treatment and persecution that I have been receiving for long. Since possibly that thread might be deleted in the end at the PentaxForums (as those Mods have done that for many times before in a very rude way for all those 100% Pentax gear related threads and posts before), I copy and paste the replies here and my special thanks to *all* folks below, who have expressed their kindness to me as well as support and encouragement:-


zntgrg, "You could really open your own forum (not joking)"

xhanatos, "as zntgrg mentioned, consider starting your own forum."

davebris33, "this forum is run by the self important


I agree with ricehigh and his supporters wholeheartedly. I only lurk nowadays and don't join in with the 'forum' as the 'forum' seems to be a vehicle for a few individuals who take themselves far too seriously and make a mockery of the whole idea of a forum, which is a place to discuss upon shared values and interests.

I have noticed increased antipathy towards anyone who says anything good about other brands, any constructive criticism against Pentax...Oh the list goes on!....What the forum does well is really good...The invaluable lens reviews, camera reviews , market place etc ..What good work from such few people, but this rabid fanboyism, FF carping and self importance of a few moribund and self important 'moderators' drives me mad...Which is why i generally don't join in anymore.

If people want to shoot me down, save your breath and your fingertips, I won't get dragged into anything, it's beneath my and any semi sane and literate persons' consideration.

Stop flaming people, stop being up your own a***s and go and take some photographs, instead of worrying about what great photographs you might be able to take if only you had blah blah waffle blah waffle.....


ll_coffee_lP, "I appreciate RH's contribution as well. Whether his opinion is well received or not is irrelevant to me as it's just his opinion (the same as it's just people's opinions who complain about him). I find RH's information interesting - and anything I do read I follow up more on so that I can have a balanced opinion that I am comfortable with.

Good luck RH!


jfsavage, "I check your blog each day and will continue to do so. I appreciate your contribution to the Pentax world, even though it will not be as part of this forum."

AlbertSiegel, "Too bad... I enjoy reading what you have to say. You were the only one who provided us with real news on the K7 in my opinion. Sorry to see you go. Wish you continued success with your blog."

er1kksen, "I find this a bit unfortunate, as your blog often does have useful (or at least interesting) information and it's certainly no skin off my nose, or anyone else's, to simply visit a website... if the host gets a little revenue from the visit, like them or not, who cares?

I just feel that, if RH was linking to completely irrelevant links to generate traffic, or making outrageous claims in posts and then linking to a somewhat more mundane reality written up on his blog like some tabloid... well then that would be shameless self promotion and a negative thing. But I haven't seen that since I've become a member. Like him or not, I don't really see what the big deal is here."

and, "Well, maybe some of the anti-RH fightclub members are now also going to stop posting since they loose their prey. what will they do now that they cannot hijack threads and turn them into personal attack frenzies. Maybe they will first celebrate "we have woooon!"and then when the party is over they will start to think "..what do we do now...". Heres hoping they wont single out another victim to harass until they leave"

Mystic, "well it was a little too dramatic, but i understand..

i had similar situations, when leaving a girlfriend.. wanted to say all in one letter, so i kept on writing and writing..
but, I liked RH criticism and liked his news, he could find interesting stuff, so i'm bookmarking his blog, and will follow his blog. although i most certainly will not comment there..

good luck RH."

Cambo, "This place is DEFINITELY getting nastier...

Originally Posted by NaClH2O View Post
All I can say RH is bye.

NaCl(and don't let the door hit your a$$ on the way out)H2O
See? Is there any need for that? How about we slam it in YOUR face, buddy.

This place is getting as nasty and 'cliquey' as the PDML now is, which is why many good people and knowledgeabe photographers left that place in droves as well. I was on there staring in about 1997 or so. Not any more. Some of the most 'famous' Pentaxians on the net used to hang out there...not any more. This place is going down the same road, I fear.

Originally Posted by davebris33 View Post

I agree with ricehigh and his supporters wholeheartedly. I only lurk nowadays and don't join in with the 'forum' as the 'forum' seems to be a vehicle for a few individuals who take themselves far too seriously and make a mockery of the whole idea of a forum, which is a place to discuss upon shared values and interests.

I have noticed increased antipathy towards anyone who says anything good about other brands, any constructive criticism against Pentax...Oh the list goes on!....What the forum does well is really good...The invaluable lens reviews, camera reviews , market place etc ..What good work from such few people, but this rabid fanboyism, FF carping and self importance of a few moribund and self important 'moderators' drives me mad...Which is why i generally don't join in anymore.

If people want to shoot me down, save your breath and your fingertips, I won't get dragged into anything, it's beneath my and any semi sane and literate persons' consideration.

Stop flaming people, stop being up your own a***s and go and take some photographs, instead of worrying about what great photographs you might be able to take if only you had blah blah waffle blah waffle.....

I feel this way as well. I've reported a BUNCH of nasty stuff towards other people and was basically told to go away. Some of the moderators are EXTREMELY biased, and some biased against Rice High for some strange reason. He has been beat up so bad around here it's disgraceful, and in full view of the very people who should be lambasting these ***holes. He deserves an apology, IMHO.

I have very much appreciated the time and trouble he has spent doing his best to keep us informed. What positive contributions has NACL above made recently, except to be nasty, rude, and arrogant and get away with it?

The moderators are gradually losing control of this place. Some of them are not putting out spot fires so they are turning into full-on raging flame wars, and then they give nasty warnings to the people reporting it. At least, that has been my experience.

Originally Posted by jfsavage View Post
I check your blog each day and will continue to do so. I appreciate your contribution to the Pentax world, even though it will not be as part of this forum.
Likewise, Rice High, a lot of the sensible people around here very much appreciate your posts, and all the research time you have spent on this stuff, and it really is too bad this place is being hijacked by a bunch of total jerks, most of whom don't even post a single photograph.

Will be checking into your blog regularly. Best wishes.


Now, the thread has yet been closed again, but that hypocrite and radicalist Marc Langille is still lying in his last reply before his closed the thread. I have some responses here to unveil his mask and his lies:-

Quoted, "Most of you know I rarely weigh in or wade in, so here goes... in the interest of disclosure..."

No problem, I shall disclose more as your "disclosure" contain all lies!
  1. "Adam has directly asked RH to stop posting in this way - more than once."
This is my last conversation with Adam and he didn't reply that since then:-

Re: URL Linkings at the PentaxForums

Originally Posted by RiceHigh
I have been trying not to bother you for times when your mods Joele and Chris do injustice and unfair things or even personal attacks repeatedly to me. But this time, I feel obliged to clarify if this is just your will to do so:-


If it is, I will follow your will - just because the Forums is set up and hosted by you. If not, why only me cannot link to my pages?

If some pages must not be linked at the PentaxForums, the simple thing is to set up a blocked URL list, like what DPR has been doing, I'm afraid. (Of course, I am not "teaching" you how to run your own forum, but it looks simple and straight forward to me for the case if such an intention really exists - but it looks no good of course if the bad things of DPR are carried forward here)

Thanks for reading and listening and I would be much grateful if I can hear a feedback from you on what you think and want me to do.
Hi Rice,

I'm currently on a cruise in Greenland, with a photo group, enjoying the beautiful scenery and getting some goereous iceberg photos.

The only internet here is the ship's sattelite link, which is slow, and is pretty much only allowing me to send PMs- hence, I can't check the thread.

However, I understand that Buddha and Joele know that unless posts have content associated with a link, they shouldn't be allowed. Now that's only a rule of thumb- I wish I could check out your thread and tell you what I think, but I can't at this time. PM me again on or after August 10th, when I'm back home, and I'll check up on the issue. Thanks, and sorry for the trouble!
Adam - Site Webmaster"

Everyone can note the comment of "Rule of Thumb" in his reply.
  1. "Those requests also include my communication (PM) to him before the warning was issued. He was online after my post in his thread letting him know that the issue was being discussed."
What "communications"? I have just figured out that you deleted thread for all the discussions contained in them without any notice (as you can do with your "power") for the Pentax History thread. I don't even know that not until just a few hours ago when I read back my profile. But since Adam has undeleted your deleted thread, it seems he does not agree completely with his dirty and rude action with poor intention, or he just had some considerations of other things.

The above Pentax History thread contains various interesting supplement information by others indeed about the name of Pentax and its history. Other forum members added other things like the origin of SMC and how the Asahi Optical Co. bought the patent as well. It *should* have been a nice summary and fruitful discussion in return and I did intend to point the thread back by updating my blog article as a nice roundup and supplement. But that Marc Offenser just so rude to delete the thread one-off. This is actually very irrespectful to all the posters and totally arrogant. Really very very bad!

So, he needed and had to delete the thread because of one thing? That is, it is a thread that started by me?? What wrong with my that opening post and the thread and all the discussions in it??? I am totally pissed off!!

As for the Unboxing thread, you closed and locked the thread almost at the same time you sent me your PM, what's the big deal and your intention to "communciate" as such??

For all man's reference, here is the "moderation summary" on my posts and threads as captured in my PentaxForums profile:-

Latest moderator actions on your posts/threads

Date Thread/Post - Forum Moderator Action
1 06-13-2009 11:27 PM I am Leaving the PentaxForums! Goodbye, Folks!!
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors
Peter Zack Closed Thread
$1200 at Japan Edited" alt="20"> 06-13-2009 06:32 AM K-7 price according to American Photo
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors
Peter Zack Post $1200 at Japan Edited
1 06-13-2009 04:17 AM Breaking News: K-7 On Sales in Hong Kong!!!
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors
Peter Zack Closed Thread
16 06-13-2009 04:16 AM "Pentax" Was "Contax"!
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors
Adam Thread Undeleted
6 06-13-2009 04:16 AM "Pentax" Was "Contax"!
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors
Adam Thread edited. (visible: 0; open: 0; sticky: 0)
14 06-13-2009 03:03 AM "Pentax" Was "Contax"!
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors
Marc Langille Thread Soft Deleted
First K-7 Hands On Report!! by RiceHigh Soft Deleted" alt="17"> 05-19-2009 11:37 AM Hands on with Pentax K7
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors
Damn Brit Post First K-7 Hands On Report!! by RiceHigh Soft Deleted
Reason: Surplus due to duplication of threads.

2. "My PM to Michael/RH clearly requested that he copy and paste the contents of the link into the message body, nothing more."

So what? Your request is not reasonable and there is NO Justice NOR FAIRNESS of any kind, as you hypocrites always do. You can make any request as you like and whether I should follow is my rights!

3. "It's never been an issue with the information - it's the format presented. Again, this has been discussed before (not just once) with Michael, but multiple times."

What "multiple times"? Has Adam replied back ever since my last "interim reply" received from him. He said, "that's only a rule of thumb"! You Lier and geniue Hyocrite, our Holy Marc!

There is another chain of conversation between mine and Adam, in which both our stances are clearly contained. Whilst I ask for fairness, openness and transparency, Adam actually still insists on my self-censorship of the "negative commentary" which he did indeed "feel annoyed himself"!

Re: Post Deleted.

Originally Posted by RiceHigh
I wish to report Peter Zack abuses his moderator's power to delete my post which might contain viewpoints which he disagrees with and do not want to see. (I would be of no surprise as he was one of the overreacting forum pals who liked to personally attack me from time to time when he was just an ordinary member).

For that thread and deleted post, I replied exactly point by point for what the OP asked, e.g., Pentax's AF is not fast especially when the OP owned a D300 b4 and K-m's AF is proven to be faster than the K20D (with evidence), what's wrong with that? Why delete my post with an iron hand?

With someone like Peter Zack who can "moderate" the PentaxForum in this way, I am afraid that the PentaxForums will just be yet another "Pentax Praising" forum with white horrors which is indifferent from the DPR's! Sad. Really sad..

Originally Posted by Peter Zack
Rice High, We have been moderating negative comments against all brands that are not posted in a constructive manner. As a result your post on the following thread 2 questions on the K20D-about to purchase has been deleted.

Peter Zack
Modeation team
Hi Rice,

I've now un-deleted your post as there was no technical justification for deletion.

However, personally, I'd like to ask you to cut out the negative commentary in the future. You're doing it all the time, and it's starting to annoy myself as well as many of the forum members. I hope you understand!

And, the further conversation on the same incident:-

Re: Post Deleted.

Originally Posted by RiceHigh
Okay, Adam. I guess I get what you meant. Noted with thanks.

On the other hand, I hope that your moderators should give more fairness to me in the future and they should not penalise me in any way, especially considering that they are the "moderators" whom is supposed to do their moderation jobs in a fair and open/transparent way.

Originally Posted by Adam
Hi Michael,

Frankly, I'm not going to go through your entire argument as it misses the point of what I'm asking. I'm also not filtering your replies- if I were doing that, I'd have decided to leave your posts in a deleted state, and probably also ban you from the site- but I did not, and will not, do that.

All I'm asking is to consider changing the nature of the things you post here. A majority of forum users views your posts as generally negative; in the long run such posts are not helpful and typically unwanted.

Therefore, while it's fine you post something controvresial that not everyone is in agreement with, just don't do it all the time. And if you do post things like that, make sure they have a positive or helpful purpose!

I have a slim doubt that the negitivity in your posts is an illusion, and that they "just don't come out right" when read by others. If this is the case, think about why people are reacting that way, and try to adapt to it.


Originally Posted by RiceHigh
Originally Posted by Adam
Hi Rice,

I've now un-deleted your post as there was no technical justification for deletion.

However, personally, I'd like to ask you to cut out the negative commentary in the future. You're doing it all the time, and it's starting to annoy myself as well as many of the forum members. I hope you understand!
Adam, thanks for your "undeletion" and your kind reply.

However, I think I have to let you know my disagreement on your stance about my "negative commentary".

I just don't understand why in an *open* forum, you would get annoyed for any speech which does not actually violate any forum rules for *open* and *free* discussions. Especially, considering that I just *answered* questions asked by others. Since they asked, I answered to their questions 100% on-topic, what is that "negative" thing that "I am doing it all the time"? Should you actually say you're got annoyed because of those members' opening questions?

In this case, do note that it was the OP who asked, "I do some photography of sports, mostly snow skiing and want input as to just how slow the AF is compared to other cameras." I just give my inputs to him as per his request. The hard fact is the D300 he owned was way faster than the K20D which he is asking about, especially for the AF speed difference.

If i need to be inhonest when I reply (or I am forced to do so), I think it is totally meaningless for me to participate here anymore. Afterall, I provide the OP answers with *facts* and let him decide. (whether you or others are annoyed because of my "negativity" would be another issue, which simply is not my concern here - I just only want to help the OP).

Furthermore, I would like to let you know how others on the net are now thinking about the PentaxForums just because if it is too biased than good, here is an recent comment given by a reader of mine at my blog:-


In fact, I have *never* given any negative comment about the PentaxForums but only positive ones at my blog so far (and I do link to the useful posts at the PentaxForums too sometimes). So, if my readers think like that, I think it is just something you, as the site owner of the PentaxForums, should think deeply and more about it, frankly.

I do appreciate your efforts in building and improving the PentaxForums from time to time. However, I would say your stance and intention to filter the speech in your forum do no good to your place instead. Adam, I do regard you as a friend of mine, otherwise I won't talk that so much to you.

Okay, hope you really think about the problems and potential impacts. Again, I hope you don't mind about my "negativity" in my this reply. See you.

Best Regards,
Thanks for understanding.

People do, all will be seen by God and other people will judge! I have no secret of any to be kept in all these cases which really show again and again much about the evils of the human nature afterall!

In the end, those PentaxForums many of those "Moderators" are just "Attackers" afterall, they dared not to let threads all about Pentax and gear went on, no matter the threads are positive, neutral or what so-called "negative". As long as those threads were and are opened by me and I posted there with some of my links (or even not, e.g., for Peter Zack's previous deletion of my post (See Above: I only say about K20D AF is not as fast as Nikon for the SDM, then he deleted my post! What?), they have to "eliminate" me with immediate action!

When they dared to do the evils (in this case persecutions with iron hands), why tried to pretend to be looking good in front of people? There is only one word to describe such people, it is, Hypocrites!

I have been trying to discuss peacefully and respectfully with Adam (and so did he in his replies - civil, polite and respectful). But however, his allowance and total permission to let his Mods (or customers anyway) to penalise and step on me and his stance to persecute me is very clear. My tolerance does have limit and I would rather go myself! But of course, I should let the world know how bad they are. Next time when you want to do a "donation" to "support" people like those, please re-consider and think twice! Or, in the other way, if you want to have the superior power over these places, you can try to "support" and donate more!!

As for the Pentax community, the saddest thing is that there is NOT any single English Pentax forum that is not running non-commercially or not money related, in addition that there are already rare on the net, the declincing DPR one and the rising PentaxForums are the only two with larger member base and more frequent visits.

I know that people need to earn a living or "to recover the server and admin/time costs". But the outcome and hard facts are just Money and Interests Do Cause Evils. Or, it should be: People Do Evils When Money and Interests are Taken into Accounts! When those stupid blind brand loyalty and fanboyism are added, the situation becomes very worst, which is actually indifferent from the Hell!

As for me, actually anyone who has followed My Blog long enough can see, I have NEVER deleted even one comment made by anyone at this blog (except those general internet spamming Ads by automatic robots) - even for those with severe personal attacks (but I know that they are *Pentax* fanboys). When I could do things so openly and with an open-mindness and free of speech in mind all the time, why all those super conscious forum owners could not?

At the end of the days, ONLY one word can give answer to my this question: Money (and all those different kinds of personal interests involved), which is the only difference!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Evil Side of Human Nature - I've Decided to Leave the PentaxForums

As you can see, last night I discovered an unboxing post of the K-7 on the internet at a Chinese forum and was really excited. I quickly wrote a short blog article with the unboxing photos linked and left some quick remarks.

Actually, I was rather busy yesterday with all kinds of my work engagements, meetings and some personal matters that needed to be completed after work. I was only be able to get back home and access the Internet rather late at late evening. After I had published my blog post, I once just wanted to go to take a bath and then go to bed for sleep as I was really tired. But when I just thought of, for instance, I could also let the folks and readers at the PentaxForums knew about that breaking news (which I thought was an excitement if it was really true). I made a simple post there quickly, with a sole intention to let the guys over there knew also with all good wills of mine.

But then some particular Pentax blind brand radicalists and fanboys jumped on me very quickly (although there are also some other sensible persons got annoyed for what their behavour - for being went off-topic and trying to hi-jack the thread by starting arguments and creating personal flame war).

Shortly, two "site supporters" who are also the "moderators" appeared and then my thread were even locked afterwards and I received a "warning" from that Peter Zack, who is well known to be a stupid fanboy but nothing else. So, why need to lock my thread, what's wrong with that? I posted about the K-7 and news and discuss solely and 100% about the camera and delivery of the camera (read back the whole thread if you want to verify), I just paste the "warning" here for all of you to take a reference:-

You have received a warning at PentaxForums.com

Dear RiceHigh,

You have received a warning at PentaxForums.com.

Blog posting warning only this time

As per Rule II. Posting
There is no limit on the number of posts made by each user, but topics must always be created in the correct corresponding forum category. Flooding, spamming, and advertising are not tolerated. Although users may occasionally post links to useful resources and personal galleries, any other sites may not be promoted. All posts are also to be written in a mature fashion with correct spelling and grammar.

Member is warned that Blog post promotions will not be tolerated any longer. Warning only. Points issued next time.

Original Post:
Originally Posted by ogl View Post
You should get your K-7 on Saturday...
Hopefully, provided that my dealer has the goods and I'm first enough in the queue!

Btw, I shall ask my dealer to confirm CDAF is available under the video mode before I act! The K-7 shouldn't lack this basic feature and be worse than the 500D, should it? :-)
Warnings serve as a reminder to you of the forum's rules, which you are expected to understand and follow.

All the best,

What's the ground and rationale to "warn" me for my that post made???? You read the post content and click on the link to verify yourself! People do (evils), God seen and other People know! (A modern Chinese idiom!)

I KNOW well ITS THEIR SITE, THEY CAN DO WHAT THEY LIKE! But this is of no justice but just evils!!

Do you think that I need to be afraid of such a silly and stupid threatening "warning"? There is no big deal to me at all for me not posting at the PentaxForums nor I care much. They can simply ban me altogether and I really don't care! That's just their own loss for not having me there to *contribute*, although I have never given any money (which is beautifully wrapped by the word "donation" or "support"). But I do believe my contributions and time spent did worth even more than money for their success on the Internet. Yes, they are really success now, but I do help them much really and I am the one (of many) that contributes to their success in another way (but now Adam has forgotten!). Btw, as of the time I write this blog article, here is the Alexa internet popularity traffic rankings of the various Pentax related sites including the PentaxForums and My Blog:-

PentaxForums: 51,894
My Blog: 285,113

And other Pentax related sites for your quick reference (links are to the Alexa ranking pages for respective sites):-

Dpreview: 1,516 (Whole site counted, not only Pentax stuff)
1001NoisyCameras.com: 78,274 (Not soley for Pentax stuff - but you can get almost all, though)
Pentax Imaging.com: 116,576
PentaxDSLRs Blog: 783,474
Ned Bunnell's Blog: 932, 757
OK1000 Pentax Blog: 1,138,224

Actually, the PentaxForums is now a large and successful site. But as a forum, the nature is different from a blog or a review site. A forum is supposed to have more posts and traffic volume should be higher just because discussions are frequent by its basic nature.

Back to the topic, what I need to promote my site? Which I am being accused of. My site is also promoting much the PentaxForum because I have linked too often to their site! So? So, what is their ground actually? Is it substantiated?? What's the benefit for me if my site is promoted? What is the loss to me if I do not make post at the PentaxForums??

Previously, they accused me of being "negative all the times". So, they simply judged and JUGDE BY OPINIONS! NOW, I indeed promote the K-7 *hard*. What's wrong for promoting the K-7 and K-7 news, then???

As for the accuse of direct linkings to my blog posts, I just wish to let those narrow-minded persons as well as those persons who want to protect their money and relevant revenue interests of running an internet site and doing it just like a *business*, I have just checked that all people around the world ALSO have ALL made posts linked directly to my that "unboxing post", 100%, solely - that's how the internet works! Here is the captured summary from my statcounter:-


7No referring link











You can click and check them all if there is any one of the posts "copied and pasted" my post's contents without "promoting" my site?? How about if my blog post is updated? Do I need to update also my post made a forum and not even to mention to edit the post for *another* time. Utter silly afterall!

Well, also there is actually no traffic from the PentaxForums, so this is not an excuse for accusing me of being guilty - they just want to do me an unfavour! Period.

In fact, Ned Bunnell do the same, mostly at the DPR forums, i.e., made posts contained links to his blog, but then no one ever accuse him of anything "violation of forum rules". Never. Just because he's a Pentax company CEO and President? Then, our faith on the Internet should be different?? And we should then be treated totally opposite for my freedom of speech??


Besides, do you know how to become a moderator at the PentaxForums, my observation is simply that on and off some keen site supporters will become "moderators" in turns, no matter how radical they are and how many times they could attack people before!? Well, those behaviours are allowed, often? ONLY that their practical "support" to the site are "adequate"? I wanted to air this out for long, but I do have been tolerating!

I promote PentaxForums from time to time, very frequently, since they started their site and since I started my this blog - I always linked to the PentaxForums directly - that's what the internet works! To check, you can just do a search at my blog for the keyword "PentaxForums", then you will see how many results are returned!

In addition, does PentaxForums really a non-profit site? Nope, I am afraid NOT! "Donations" and "Site Suppport" are common there. The hard fact is many of those site supporters are becoming "moderators" from time to time, on and off.

In early 2007, I was told by the site owner that the low traffic still made them self-substantiated financially. Now, with the highly increased traffic and large member base, I believe they now *earn* much and that would be just a lot than what that can do for a living for running their site and forums and doing this very profitable business!

Me, in contrast, maintain and write on the Net just for insisting my belief and faithful to my hobby and myself, solely and only. Nothing more, nothing less. Non, there is anything money related for my part, of any kind, in any mean for what I do. So that I can dare to say loudly to the world and in front of all people. And is there any dirtly money and business related for my blog writing? NO, No and No!!! In contrast, I only always contribute my valuable time and spent my efforts, for free - just contribute and NEVER ask for any reward and return! I am just ASKING FOR A BETTER PENTAX CAMERA!! And of course no beg for "donations". Have you ever seen that at my blog and sites? If you can find it, I give you the "donation"! ;-D

I am really annoyed, upset and felt rather unhappy or even depressed for the poor and evil side of the human nature I can see this time (and once again!), particularly the way they need to persecute and pre-empt "different" (opined) people and especially more on the hypocrite(s) who always pretend to be good and opened from time to time. But in fact, they are just so being afraid of their own money interests are affected.

They just use some of the seemed to be fair and open "rules" to execute different people whom they don't like them and whenever they think that their benefits are possibly hurt (or it would be better that just opinions are different) so that they need to suppress those different voices.

I am leaving the PentaxForums myself from now on. Actually, I can loudly tell to the world that I have contributed much to their current success. I spent too many times to post news and share my knowledge as well as to help many others over there unconditionally but just only naively hoped that they could treat me fairly without personal biases. Indeed, I have been treating Adam, the founder and site owner of the PentaxForums as a good internet friend of mine but he let me down too much and disappointed for times already and have been silently permitting/agreeing or maybe even instructing his guys (or could be "customers" anyway) to do the dirty "holy" jobs for him and he has even not dared to drop me a message! He seems to be invisible and well hidden in recent times than before! I really feel hurt to be betrayed by a person who I once treated him as a *friend* of mine!

To Adam (and others with the same thinking - true in heart or not, i.e., just a beautiful excuse): You have no more chance to put a bad name on me in accusing me that I am promoting my blog at the PentaxForums! I SHALL NOT and WILL NOT post over there anymore! (EXCEPT for MY LAST POST to say goodbye to some of those kind forum pals over these, which are all my true friends - Well, this time I shall follow your views of "copy and paste and/or re-type/re-edit - You Adam gang can delete it afterwards and I guess they WILL!) I believe all those particular fanboys will ever be happy - the *only* problem solved! So, what's the "only" problem? That is ME, RiceHigh, some fanboys have hated me to death particularly, no matter what I post and say! This hatred is the only source of all "problems" - BUT then actually there would have been not a problem if they really do their moderation job fairly with open speeches without inhuman and uncivilised things allowed to be happened in mind (but they have failed, very and rather unfortunately).

But I am sure that without my contributions, the PentaxForums will be somehow less informative, although might be neglectible for just one person, but with many cases repeatedly happened, it would be different - the same as for what happened at the DPR Forums when many of the knowledgeables have gone themselves or simply got banned.

Nonetheless, if there is something really good or useful posted at the PentaxForums, I shall still "promote" their site by including links in my blog articles. I don't mind I do the thing that you don't allow me to do at your site, Adam and you guys!

To help them for one more thing, which is very important (to them), I think: I encourage any Pentaxian who is a member there to donate and support in a huger amount and see if you could get all those privileges and extra rewards for what you'd paid! :-D

Afterall, everything sounds rather silly, but the reality and the World is just like this. Only one thing explains all these: The Evil(s) of Human and Human Nature does have its very Dark Side(s)! But the evils are always there!

Finally, if you want to read what I write and post, just come to my Blog from now on. There is simply no good place for a Pentax forum for me to participate on the Internet. It is indeed quite beneficial to me as I can just save some more of my valuable time, honestly! In fact, I have posted not so frequently as before at the PentaxForums already for quite a while as I have already found the place is really too pleasant occasionally as well as I am just too busy in my life.

And, if you have some technical questions to ask or just want my comments or advice, simply dropped me an email and I shall try to answer back as soon as possible, when I have the time. In fact, I think I have never missed a reply for those who truly asked me something, shared something with me, or needed my help, although there might be some delays when I finally replied. Of course, I shall still ignore all those hate mails - don't waste your own time if you are trying to do so and make spamming.