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Friday, December 31, 2010

Two Million Visits to My Blog

To celebrate the New Year 2011, my Statcounter has recorded the 2-million pageviews milestone in the morning of this New Year Eve, which is surely a nice new year gift for me! ;-)

Let's see what will happen for Pentax and for me in 2011~ Stay tuned!


4th Anniversary of My Blog

(Alexa) Traffic Ranking of Pentax-Theme Websites

Site Traffic of My Blog Matches 30% of that of the Dpreview on Pentax Contents

RiceHigh's Pentax Blog - 1,000,000 Page-Views

Updating of Blog Editing Direction

Why This Blog?

645D Vs M9 Vs 5D II Vs K-5 Vs K10D Resolution Comparison

via http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/readflat.asp?forum=1036&thread=37318586

and http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1036&message=37324270

For easy comparison, I've direct linked the samples. Note that the 645D samples are cropped 100%, whereas all other are resized to match the same size:-

Set One:-

645D + 75mm

M9 + 50mm Summilux
5D II + 50mm L
K-5 + 35mm FA
K10D + 35mm FA

Set Two: (Test and resizing were re-done for the K-5 and M-9 (only) owing to the poor result of the K-5 above. A guessed reason causing which is the out-focusing of the first K-5 picture.)

M9 + 50mm Summilux
K-5 + 35mm FA


How AF Errors Can Decrease *Effective* Resolution?

Major Causes of Poor AF Reliability of Pentax DSLRs

Is the AF Accuracy of Pentax K-5/K-r Really So Bad?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Yet a DA(L) 35/2.4 Review, with Crops and Samples


(in Chinese, English Translation Here (machine-translated))

Lens is tested at different apertures and 100% crops are shown. The lens was tested with a Pentax K-r. Bokeh are checked and wide opened shots are posted. And there are other "normal" sample shots of "real-life" as well.

In particular, look at those wide opened shots at f/2.4, and we would know why a larger aperture / faster lens is always desired if perfect bokeh is wanted:-

Note that the "circles" near the extreme boundaries of the frame (actually closer to the perimeter of the image circle) have become olive shaped owing to the blocking by the lens barrel. So, to get this effect disappeared completely, stopped down is required - typically for one to two stops, depending on the optical design. Hence, assuming that it requires 1.5 stops closed down for the aperture before perfectly round bokeh is obtained, we should not see this effect anymore at f/4, but then the DoF is greatly increased as a result.

In fact, the "blocking" effect for bokeh happens more often for zoom lenses which usually suffer more than primes, owing to a longer lens barrel for zooming which results in even more blocking for such a zooming design. It is therefore prime lenses are still required for more demanding purposes and this included, i.e., for all perfectly round bokeh for background highlights and objects. However, with small fastest apertures of many of those digital Pentax DA primes, this key prime lens advantage has been diminished, frankly speaking.

Attraction of Nikon

Our honourable official Pentaxian of the Year, Mr. Lance Blackburn, has gone completely Nikon, even now for the APS-C format, see:-


via Lance B is enjoying his Nikon D7000!: Pentax SLR Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review:

This is somewhat against what was told by Lance before, as some posters in the above DPR discussion thread have already pointed out, I also wonder if Lance would use his K-7 and Pentax system anymore. At least it can be seen (in his profile page) that he posts nothing more about Pentax at the DPR forums, but just Nikon! Lance, all my best wishes to you for enjoy using your D700 plus new D7000 body with all those new beloved Nikkor lenses of yours! Hope you use them to take more great photos then! :=D

Btw, I just wonder, what "push" Lance to get the D7000 instead of the K-5? Do these ten reasons apply? :-o

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Eliminating the Rolling Shutter Effect, via Software Editing


Quite impressive.. Dunno if it also works for faster moving objects and/or more complicated scenes..

Is the AF Accuracy of Pentax K-5/K-r Really So Bad?

See this recent poll at a large German Pentax forum:-


(Google English Translation Here)

At the time of writing this Blog post, there are 47+62+10+58 = 177 votes input for the poll. Amongst which 58 users do not have neither a K-5 nor a K-r. But for those who have the two latest Pentax bodies with the SAFOX IX/+, the failure rate for accurate AF is 39.5%, whilst for those users who reported that there was no problem is in 52.1% and the remaining 8.4% of the K-5/K-r users are just uncertain about the problem.

In fact, quite some new K-5 and K-r users are still complaining about the AF accuracy of their new units daily, just see two recent examples here and here. For some more previous AF issue reports for the K-5 and K-r, just search here.


Major Causes of Poor AF Reliability of Pentax DSLRs

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

20 Best Selling DSLR/ILDC Models in Japan for the Year 2010

As in the last year, here is yet again the survey by the Japanese BCN, for this year:-

(in Japanese, Google English Translation Here)

As usual, I summarise the brand share and ranking as below:-

Number of Camera Models on List
Market ShareMarket Share (and Ranking) Last Year in 2009
37.9% (1)
28% (2)
4.0% (6)
8.5% (3)
4.3% (4)
4.3% (5)


Remaining/Other Models:

Whole Market:

The brand share and ranking of the last year is also included. And as in the last year, Pentax has come last amongst all current "major" DSLR/ILDC brands and makers. Last year they had two models entered the Top 20, this year they have one only. But yet the good thing is that there is still a 0.4% share gain, though.

Posts of the Months 2010 (Major Pentax Events of the Year)

Well, it's time for me to take a review on the major Pentax events in 2010, I've selected at least one more important post per month for the whole year of 2010. Here they are~


January:The SDM Petition Online

February:K-7 Limited Silver

March:645D Announced!

April:TIPA Awards 2010 Announced (The K-x gets one.)

May:The Official Pentaxian of the Year Has Gone Nikon

June:Pentax' Performance Evaluation Against Forbes' Seven Secrets of (Successful) Companies

July:True Rumour for Upcoming Pentax DSLRs and Plan?

Mr. Pentaxian Has Decided to "Move On"

Pentax Announcement(s) for New Stuff Coming on Sept. 9

September:Pentax K-r and New DA(L in Real!) 35/2.4

New DA 18-135 WR Appeared

K-5 *Unofficial* Announcement and Specs!

October:1,000 Signatures of the Pentax SDM Petition Online

Ten Reasons for Thinking Twice before Decided on a K-5

November:Ned's Blog Revived and New (Small) Samples

(Alexa) Traffic Ranking of Pentax-Theme Websites

December:Endless Stains on the K-5 Sensors!

Btw, shall we see a Pentax Full Frame DSLR and/or a Pentax ILDC in 2011? Let's wait and see! :-) If it really happens, it will be the true big events of Pentax in recent years, not only just in 2011! :-o

Last but not least, to complement my list of important Pentax events which I posted in 2010, here is Yet a Poll for the most significant (Pentax) Product(s) or Invention(s) of the Year. Your take now! (Multiple choices allowed.)

The Most Important Pentax Product or Invention in the Year 2010
DA(L) 35 F2.4
DA 18-135 F3.5-5.6 WR
DC (In-lens) AF Motor
K-5 UFOs! ;-D
pollcode.com free polls

Monday, December 27, 2010

K-5 Serial Numbers and Issues Summary


Looks neat and useful~ I think PF has done a good job this time! :-D

A (Late) Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

My greetings here~ A Very Merry Christmas and A Happy and Prosperous New Year to come! :-)

Here are some recent photos to share. For measurbation purpose, I've uploaded the photos in Large size! ;-> (Click to Enlarge in a New Tab/Window)

The above photos are taken with my K-x with my FA24-90 on it; AF Adjustment via Debug Mode +130um, EXIF preserved. Btw, I used fully charged NiMH batteries last night which always shown a green battery indicator, but my K-x still hanged up for at least three times! The outdoor temperature was about 10 Deg. Celsius.

Also, two more photos taken with my NEX kit (w/ E-mount 18-55 lens):-

The NEX does not have a hotshoe, so I couldn't mount a level on it by no means and practically it does impose some accuracy problem in getting the correct level, as in the dark all those thin grid lines on the LCD monitor display are just invisible! :-( Anyway, the NEX did never hang up like what my K-x did! >:-[


Over Hong Kong: Serious Problem of Air Pollution Caused by Industrial Over Production :-(

My K-x' Time Longevity on AF Accuracy

How to Resolve the K-x Battery Problem?

Better K-x Rechargable Solution? Is the NiZn Safe?

Season's Greetings 2009 :-)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Spyder2(Pro) Retired..

My Spyder2Pro has served me well for years. But since there has been the 3 out there for quite a while, I have been tempted to upgrade for long. :-)

But as I found that I always use 6500K and Gamma 2.2 for my calibration and I do not use dual monitor configuration but just a single monitor, I opt to buy the new Spyder3Express, which is essentially a "downgrade" if only the product class is concerned! :-0

Indeed, the Spyder3 Pro version has many more additional features than the Express, which is just an entry-level product afterall. In particular the "Native" colour temperature option and the ambient light (and colour) sensor is what that I don't need (as it varies differently anyway throughout the day as I always work near the windows, at home or at work). The re-calibration "assistant" to me is a real annoyance, and I have disabled that for my Spyder2Pro using some method that I briefed before in my previous article.

I bought the Spyder3 in late November but I have only unpacked it and tried it during the X'mas holidays. I have calibrated two monitors of mine so far, a Dell 24" Full HD 16:9 UltraSharp and an older EIZO 4:3 19" LCD. Below are some screen shots during the calibration process:-

[ Just forget about the serious pin-cushion distortion of the shots, it is just one of the "characteristics" of the Sony NEX 18-55 kit lens! :-( ]

Well, what I can tell is that the 3 works quite obviously better than the 2 with LCD. I've got better colour/tone accuracy and better consistency across different machines as well. Anyway, it is just not something totally surprised for what the latest electronic device/gadget with the latest technologies does shine over the old ones. At only (US)$90, I think this is just a real bargain, and most importantly, it does really work, and very well! :-)

For more about how to work with the Spyder 3, read this tutorial (unofficial).

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Blueish "LED" Screens? (How To Make Them Colour "Correct"!)

P.S. Later on, I might re-calibrate my LED notebooks and upload my Spyder3 ICC profile for these blueish monitors!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Different by Pentax~

See this Video Ad:-


Five European languages are available, which can be chosen from the drop down menu at the top right side. Just let it be downloaded and played once and then re-play it again, then you will get a fast and smooth video for viewing regardless of your internet connection speed, as the whole video clip will be completely buffered.

When the video is finished for playing, the following URL will be forwarded, under which official Pentax France product pages will be linked to, for the DSLR(s) that you are interested in and like:-


(Remarks: Direct linking to the above page is just not possible, just drag the video playing slider to the end if you just want to go to the page directly!)

I think I would end here for my this Pentax promotion post (as I have usually done that for them anyway! ;->). At the end of the day, I think one reason for using/choosing Pentax is still: To be Different, Just! ;-D Really..

K-5 Issues Galaxy

The sensor stain issue and reports of K-5 have got a bit more silent when Christmas comes near. But since there is no official statement from Pentax/Hoya for formally acknowledging the problem and gives us an explanation on what has been going wrong, some interested potential buyers are still kept asking.. See this example today:-


Next, as it is not difficult to observe from the various K-5 samples posted so far (from reviews, user posts at forums and etc.), the metering of the K-5 is not that accurate and reliable. At least this is what a K-5 user complains about, who was switched from Nikon to Pentax:-


And then, let's look back at the semi-official DA 18-135 on K-5 review by/at the PentaxForums, in particular, the comparison test between the DA 18-135 DC and the DA 18-55 WR. Well, what can you see and find actually? All the test photos (on the resolution chart) are actually out-focused! This is not difficult to observe if you just zoom in the picture (by clicking the magnifying glass symbol) and you'll see it, I am almost sure! :-o :-(

So, yet once again, the AF accuracy of the K-5 is really not impressive, even for the K-5 with the latest SAFOX IX+ AF system of Pentax! Too bad.. Really.. >:-[

Old Bug Reports Summary for the K-5:-

Some Reported K-5 Faults (Defects and/or Bugs)

Pentax Wins in Internet Votes for the Year 2010

First of all, DC Watch has raised a poll for the hottest DSLRs/ILDCs of 2010 during the period of Dec. 8 to 22, 10,354 votes were received and the results may surprise you..

(in Japanese, English Page Here (machine-translated).)

The K-5 wins in this poll! It is ranked number 1 as followed by the Nikon D7000 in the second place which has 0.5% less votes. Congratz, Pentax! I think this must make every Pentax fans happy and happier than ever! :-> Besides, the 645D and the K-r are also in the top ten.

Next, we have the mega polls at the 1001 Noisy Cameras for the (most popular) camera group polling for the Year 2010. Once again, Pentax cameras win in all polls in which it is voted against the same tier and peers!

Afterall, I think Pentax fans and users must be the ones who spend most time in the Internet and participate most in posting and polling. Otherwise, "we" couldn't have won all those polls, could we? ;-D

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Disassemble a DAL 18-55


(in Chinese, English Translation Here (machine-translated).)

The lens is fully dissected and the functions of different parts of the lens are explained. Really interesting.. Btw, it can also be seen how the design of the DAL is "simplified", just say, even now infinity focus collimation is not possible with this lens, but just it was checked and fixed at the factory, one-off and "discretely".

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Monday, December 20, 2010

A PK Lens to EOS Body Adaptor that Supports Aperture and Focal Inputs Plus Focus Correction!

Amazing! What an excellent camera hacking job by that Chinese hacker/maker! Now you can enjoy all these functions with Pentax K-mount lenses on Canon EOS bodies. The aperture and focal will be recorded in EXIF and metering will be more accurate! The Pentax lenses can now be even focus adjusted on EOS bodies, which "genuine" Pentax users could not even do this and enjoy this "pro" feature on entry level or older K-mount Pentax DSLR bodies! :-o

See this:-

Really wonderful! Great Job, I have to say! :-D


Preview: Cantax K5D Full Frame! ;-)

My New APS-C K-mount ILDC! ;-D

My K-Mount EVIL is Here!

When the Focusing Screen Lies (for Focusing and Metering)

When the Focusing Screen Lies - Part 2

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pentax Flagship Reviews

As we all know, DPR's K-5 review has been out:-


Congratz to Pentax for getting a "Gold Award" for this camera. I think DPR's comments and remarks throughout the whole review are in general accurate and fair enough this time. In particular, the video feature of the K-5 is dated and full of limitations. Namely, as I have been saying those for long here, its Motion JPEG codec is rather inefficient and the lack of AF (neither re-focusing) during video recording are too outdated against the current competition. Furthermore, no K-5 user could take a full-resolution photo at the time of video recording, unlike what Canon, Nikon and Sony DSLR users can now do with their current models.

As we can also see from the resolution chart tests, K-5's JPEG engine is obviously still quite weak when it is compared to what RAW could deliver. So, it would be better to shoot RAW to get the highest possible resolution and image details. This holds true for the Nikon D7000. But I do find that the difference between RAW and JPEG is less subtle as for the case of K-x, which should be a more ideal JPEG machine. Maybe it's time for a PRIME III or EXPEED 3 or whatsoever. But anyway, I think the camera makers know well how to make a "proper" image engine according to the targeted market segments and selling prices of their products.

Finally, despite what measurbations and comments as laid down in the review and put up by the reviewers, we still need to view and inspect all those selected samples and judge by ourselves further, but yet I think I am not impressed by many of those, nevertheless.

Finally, I think this "early arrived" (when compared to previous Pentax DSLR models) and favourable DPR K-5 review should have helped Pentax a lot in promoting their K-5 and products and more importantly, to help those potential or existing K-5 users for more "re-assurance" for themselves, which many of the gadget consumers nowadays always want! :-D But then I am afraid that the K-5 Sensor Stains Issue and Evil would still hurt them much, that is, the potential users will hold on their purchasing plan, until and unless Pentax/Hoya would really tell us something about this quality issue and the root cause, and more importantly, the corrective and preventive remedials.

Next, let's talk about the true Pentax DSLR flagship but which is not of K-mount anyway, i.e., the 645D. Here is a new review with (small sized) samples, view the links below:-



Update (12-21):-

Since DPR's K-5 review has been out, people have been wondering and discussing about why a different "standard" lens has been used for the final review, and in particularly, it is the first time for DPR to have such a move. See what Peter Zheng reports and comments:-

(in Chinese, Google translated English Page Here)

He has got the previous K-5 measurbation test shots and crops with the FA50/1.4 lens on K-5 (originally, when the DPR 60D review was published just earlier) and then compared to those with the DFA 50/2.8 Macro now, for the final K-5 review.. I wonder comment further for what Peter has found and writes. You'd better read and judge yourself. I blog, you decide! :-)

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Friday, December 17, 2010

New DA 12-35/3.5-4.5 WR SDM


"HOYA will get release ready in the time. Perhaps it is announced in the CP+2011 and thinks it to be release in the beginning of March."

Paperware at this stage, though. But yet it is good to know that Pentax/Hoya is still developing new lenses actually! ;-)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

DC Watch DA 18-135 DC on K-5 Quick Review and Samples

Samples are full size originals:-


(Japanese, English Page Here (machine-translated).)

Well, I think the samples this time are better, at least better than those posted by Ned Bunnell previously! Why? Sample variation? Or, it is just the problem of Ned? (Just because last time his photos were RAW converted..)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ned Bunnell Confirms K-5 Sensor Stains Issue But the Problem is Still Under Investigation

See: http://enticingthelight.com/2010/12/01/review-pentax-k-5/#stains

Quoted, "I can confirm that Pentax Japan is fully aware of this situation and is diligently investigating the cause of these stains. I’d like to remind our US customers that their K-5 is covered under the 1-year warranty and that we’ll of course honor that. However, until we find out which batch(es) are affected by the stains, we recommend that photographers keep their cameras and refrain from exchanging them for another unit if purchased from an online retailer. Once we fully understand the origin of the stains and how to deal with them we will encourage affected K-5 owners to send in their cameras for warranty repair."

I think the attitude taken by Ned Bunnell is right, i.e., problem should be admitted and to be dealt with positively. After all, I do hope Hoya/Pentax should have more decision makers like Ned who has a basic open-mindedness and more importantly a right mind to face and tackle problems.

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Pentax Investigates K-5 Sensor Stains Issue, AP Reports

Pentax Investigates K-5 Sensor Stains Issue, AP Reports


"'foreign matter' lies under the AA filter and 'cannot be cleaned off'."

"'We are investigating this as a matter of urgency.'"

Well, I am still awaiting the official statement from Pentax and Hoya anyway!

Monday, December 13, 2010

My K-x' Time Longevity on AF Accuracy

Almost one year ago, I bought my K-x. The first unit of mine was replaced owing to some problems, one of which was the obvious back focusing with the fast Pentax primes, including both the FA 43 and FA 31. Eventually, I got my another K-x unit only in another month, as the Blue Navy K-x was out of stock shortly (and so quickly) within the first week after the goods had arrived in Hong Kong.

Now, yet after another ten months or so, I discovered that my K-x, which *had* perfect focus *before* with my primes, say the FA 43 for example, *now* has significant back focus with the *same* lens and under perfect lighting condition, e.g., on a bright sunny day outdoor! :-(

What? You may ask my Pardon!? Yes, the AF accuracy of my K-x has disappeared and now focus has drifted backwards considerably after 10 months and several days!! :-o

Last week, when I first just shot outdoor for some portraitures on a clear bright day, when I got back to home, I found that most of my photos were out-of-focus when using larger apertures with two fast primes I used, namely, my FA 43 Limited and the DFA 100/2.8. I then decided to re-measurbate my K-x again. Yes, now it requires a +120 um adjustment into it (via the Debug mode, Tutorial Here) before everything can work back normally and as accurate as before!

Yet the luckier thing out of this most "unfortunate" case of mine is that the +120 um setting cures the back focusing problem for both my 43 and 100 prime, at least for close to middle distance objects (whilst for infinity and distant objects now my K-x will cause slight front focusing after the adjustment! >:-|)

Besides, I often said that if you want to confirm with the AF accuracy of your bod(ies), you should shoot real-life targets with a flat surface and with some good contrasty patterns on them but should be with irregular patterns. But, if you just wish to check for the amount of Back/Front Focusing more promptly on a "quick glance", then there is the 45 degree test chart and method outthere. Amongst all of the variants, I recommend to read this article and use this chart, by Bob Atkins, which I believe is also the originally created chart of this method.

On the other hand, the most widely spread "Nikon D70" test chart (I suppose) is not recommended by me as I found that its target line for doing the AF is just a bit thicker than ideal and thus may cause some errors, for either slight FF or BF, depending on the software algorithm of the AF system:-


But afterall, what really puzzles me much in my this real case and experience is that I've lost almost the last bit of my confidence on the brand Pentax as the products they created are just without any durability and time longevity, even if they *did* work on the Day One! >:-\

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EOS 60D Hands-on Impressions

Tried the 60D twice just because wanted to buy it, below are some brief impressions of mine:-

1. The 60D is still somehow big and bulkier. It is not felt much smaller than my 5D, especially when a larger lens like the EF-S 18-135 lens is mounted.

2. The plastic out-shell of the 60D, which is made of the same plastic material and with the same texture as that of the 550D, felt really cheap! :-( Frankly, the black coloured Pentax K-r yet feels better!

3. The AF speed with the 18-135 lens is not really that fast, or it should be called slow by EOS or Canon's common standard!

4. The viewfinder is larger and bright and is easier to view than that of the 550D. Red illumination indication is also brighter and easier to view than the 550. The viewfinder is much sensitive to smaller aperture, though. Just say, when zooming the kit lens to 135 (i.e., at f/5.6), the finder image will noticeably be darker.

5. The operation and user-friendliness is in general acceptable. But it is not as intitiative as that of all those Pentax DSLRs and I think it is not better than the 550D in general (first putting aside the added direct keys for some control functions). I just could not figure out how to change the exposure compensation directly but resorted to change it inside the menu afterall! :-( Anyway, maybe it's me for overlooking something but this is NG for its user-friendliness, especially when it doesn't work out directly even for an experienced DSLR user like me!

6. The highlight headroom of the 60D is nearly non-existent. Just say if just +1.0 EV is added to deliberately overexpose the picture a bit, many of the highlights are clipped and destroyed.

7. Nevertheless, the IQ and resolution of the images are good for JPEGs directly out of the camera. Colours are good and the per pixel sharpness is good, too.

8. The mirror slap of the 60D is just a joke! It is clunky and the shutter lag is noticeable. It is no better than that of the entry level 550D! Or, the 550D is just better in this department! In fact, the 550D's mirror action is more Pentax MZ-S/*ist D alike whilst the 60D is more *ist DS like, if I had to compare.. I am sure that Canon has sucked some good quality from the 60D for what were originally there inside its predecessors like the 40D or even the 30D, of which more smooth/silent/faster mirror slap could be detected!

9. The articulated and rotatable monitor of the 60D is a joy to use, which really help composition for difficult angles when the camera is used in conjunction with LiveView mode. And it opens up more creativity afterall, as Canon markets. The monitor is sharp and with saturated colours, although it tends to be a bit too cold (blueish) to my like (I guess it is the same one used in the 550D anyway).

10. AF accuracy seems to be good for both units I tried with the 18-135 and then another two different EF 50/1.8 lenses. Exposure accuracy could be called good and bright pictures are usually re-produced despite that highlights are easily clipped (even with no exposure compensation). AWB is reliable with ambient atmosphere preserved well without major annoying colour cast no matter under what light sources including natural daylight, fluorescent or tungsten.

11. The built-in flash of the 60D is with a larger area than that of the 550D and with a nice diffuser that produce softer picture than harsh one. It is bright enough for casual shooting and the coverage is good without any noticeable vignetting found.

12. There is a mode dial release lock which should be pressed before the mode dial can be turned. Whilst it is centred like the design of the K-5/K-7, it is actually not a button that is clearly isolated and requires deep press. It is just a membrane button which requires a very light touch afterall. Whether you like it or not would boil down to a matter of personal preference then.

After all, I've decided NOT to buy the 60D as it just fails my basic requirements for a DSLR with better build and performance and to be smaller. Indeed, I believe that the 550D is a better DSLR overall, as it is smaller/lighter and sold cheaper, and the mirror slap is gentler as well. IQ wise, both 60D and 550D is more or less the same. So, I would better to save my bucks for the upcoming 5D MkIII, which according to my sources, should come in early next year of the 2011, possibly not later than Easter.

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UFOs Appeared for the K-r, Also! ;-D

Further to the "UFO incident of the K-5", UFOs also appeared for the K-r, see this!

(URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bm4njpkaz3k)

Btw, the mood of this Japanese CM (Commercial Movie, aka TV Ad in Western term) is in line with the K-5 UFO incident. Well, it's just mysterious afterall and what a mystery it is! ;-D

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Another K-r Review and a "5"s' ISO/IQ Shootout

New K-r Review at DC Review:-


And how the Oly 4/3 E-5 is compared head-to-head to the APS-C K-5:-



Well, can I declare death of the 4/3 system from judging on these? :-o (Although the IQ and colours could be better at the base ISOs.)

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Friday, December 10, 2010

New 60D Original Samples at Steve's Digicams - Very SHARP!


Much sharper than those from the K-5 directly. The colours reproduced are not bad neither. I hope the 60D was a Pentax camera regarding the IQ (in-camera capability at least)! But it wasn't, of course! :-(

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Korean SLRClub's K-5 Full Review


(in Korean, Google translation does not help as most text are embedded in pictures. Some of the images and tests are self-explanatory, though.)

Well, it tests many many things and this review is actually very nice. But it takes a longer time to load, as there are just too many pictures and video previews in a single page! :-o There are a lot of test samples, including both for the sake of different measurbations and fortunately also real-life ones (which are downsized, though). Furthermore, the Imatest colour tendency/accuracy is also tested.. and More!

It is interesting to note that the Dynamic Range is tested with a greyscale stepping target which is shot for one image at the *same* time and the results are analysed, which indeed resembles real-life shooting situations. The measured maximum DR for the K-5 is 9.71 EV steps.

This method of measuring the DR is very similar to the approach taken by the Dpreview. But if the result is to be compared to that obtained by the DXOMark for the K-5, there is at least a 4 EVs+ difference.


All K-5 Reviews Reported

High K-5 DR of the DxOMark: (Hardware) Mathematical Trick of the New Sony Sensor?

K-5 Scores the Same DxOMark as the 645D!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Interview with the Optical Engineer/Designer of the DA 18-135 Lens

It's official, see:-


via http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1036&message=37131370

And I quote what the OP poster says, "There is an interview with a (very young) Pentax lens engineer. Nothing more than common sense and obvious concepts in the interview, still it's a a little step towards a better communication with end users. Hope for more."

Nevertheless, I'm afraid that it is just not intended for "better communication with the end-users", but just all are for the purpose of marketing afterall! Also, this is not the first time for Pentax to publish similar articles. In fact, they did have done that before.

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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Endless Stains on the K-5 Sensors! (and the Possible Root Cause?)

These days, the "Stains" reports of the K-5 now appear endlessly, see what this frustrated K-5 user in the Middle East complains, who is really pissed off:-


I do really feel for him, very very much indeed. Someone in the thread who've replied emphasizes that as long as Pentax honours a replacement under the warranty, it is "just a non-issue". The victim replies in the thread that it is not easy for him to get another replacement, as the stock is rather limited at his country, and also that the dealer may not honour the replacement at the end. But then other stupid Pentax fanboys immediately jumped on him for saying that it's all his fault for not checking the return policy before he bought, that IMHO is rather plain stupid and the real utmost stupid saying afterall! >:-(

So, do you think and do you know, even Pentax or her agents/dealers over the world do all honour the warranty and offer for the free replacement eventually, could the problem be resolved? It is not even mentioned about all the troubles and time or even money loss, including that for fighting for a replacement and the subsequent shipping and arrangement etc. as well as the time wasted for those troubles as well as the time lost for not having a new DSLR body for use and taking photos - which is what all the new K-5 users and Pentax supporters bought this new model at the first time at a premium price original intended for!!

Okay, to answer back the question. Here is the showcase of the first K-5 user whom I first seen for reporting the issue, back to early November. After prolonged "fighting" and struggling with the local Pentax sole Agent and his shop, he finally got his another brand new replacement unit for after almost a month. Previously, he reported that his new unit was fine (as it seemed to be) when he first got his replacement unit, but now he has just reported today that his new unit has started to have the *same* problem appeared! :-o As previously, he also posts a photo taken with yet his another replaced K-5 for showing the issue.

So, at the end of the day, this issue seems to be a real issue which affects many K-5 units as reported widely, even if not all. Do note that some users may not notice the problem unless they shoot with small apertures and check more carefully. All in all, I think Pentax/Hoya should issue a product re-call, which they have never done that before anyway, but Canon and Nikon did for other major issues of their products happened and confirmed before, in the big contrast.

As for the very possible cause of the issue, this Canon published service notice tells it all! (My special thanks to OGL for providing the information of this! :-))


Okay, Pentax, or, you should be called Hoya, it's your take now! Still waiting? Want to hide around? Do not want to respond and just know to fix the issue secretly at your side as far as you can? Really? Yet once again??

If this most unfortunate behaviour of Hoya does happen again for this case, Hoya, I dare to tell you, you are the one who hurts yourself most for doing your business better! Originally, you could have been able to sell more of your products but since there is and will be no reaction, the sales hurt deeply - but by your ownself! >:-[ As time goes by, the reputation of your *brand* is trashed and Pentax dies. If it really happens, Hoya, you're the real culprit! History will record that! >>:-\

Update (12-9):-

1. The stain reports have never ended, an Australian user posted his photo that clearly showing the problem:-


Yet, here is another posted real world photo posted by a Hong Kong user:-


By looking at all those affected photos, it seems that there is a chain of circular spots in a line across the sensor. And, most of them are near the centre. So, the cause of these may not be the oil splitting as in the case of Canon 1D3, but possibly other manufacturing issues.

2. The first K-5 user who found and reported the problem has posted the serial numbers of his original K-5 and newly replaced unit, which is yet still defective. The s/n begins with 3827 for the old one and the new one is 3877.

3. Yet another victim who has lately reported about his case writes that he has checked four different K-5 units so far, two s/n begin with 38XX and another two begin with 39XX. But he got no luck! So, as we can see, the problem persists and the latest batch of the production K-5 units are still affected! :-[

4. Now, the HK K-5 users and Pentaxians have created a name of this issue: "The K-5 UFO Incident and Phenomenon". They have started a Petition to Hoya at the DCHome.net Pentax forum. Let's see if Hoya will respond, but my bet is Possibly Not, as we learnt from the SDM failure case, the 1,000+ Pentaxians in a Petition are just got completely ignored!

Last Report About the Issue:-

"Stains" on K-5 Sensors, the Story Continues..

Hot / Dead Pixels in Video Mode with the K-5



"This is a test I did to demonstrate Hot Pixels on the K-5.
I had to get back 6 K-5 units because of this problem.
All the issues where hot pixels in video mode especially in low light tests, but not only."

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Pentax Translated CDI Test Reports on 645D, K-5 and K-r

Well, it is human translated, not by machine anymore! It's from a Pentax staff of the Pentax Europe. The translated articles were sent to Ned Bunnell for his perusal and then posting.

The reports are posted as Pdfs. The direct download links are as follows:-

645D: http://posterous.com/getfile/files.posterous.com/temp-2010-12-06/cBqCqHJFygiDcjqmsIAgzkvlvlfvHbzmwyqczgDGEmczBagDspmpAAmiDCzh/Chasseur_dImages_Review_645D.pdf

K-5: http://posterous.com/getfile/files.posterous.com/temp-2010-12-06/trHymtDGHvJChuxBqzubsdBpEwtrEopDyJxeqiphuvIoqvFJdjJafvdHcjhr/Chasseur_dImages_Review_K5.pdf

K-r: http://posterous.com/getfile/files.posterous.com/temp-2010-12-06/aclvsklonEBfddbGzjHcgEypqFJszjDvksvEIsyArcBgqBvhvGlkGyeoFujo/Chasseur_dImages_Review_Kr.pdf

P.S. I guess Pentax have sought consent and permission from the French CDI for the re-publish of their articles in translated form, have they? ;-)

Yet Another K-5 Review


(in Chinese, English Here (machine-translated))

Monday, December 06, 2010

DC Watch K-r Review (with Full Samples)


(Japanese, English Here (machine-translated))

"Stains" on K-5 Sensors, the Story Continues..

See what Peter Fang, our knowledgeable Pentaxian and long-time brand supporter who bought every Pentax "flagship" DSLR, found with his K-5 and what he writes after that:-

http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1036&message=37092371 (Part 1)

As the discussion quickly reached the 150 posts upper limit for less than 24 hours, he has opened another part for further discussions:-

http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/readflat.asp?forum=1036&thread=37101106 (Part 2)

Besides, see also what is quoted from a K-5 user for what he has been made known from the Hong Kong Pentax sole agent:-

http://www.dchome.net/viewthread.php?tid=949406&page=25#pid11318050, quoted:-

"According to Jebsen,
The spot was actually appeared on the back of the CMOS,
Not at the front ......"

So, the "stains" and spots are actually underneath the AA filter, not above it. So, this must be a manufacturing defect, undoubtedly. But on the other hand if the most unfortunate user has the stains above it, i.e., in front of the AA filter, would Pentax still admit the problem and give him/her a replacement? :-o

Update: Lately, near the end of the "Part 2" DPR discussion thread above (at the time of updating this post), we see these evidence photos, which confirms what is told above, i.e., stains underneath AA filter:-

Then, the user will get such an image, when taken with that defective K-5 with smaller apertures:-

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Scratched "Sensor" Cases of the K-5 Units - Quality Issue of the AA Filters Manufactured by Pentax?

Scratched Sensors of Brand New K-5 Units

Sunday, December 05, 2010

A New K-r Review with Full Size Samples


Well, this review site seems to be heavily Pentax biased! Hope posting this could make some brand fanboys happier than ever then! ;-D

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Pentax 645D Samples Measurbation



Do it yourself! ;-)

Friday, December 03, 2010

Kazuhisa Nishikawa's K-5 Girl Portrait Samples @ DC Watch


(in Japanese, Google-translated English page here.)

The lenses used are the excellent FA 43 Limited and the DA* 16-50. Frankly, I am NOT impressed indeed. The skin tone does not look pleasing than my like.. :-( This is really quite an exceptional case amongst most of Kazuhisa's girl photos, which usually look nice to my eyes, no matter technically or artistically! :-) To compare, see what the 60D produced for the last month:-


Or still unconvinced, just look back at all those photos took by Kazuhisa with the K-7 and K-m previously:-

Kazuhisa Nishikawa's Latest K-7 Samples

Some "Better" K-m Large Size Sample Pictures ;-)

Nice Summary and Suggestions on the Scratched K-5 "Sensor" Reported Cases

See this detailed summary and report, also with some opinions of the OP author expressed:-


(in Chinese, Google-translated English page here.)

Indeed, a very nice summary is compiled. Images are posted of which all are taken with brand new K-5 units with the defective "scratched" sensors (actually the AA filters of) for what some different Pentaxian victims have reported. In the posted photos, the defect is clearly shown and the scratches or stains (or whatsoever it is called, but it is NOT dust!) become very visible when just smaller apertures at or beyond f/11 are used.

Last but not least, I am fully agreed with the OP that it is a case showing the true value and power of the Internet. Without it, those manufacturing and QC issues would never be got known for the public (and so quickly) and the consumers would not get their replacement units so "easily" than ever before.

The poster has also kindly made some very good suggestions to Pentax for checking for the production line for whether there is anything wrong in the manufacturing process, which resulted in damage/contamination to the sensors/AA filters and their optical surface(s), no matter it is related to the machines and/or by the labours.

But anyway, I am almost sure that Hoya would just not listen, they will continue to do things on their own and avoid to admit any problem nor to proactively find out the root causes upon reported issues and not even to mention about to take preventive measures so that the same problems should not happen (and happen) again! >:-(

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Endless Toy Stories!

It's time for me to make some positive promotion for Pentax and Hoya. :-D Their toy stories continue! See their latest official page for the "replaceable face" RS1000, created by the Pentax UK:-


Now, a camera has become an acrylic notice board, under which the user can insert anything underneath. That must be Great! ;-)

Previous Stories:-

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Toy Story 3! =_="

Toy Story 2! ;->

The Third New (Toy) Optio!

Star Wars Storm-trooper and Hello Kitty K2000 Limiteds!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

K-5 Shutter Blur Effect Tested: K-5 is Half of That of the K-7, Told Lumo

Let's see what our great measurbator Falk of the Lumo's Lab says:-

Full Report: http://www.falklumo.com/lumolabs/articles/k5shutter/

Short Summary: http://falklumo.blogspot.com/2010/12/lumolabs-pentax-k-5-shutter.html

So, all the formulae, graphs and plot charts are just too difficult to me, whom as an unqualified measurbator when compared to Falk! ;-D But then we can simply see and read his conclusion and comments, which I think could be easily understood!

"The shutter-induced blur in the Pentax K-5 is measurable but it should be small enough to be of no concern in day to day photography. The absolute magnitude of the effect sits halfway in between a K20D which has almost no measurable effect and a K-7 which exhibits an effect large enough to make some people notice in their work.

The matter may now have reached a satisfactory state with the K-5. But there remains work to be done for Pentax to fully understand and eliminate any unnecessary effects which compromise image sharpness.

It would be interesting to test another camera with fast shutter (like a D300s) to compare the absolute magnitude of the shutter blur effect which is never zero. Esp. at ~1/160 s. Ideally, vendors would measure it and make part of their cameras' shutter specification."

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The K-x Blur Issue

Pentax Service Sucks Everywhere in the World!

Last time, we had Hinman's story on his repair experience for his white K-x, which triggered him to sell all his DA Limited/DA* lenses and his repaired K-x body eventually (although which was got fully repaired at last, after a lengthy period of time and prolonged fighting/negotiation with CRIS, the repair service contractor of the Pentax Imaging in US - Yes, Pentax outsourced all the repair services). Just note that Hinman lives at California of the States.

Today, I've seen this report from a Canadian Pentax user at the DPR, in which a rather unpleasant experience is reported by the user for what he has been treated by the Pentax Canada. While the service of Pentax Canada does suck for what it is told, we should note that the main culprit and the source of all problems is yet the poor and inferior QC at the Pentax lens factory at Vietnam, for all those kinds of optical mis-alignments of his new DA 15 Limited lens as found.

Recently, I have a similar experience with my local Pentax service. My second copy of the DA 16-45 lens has infinity focus collimation problem so that it hits the far end boundary of the focus scale for very far-away infinity objects with good contrast on a clear bright day so that the AF cannot be completed, when it is zoomed to 16mm. I mounted the same lens on my NEX, it was very obvious that the focus could be sharper (and hence the image resolves better), than what it could on my K-x. So the problem was confirmed and I took my lens to Pentax and asking for an infinity focus calibration, which is just a really simple technical task originally. But then the "Customer Service" (CS) guy at the frontdesk of the Pentax Service Centre has argued with me more than an hour. Before that, I have left the centre for several hours to give them some time for checking and "study". After their half-day study, they insisted that I should leave also the body for them to make a "software calibration" for my body in order to "cure" the problem, which is the "necessary" and the "right solution" to "my problem", told those CS guys repeatedly.

Indeed, I can feel that now the local Pentax service centre in HK has setup a strong policy for not letting the customers/users to be in contact with the service technician who actually is the one carries out the repair and has the technical knowledge, in contrast to what could be done in the past, which is really rather ridiculous afterall. They now employed a new team of untrained layman "CS" guys who knew nothing about the technical problems at all but just knew and have been taught for how to play with the customers and refused to provide the proper service till the end of the day and try to avoid their original liability of warranty as far as possible! I am really pissed off! >:-|

Let me talk back my DA lens repair case.. I refused their proposition firmly and insisted that they should check and calibrate my lens for proper working according to the factory standard for my lens *alone* and to ensure its proper working. Originally, I intended to leave my body for their calibration but I insisted that they should not change the software settings of my K-x body, which I could only get my unit *very luckily* from one body out of three at the shops and only after exchange for waiting for one month (during which I discovered and tried the Debug Mode for the K-x), which finally worked well with my Pentax AF fast primes without any mis-focus issues. So, IF I let them hacked my body, I just scared that even those things which worked originally with my K-x body would be messed up, very probably.

A few days later, a service engineer, whom I knew him for many years personally, phoned me back and told me that he could find exactly the problem I described for what his tested with his own body at workshop, with both real-world target on a bright day as well as his infinity object simulator (an optical test instrument) and he had already made the necessary adjustment for me, as he knew well what was the problem and the cause and most importantly, the cure, which is the same as what I suggested for what was required to adjust. In fact, I have the same channel with him and our communication was smooth and without any problem. He finally told me in the phone that I could collect back my calibrated lens at anytime and I asked if I could contact me directly now and he said that now I couldn't, and he hinted about the (changed) company policy. Nevertheless, he told me that he was still available at anytime during office hours normally and I might be able to contact him indirectly just in case if there was still any problem found with my calibrated lens. In fact, that guy is very helpful and Pentax should feel lucky for having such a responsible staff whom always bears good customer service and customer service skills as well. Indeed, he has always been polite and friendly everytime I met and discussed things with him. He is the true asset of Pentax, but who treasured and cared? :-o

But rather unfortunately, he (and other knowledgeable Pentax service engineers as well) is now isolated and is not allowed to be in contact with the clients. Instead, a gang of unhelpful and useless "Customer Service" guys with zero knowledge are there for doing some other (evil) tasks. That is, they are employed to play long with the clients till the end of the world and they are highly suspicious for for aiming to minimize the labour costs for repair borne by their company as far as possible! Damn! Is that just because now the service department of Pentax now knows well that if they didn't do that and made such a new arrangement, they could be bankrupted just because nowadays the Pentax products manufactured are just too problematic owing to the poor and significantly dropped production quality?!

The story of mine continues, another CS guy phoned me only after another several working days later in another week after my conversation with that service engineer. How efficient they really are for carrying out their tasks! I then asked if the service engineer would be available on several specific times I suggested and the response was negative. I then exchanged emails with his boss, the service centre supervisor in charge and the responses are all ridiculous. The i/c, who is the highest ranked officer of them whom I could contact (the "manager" hid!), either responded that the "service technician" would be busy with his tasks or that he would be off (I think that he was lying). And the most ridiculous thing that is he obviously always does not respect his colleague as everytime I wrote "service engineer Mr. X", he needed to write back in all his response that he was a "technician" and it is quite obvious and clear that that indeed a very good engineer and staff of Pentax is being looked down by that service centre CS in-charge whom was just called a "supervisor" afterall in his official name-card. But another thing that made me upset is that the good service engineer guy has never received the minimum respect that he should receive, from his frontdesk colleague. Too bad it really is! >:-(

Finally, I then asked in my last email to that CS i/c that I just needed to have the support by an *engineer* just in case at the time when I come to collect my lens, instead of yet arguing with his CS staff again if I could "see the engineer" for another half-an-hour, there was no response since then after that. Is that reasonable enough? How should I be treated / cheated like that??

During these months, regarding my really unpleasant experiences for my last two repair cases for my K-x and the DA lens, both of which are still under warranty, I have emailed at least four emails to four different public well known email addresses of Hoya (Japan) at the same time to their principal and guys at the HQs, for complains and some kind suggestions of mine to them. I wrote in good manners and tried to write in either concisely or in details but I got completely ignored and there was no response of any for not even with any reply email with one sentence or just in one word! In fact, for the basic PR 101, I think what they just needed to do is to write somethings such as "Thank you for your email, we would check and follow up your case" for complains and "Thank you for your email, we would consider your suggestions", then this could be the end of the cases (even they never ever look back my cases and suggestions!). But then they won't even bother to ever respond! Shxt!!

Afterall, the irresponsible and arrogant attitude of the Hoya HQs really sucks and I believe they are the worst company on Earth in providing "customer service" and "after sales support", which is virtually non-existent! On top of the poor product QC and manufacturing quality of their products, together with this ridiculously poor and inferior service quality of them, this company and brand is just hopeless. I will not buy into any of their products further unless the price level of their latest gear come down to a more reasonable level plus that their products' performance and QC become better again (which is just a dream, frankly) - I don't even dare to mention about the improved service quality of theirs which is just not applicable actually. After all, why we Pentax users needed to and deserved for all such troubles - we are the ones who paid and we are consumers who support the company and the brand for long!

I know some people would still argue that my requirements and expectations are set too high and I am a picky and troublesome person. What I could tell is I found the service quality of both Canon and Sony are far better by the same "picky" and "high" standards of mine and the number of times for requiring servicing of my Canon, Sony products are minimal. Do note that I have a Canon system with 1 body and 6 lenses and 1 flash and other accessories, which are more than my purchases for Pentax gear and items in the same period. Besides, as I told last time in another previous post, the locations and opening hours of them are rather convenient for the Pentax service centre than Canon, Sony and Nikon's! So?

Nikon HK HQs is near my home, Canon and Sony are near my working places where I can easily access after work and their servicing hours are staggered, e.g. from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., not like that nine to five arrangement of that of Pentax, which is plain stupid. Honestly to tell, I am seriously considering to build a new Nikon system, maybe starting from a D7000 kit. I yet found that the in-camera images from the D7000 is a bit soft to my like, although it is not as ridiculously soft as those from the K-5. Maybe I would buy a 60D, which I like for its per pixel sharpness but less so for its colour rendition. In the meantime, my K-x serves me well for stationary objects and on bright environment and I can use all of my great old Pentax glass. But if I just want more resolution and for other "faster" applications, it won't do the job. I have been eager to buy the new K-5 and the new DA 18-135. But my wife and all my photographic friends have humbly advised me to move on! And I knew that Hoya is just not serious enough to make some new Pentax primes, which was the main reason for me to go with Pentax for decades in the 80s and 90s (also in the early millenniums anyway). In fact, I use my NEX more these days, but it's just a P&S and handy HD Cam to me, no serious job outdoor indeed, as the LCD monitor is still hard to see. Moreover, CDAF does not track moving objects, no matter how fast it is (which the NEX' is really fast), but neither does the K-x actually for its phase-matching AF, of which its C-AF is just a joke! It's worse than the AF-S of my K-m for shooting moving objects, just believe it or not!


The Quality and Warranty Crises (Re: K-x and Pentax)

K-x' Durability/Production Quality is Just a Joke!

The Pentax Quality and Warranty Crises II - Hinman is Leaving Pentax!

FA 31 Limited: Assembled in Vietnam Vs Made in Japan - Case Studies

FA Limiteds: Made in Japan Vs Assembled in Vietnam (Continued)

Made ("Assembled") In Vietnam

Where are the Pentax DSLRs and Lenses Made?


Ten Reasons for Thinking Twice before Decided on a K-5..

New K-5 Review with Full Real-life Samples (Japanese)


(in Japanese, Google-translated English page here) via Information on Digital Cameras.

Well, as before, I don't like the colour rendition and the image softness, which is still existent even at the lower ISO and that's what really bugs me for the lower IQ and field performance of the K-5. As for the higher ISO images, we see more obvious noise this time. The exposure accuracy is not good neither, the reviewer applied EV compensations most of the time.

Speaking of the K-5, Amazon has offered a discount for the standard 18-55 kit set after the "Black Friday" and the "Cyber Monday". Now the kit is just at some cents less than (US)$1,600 and is yet one dollar cheaper than the K-5 body-only offer! On the other hand, there is no K-5 body (alone) offer at the B&H, as it has been run out of stock.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

New 60D and D3100 Full Size Samples at DC Resource Posted

60D's: http://www.dcresource.com/reviews/canon/eos_60d-review/gallery

Taken with a EF 18-200/3.5-5.6 on the 60D, original in-camera finest JPEGs and all made with default settings, i.e., no tweaking of any and all are by the camera itself. EXIF data preserved.

D3100's: http://www.dcresource.com/reviews/nikon/d3100-review/gallery

Photos were taken with same principle and methodology, the nikkor kit lens of AF-S 18-55/3.5-5.6 VR was used.

By looking at the samples produced by both DSLRs, what I have to say is, most of those samples from the K-5 suck, no matter what kit lens is used, i.e. for both the new very expensive DA 18-135 or the supposed to be cheaper DA 18-55 WR (which is not really cheap anyway). Indeed and very frankly speaking, both the 60D and D3100 produce sharper and better images with higher resolution and less CA and purple fringing on images for very similar shooting conditions and scenes. Besides, we can see that the EF 18-200 is not bad even at wide opened, just see this indoor church example (Warning: Large File to Download).

In fact, the Canon 18-200 has a longer zoom range than that of the DA 18-135 DC, but yet as we can easily see, the images of the Canon combo are far better in IQ than most of the posted samples that we can find so far with the (US)$2,000 Pentax combo of the latest and uppest product class of theirs, this yet holds true even when the supposed to be the best samples by our Pentax president are compared with this luxury and "high-end" kit set of the Pentax latest.

Up till now, I am hugely disappointed and much upset. Indeed, I planned to buy the K-5 + DA 18-135 since its first announcement but I think there are now more than enough examples for me to make up my mind - for not wasting my money in buying this useless setup. Or even more serious, I should not have false hope(s) with Pentax anymore - I think I have had more than enough wishful thinking with Pentax and Hoya these years! >:-[

Well, some fanboys would tell me to "move on". Yes, I agree. I am really seriously considering this now. Stupid Me! :-|

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