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Monday, December 28, 2009

20 Best Selling DSLR Models in Japan 2009

As in the last year, here is yet again the survey by the Japanese BCN, for this year:-

(in Japanese, for the period from 1-1 to 12-23 of 2009)

As we can see, K-m is ranked 11 with a share of 2.5% and K-x ranked 16 with a share of 1.8%. But as the K-m was marketed for ten months and K-x has been for two only, I think the K-x is a bigger and true success for Pentax/Hoya.

Btw, where is the K-7?

If we are to calculate the brand share for the Top 20 models, here it is:-

Number of DSLR Models on List
Market Share


Remaining/Other Models:

Whole Market:
* Olympus's Top Selling Model EP-1 had a Share of 3% whilst Pentax's Top Selling Model K-m had a Share of 2.5% only.

So, Canon has taken back the crown again and has beaten Nikon by both total number of top models and share, by almost 10%, this year. Pana has won a beautiful battle too and has taken up the 2nd runner-up in the game. So, innovation and advanced technologies (i.e., intensive R&D) do really work here.

Wow! Merry (K-)X'mas @ Odaiba Japan (by Pentax)

Source: http://dc.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/news/20091224_339260.html

Well, does those K-x bodies weather proof, btw? Even though they do not have a (weather-sealed) lens mounted on each of them? ;-D (But that Christmas Tree is putting Outdoor! :-o The weather-proofing ability of Pentax DSLRs are really Amazing! Lol..)

Update (1-16): Those K-xes are Dummy Units! I have seen one myself at a camera shop recently! I also picked it up to inspect for a while, the dummy K-xes are for demonstration purpose only and it only has the outer part but nothing inside. Ditto for the dummy DAL kit lens, which only has the front glass element.

Well, the dummy kit is very light and I believe it is the lightest interchangeable digital camera kit in this planet! Pentax once again has succeeded in making the world's (light)est! Congrats! ;-D

I will try to take some photos of the dummy kit for a closer look for your folks next time, if I have the chance! :-)

7D Vs D300s Vs K-7

Japanese Impress DC Watch has done their mega shootout on the three current hot APS-C DSLRs:-

(in Japanese, Google English Translated Page Here)

At there you can see the performance and IQ of the camera at different ISOes, with different picture/colour modes, night and day, far and near, actual continuous shooting and AF performance and so on.. measurbated endlessly and with full sized original sample photos posted!

Go inspect and measurbate yourself! You should be able to get many of your own findings and conclusions after doing so! The more you measurbate and the more time you spend (actually waste! ;-p), the more you will get, I guarrantee!! Lol..

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Measurebated: K-7 is NOT a Machine Gun! :-(

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Season's Greetings :-)

Christmas is Coming! Santa Claus is Coming to Town! :-)

In Hong Kong, there are various beautiful Christmas decorations everywhere. Here are some photos of the indoor decorations at some major HK shopping malls which I have taken this year that I would like to share, with happiness too:-

Harbour City:

(5D + EF 24-105 L)


(5D + EF 35 F2)

Telford Plaza:

(K-m + FAJ 18-35 & FA 24-90)

City Plaza:

(5D + EF 35 F2)

Paradise Mall:

(K-m + DAL 18-55)


(5D + EF 17-40 L)

All the Best to All of You Here! Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!

Two Bits & Pieces News

1. First, found this video at Mr. Blurrycameraphone's blog and the machine gun performance of the D3s is really amazing!

(Note: As the Chinese YouKu.com blocks direct linking from the Google Blogger, so you can see this embedded video only when you view with a RSS feed reader. If you read direct from my Blog, copy and open this URL in a new tab/window, or still click on, then click once at the link at the URL bar and then hit CR/return, then you should be able to see it: http://player.youku.com/player.php/sid/XMTQwMDU4MDgw/v.swf)

Wow! Full Frame in Nine Frames Per Second! Yes, 9 FPS in FF!!

WHEN will PENTAX have a gun machine like this? (with that high performance and level!) Indeed, the K-7 is nothing even close, the actual frame rate is just about half, even if you are to turn off the AF!

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Measurebated: K-7 is NOT a Machine Gun! :-(

2. JenR has made a shootout between the Pentax DFA 100 and Tamron 90 Di Macro lenses:-


Well, despite that both lenses were set at "1:1" position and mount on the same Pentax DSLR body, the magnification can be seen to be somehow different. The Pentax has larger (possibly more accurate) magnification.

Other than that, you can compare the sharpness and the somehow different contrast/colour rendition (occasionally) of the two lenses. Whilst I like the actual larger magnification and smaller and compact lens size of the Pentax, I do like more the contrast and sharpness of the Tamron. As for colour rendition and taste, both lenses produce "cold" images, which I don't like! :-( (I believe the F or FA 100 Macro are warmer and tasted better! :-o)

Monday, December 21, 2009

The NX is Not K-Mount. (So, let's forget about it from now on!)

Three pictures of the upcoming Samsung NX10 are leaked. As previously rumoured and expected, Samsung uses a new mount of their own for their NX system. (Thus, it is NOT a K-mount.)

Since it is not having a K-mount, I think from now on we Pentaxians can forget about this body and system as it is clearly not compatible. I see no reason neither that I shall continue to report more about the upcoming NX news in the future as it is nothing related to Pentax and it is not a K-mount (compatible) system!

Moreover, this NX10 is utter ugly in outlook, I have to say. From the printed words of "14.6 Mega Pixels", I bet it uses the same sensor as the K-7, which has been tested to be noisy and has inferior Image Quality by the sensor itself.

I bet the NX system will be a complete failure. Atheistic wise, the Oly EP and Pana GF are far better. Lens quality and reputation wise, Oly and Leica are surely better. System wise, m4/3 is undoubtedly a better and wiser choice with higher popularity and investment in the m4/3 system is surely much safeguarded than investing in an orphan system like the NX, very frankly.

The NX system don't look small neither, especially for the viewfinder structure and part.

With all the cons but without any pro that I can think of right now, what's the reason to choose the NX? Who will choose it?? :-< :-o

Monday, December 14, 2009

New DFA 100 Macro WR On Sales Now

This post is actually 3 days old!


At Canadian dollar $800, or just US$ 7xx. Shipment is to be followed soon..

So, it is now available, shortly after it has been announced - The current strategy taken by Hoya, no more roadmap and no more leaked rumours. There are only quick surprises and sudden attacks! By doing so, possibly they would be able to sell more and dearer too before the buyers' (initial) impulsion dies down.. Clever marketing! (But let's see if they can catch up with the Christmas delivery anyway.)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Falk Lumo Tested the D700, D5000 and K-x

Here is his latest "Lumolabs" test results and a shootout for the above DSLRs:-


Well, as well expected, if SNRs are measured, the Full Frame wins. But if you are to check the Dynamic Range by shooting grey stepping, surprisingly, the K-x wins (but actually the actual SNR could be lower).

It is interested to find out again the overall sensor IQs of the D5000 and K-x are close enough, as they share the same sensor (as widely believed).

As for the upcoming DxOMark results for the K-x, I expect they are to be similar and close enough to those of the D90 and D5000 and of course will blow the K-7 out of the water as such. Let's see if this would be true later on when DxOLabs publish their new results! :-)

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

DxO Scores Comparison (Pentax Against Others)

As you may have known, the DxO Sensor Marks for the K-7 has been published.

So, how is it compared to others? Of course, you can measurbate endlessly with their "Compare Cameras" Tool. But for quick reference for all readers here, I tabulate the results of some of the current popular models of APS-C DSLRs, of different brands in the market, as below, ranked by the overall DxOMark (Highest Mark First):-

Make & Model
(Overall Mark for Measuring Image Quality of the RAW file)
Dynamic Range (in EV Steps)
Highest Low Light ISO Speed
(Maximum Tolerance Limit for the Same DxO Reference Standard)
Nikon D90
Nikon D5000
Nikon D300s
Sony A380
Sony A550
Sony A350
Canon 7D
Pentax K-m
Canon 500D
Nikon D3000
Pentax K-7

Of course, if you are to compare Full Frame models, they will give much better results and hence higher marks. The same logic applies to 4/3 and m4/3 half-frame models, which have lower marks. So, the sensor size is just the determinative factor here. And, it proves once again that packing more pixels a smaller APS-C sensor makes no sense!

Furthermore, it can be noted that newer camera models usually should produce better results than the olders, especially when they have the same pixel count or using the same (series of) sensor, but there are some exceptions occasionally, the K-7 is unfortunately the case, of which all the test scores and IQ performances are all worst and inferior than its Predecessor, the K20D! :-( (But that exactly what I have been talking about since the first K-7 samples appeared on the net and after I measurbated it myself, also.)

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bingo! The New DFA 100 Macro WR Announced!

(Click to Enlarge! The Look is Super Clear! Picture(s') Source: pentax.ru)

This is no more a rumour, it is real! The lens is announced:

(in Russian)


Let's wait for the Pentax Full Frame body to come, together with a new Full Frame lens lineup (and the dismissal/fall of the DA line)! Well, we shall have a Full Frame system "soon", my bet!

On the other hand, at the same time, the old DFA 100 Macro is discontinued:-

(in Japanese)

After all, once again, when I judged things to be real, they are real! ;-)

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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

K-x Succeeded!

In the month of November, the Pentax K-x sales was ranked number five at the Japan home market for DSLRs:-

(in Japanese, Google Translation in English Here)

The market share was 7.1%, which is quite impressive IMO. So, I think it is just a success for Pentax/Hoya. Well, each time the Pentax DSLR models which I liked would succeed whereas the models I didn't like would not succeed. So? ;-D

(In fact, I always help/helped them to promote / de-promote!! ;->)

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

K-7 White Sesame Bug under HDR Mode? (Should NOT Be!)

Bug report source: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1036&message=33911846

Or, the K-7 is being afraid of working under cold temperature, just like what some K20D units did as reported - sensor artifacts and noise patterns would appear when they were used under just lower temperature?

Update (12-11): According to the discussions here and at the original DPR thread, I have re-visited some of my snow photos and I think that it is not a bug but just the reflection of some snow crystals that could exist at the snow scenes and environment.

Well, I normally could not see snow as there is no snow in Winter at Hong Kong. But still, I took some snow photos before elsewhere in Winter and would like to share two of these here, as below:-

(Taken with a FA 24-90 on a MZ-30; Scanned with a Minolta Dual Scan II - Well, with careful inspection I can also see "White Sesame" in my *film* photo! :-o)

(Taken with a weather-sealed Olympus u-Zoom Compact P&S (at that time it was snowing); Scanned with a Minolta Dual Scan II.)

Should Pentax Market the K-7 Like This?

Source: http://canonfieldreviews.com/7d-1-weather-sealing/

Compared To: The Pentax K-7 Brochure

Update: Thanks to David, I have just discovered these K-7 showcase photos!

But unlike the above 7D show, it still lacks a photo *produced* by the K-7 (but not photos of the camera) under that adverse condition. Might be that K-7 had already died? ;-D Lol..

Btw, I think that snowy and windy environment of the 7D case is more severe, as it did not only require weather sealing, but also cold resistance.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Fashionable (Hand) Straps for K-x

Now available at the online shop of Pentax Japan:-



Wow.. Will there be a LV Pentax later on? (Yes, if you say LiveView. Not yet, if you really want LV ! ;-D)

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Friday, December 04, 2009

Unboxing of the Korejanairobo K-x

The Korejanairobo has been shipped. A Pentaxian in Hong Kong has received his new Toy! (Yes, it is really a TOY! ;-o)

(Text in Traditional Chinese)

Oh, that's really interesting and the robotic K-x looks really cute!

Don't Join Any Forum that Has Censorship and Heavy Filtering

Very Recent Show Cases of 3, at the Pentax "Forums":-



Don't join any of these when the site owner dares to do injustice things in such unreasonable ways. It totally defeats the primitive purposes and the value of what a forum was originally set up for! @_@

And when people are trying to control the freedom of speech and try to hide/edit/delete the opinions and try to diminish reported facts that they don't like. It deteriorates to just kind of extreme personal preferences that can be remained afterall, the "forum" will NOT be a *public* *community* anymore, which should be intended for sharing and free discussions. In fact, what the PF King and His Guys are doing are just being too disrespectful of others, although most of the victims are just ordinary "members" instead of those more honourable "site supporters" or even sudden "site moderators" who have more privileges and far more powers, respectively! :-o.

If you observe the same and feel the same, Join Mine! The link is here:-


And the current message list and discussions are here:-

(You can choose to "View by *Topics*"..)

I guarantee free discussions as long as posts are human and one respects each other in a civilised manner. Any discussions on any issues are 200% welcome and any questions asked for help will not be modified, edited or even deleted.

Also, if you post a question, I shall try my best to answer once when I have the time and when I have some useful information to provide. If you report an issue, I shall investigate further into your case and if it is a real or common issue, I may include your provided information here, at my Blog.

Thank for your participation! See you~ (And my Warmest Welcome if you will be there! :-))

P.S. 1:-
In fact, if I am a Pentaxian that I have to choose between the DPR Pentax SLR Forum and the Pentax "Forums", I will choose the former without a second thought at this moment as DPR will not do evil things now the PF emperior is doing to his members, nor, the fact is that DPR does NOT earn any money / get any income directly from the users (so that the users are separated into different levels and ranks and with different privileges and powers/rights overthere, just because their (monetical) "contributions" are different!).

P.S. 2:-
Well, I think I'm a super open-minded person (:-)) who always allows totally different voices (or even accept uncivilised personal attacks on me at my own site from time to time, to a certain extent - well, I have adopted to that common phenomenon already for particular blind brand fanboys over years). I have even set up a place for some people to air it out for their different opinions. Here it is:-


If you just want to write and make a set of complete opposite statements and voice against my this Blog (and my opinions expressed here), you're welcome to join! I shall let you to speak as far as the basic rules of being civilised and polite and being respectful to each others are observed (and of course no foul language is allowed).

My unshakeable belief is that the truth is going to be found out via debates and discussions with different opinions and evidences which are to be provided!

Okay, also see YOU There!~ (If YOU have a different thinking against mine!)

P.S. 3:-
If you have some Pentax gear questions to ask, I encourage you to post to my Yahoo Pentax Group above instead of dropping me personal emails, as your question can be read by other members and more useful answers would be got. More importantly, the answers to your case can be shared. Still, if you think that it would be more desirable to drop me a private email, I would yet answer your questions at my best, when time allows - that's my promise made years ago - I have never missed replying one email, I think (but of course hatred emails will all be completely ignored, as usual).

On the other hand, if you have some "secret" and special information to be provided, please continue to give me the valuable information (or for the first time!) and I shall see if I should and can post those at my Blog! Those unique and not widely known information will be much welcomed and appreciated!! :-D

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Unbelieveable Skills, Amazing Handicraft!

Just watch this video at Mr. Blurry Cameraphone-man's blog (blog entry here, in Simplified Chinese) and it is really astonishing and amazing!

(Direct URL: http://player.youku.com/player.php/sid/XMTM0OTY3NjQw/v.swf)

What an eye opener!!

P.S. If the above video links (embedded or not) don't work, just copy and paste the Shockwave Flash (.swf) link and view it in a new tab/window. Or alternatively, just click on Mr. Blurry Cameraphoneman's blog entry and you should be able to watch it.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

POLL for K-x Users: Does the FW 1.01 Cure the Battery Problem?

Actually, the battery problem reports of K-x have been coming up endlessly, here is yet another recent user report that I have seen:-


With the introduction of the firmware update version 1.01, it is officially claimed that the battery issue is tackled. Whilst I have great doubt on how firmware could cure hardware problem, I leave it open for K-x users here to report, to see if the firmware really works!

So, here is the Poll, if you are a K-x user, please participate. Your participation will be much appreciated and will surely help others:-

Does the K-x Firmware 1.01 Cure the Battery Problem?

Select your case:-
Yes, I encountered the problem before and now the problem is now resolved!
No, there is no difference and the problem persists!
I have not encountered any problem with the original firmware with my K-x!
(Direct URL of the Poll Page: http://www.learnmyself.com/poll29551x26374fA8)

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Failed SDM Lenses - DPR Posts Summary List

Russell Evans, member of the DPR Pentax forum, has compile a loooongish list and summary for *some* of the failure reports at the DPR that he has searched:-


Great Job, Russell! I have to say..

Well, this issue is actually a common one, which has been widely reported now since the first DA*16-50 was launched years ago, and various different lens models with SDM are affected up till now.

In fact, I think Pentax/Hoya should look (have done already?) into the problem and offer a free product recall for all the problematic items as such. (if they already had a solution! IF Only!)

Besides, if you want to look at those Pentax gear issue reports by different Pentax users, DPR is still the best place to find them (you will find many of the reports and issue reports have been coming up earlier too). Ironically, whilst now the PentaxForums.com also has many Pentaxians as "members", the people who run the site have set up a very good human filtering system over there so that such "Negative" user reports are not encouraged, here is an recent example, that is moved from the DSLR Section to the "Beginner's Corner"! Funny enough? See:-

(It will be redirected, since it was moved.)

Update (12-4): One more example, which has just happened today:-

(It will be redirected.)

Well, does the PF has implemented an "automatic thread/post moving function" once any poster types in the word "issue" and asking for any question related to gear problems? Wow, that must be great! Lol..

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De-Yellowing Old Glass

Use this method:-


Or, put them under the Sun to oxidise any Yellow.. (But mind you that be careful to NOT burn anything!)

But NOT to Do thing like this: http://www.hermes.net.au/bayling/repair.html

This guy is just crazy! He executed a great glass! Yellowing is Not Guilty!! =_="

Radioactive Alert: Don't Come Near Old Camera Glass! ;-D

Just come across these YouTube videos and it would be kind of surprise that old camera glass are not only containing toxic lead, but also more harmful radioactive substance!

So, don't come near the lenses, nor use them in SLRs and view through the lens! But only just Rangefinder! ;-D

Following the discussions under each YouTube page and these are quite interesting (and useful).. (Just don't worry, I'm just kidding above. The radiation level is negligible! :->)




K-x New Firmware (1.01)

(in Japanese)
  • 「クロスプロセス」に特定の効果(3種類)を固定して撮影できる機能を追加しました。
  • グリーンボタンの割り当てに「クロスプロセス」を追加しました。
  • 特定条件下におけるバッテリー残量表示の精度をはじめ、全般的な動作の安定性を向上しました。
Direct Download Links:-

http://www.pentax.jp/japan/support/download/digital/FIRMWARE/kx_v101w.exe (Windows)

http://www.pentax.jp/japan/support/download/digital/FIRMWARE/kx_v101m.zip (Mac)

And, my translation on the changes:-
  • 3 types of new effects are added for the “Cross Process” (Digital Filter) function.
  • "Cross Process" function can now be called via the Green Button (as a selectable option).
  • The precision of the battery indicator has been improved and stability in operation is improved under specific conditions. (Let's see if this is really true! But very unlikely, IMHO..)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

K-x TV Commercials

@ Germany:-


@ Hong Kong:-


Well, the German commercial is obviously better, with more brilliant marketing and selling points of the K-x are better presented. For the Hong Kong one, what're the main differences when compared to the K-m, actually, if they are to promote the K-x just like this? :-)

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

DFA Lens Line Retrieved? Pentax Full Frame is Really Coming?

Just seen this rumour report at the Photo Rumors, with source from a Russian forum:-


Well, from the photo, it looks like it is REAL! And, it matches well with the recent "rumour" of the "old" DFA 50 and 100 Macro lenses are just being discontinued.

Besides, the aperture ring seems to have to go forever, as even new DFA lenses possibly will not have that anymore.

In fact, my bet is that Pentax is just preparing for the Full Frame and the DA lens line is being aborted. Whilst they are doing that silently for the Switch Back, it is just impossible to leave no trace and clue for us to know! ;-D Um.., the first leak was back to May and March earlier this year, when there was a leak on the "fake" new lens roadmap as well as when Pentax abandoned the lanuch of previously announced DA* lens and AF TC 1.4X SDM, respectively, which both I reported.

If you believe all the "rumours" that I have reported and my wild guesses I have made here so far, things that are going to happen (if it is really true) look quite logical and they are agreeing with each other. Just say, it is very logical for Pentax to stop production of lenses such as the DA 21 (when there will be a DFA 20) and the DFA 50 and 100 (when there will be the new DFA 100/WR) and etc. And, let see when there will be a Full Frame Pentax body to come!

If you are really interesting in a Pentax Full Frame, my this event log and summary maybe a good read for you:-


Indeed, I am one of the die-hard old Pentaxians whom have been urging for a Pentax Full Frame for years. If the day really comes, I will be much happy and I am almost sure that I will buy one. By that time, all my old Pentax excellent film lenses will be given new life, even for those consumer grade ones - most of mine are also very good actually. Unconvinced? Just see my recent measurbation samples posted for the FA 24-90 (which was just the kit lens of the MZ-S) on a cropped APS-C K-m, which shows the lens is just really great optically (although it sucks mechanically, which then gives people of a wrong impression about the quality of this lens - which was the most unwise thing of Pentax for making the lens looks like that, marketing wise). I had also used the FA 24-90 on my Full Frame (K)5D, it also performed greatly (will post sample photo later..)! So, if there is a Pentax Full Frame.. ! :-D Are we Dreaming? :-))

UV Protector Measurbation and Shootout (14 Make/Models Compared)

Here is an interesting shootout report of the above:-

(Text in Traditional Chinese, you can read the Babelfish English Translation Here)

Page 1 to 2 are the Introduction parts for the UV "filters" (actually most of us use them as "protectors", I would say). Page 3 talks about the testing methodologies. Page 4 to 7 are the detailed descriptions on different make/models of the UV protectors under test. Page 8 to 12 are about the testing results obtained of which Page 8 to 11 is about the optical performance aspects whilst Page 12 is about the immunity on dirt and the easiness of cleaning of different filters. Finally, Page 13 and 14 are Summary and Conclusions, Remarks and Comments.

Well, amongst all those tested UV protector make/models, I own and used/use almost most of them (I do not use filters that doesn't have coatings (MC)). Brand wise, the Canon and Leica protectors are the only two which I have purchased any of their protectors so far. But I do have other renowned brands like Heliopan and Contax etc., which I think are also quite good.

As for the test results and conclusions contained in this report, I think they match well and coincide mostly with my personal experiences, over years. So, this report is valuable to read and I consider it to be quite good and is highly recommended, especially when they put and present it in a more scientific way.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Measurbation with Real-world Photos! ;-D

The more I used my K-m, the more I appreciate its Image Quality. As a measurbator, I do always view the photos I took in 100% full size to see if its IQ performance aspects are up to my expectations. Honestly speaking, I rarely shot test charts, brick walls or newspapers, all my measurbations are done with real-world photos! ;-D

Well, this time I post some of my recent examples, the 100% crops are also included (with all EXIF data retained). Lens used is my recently mechanically exposure calibrated FA 24-90 AL:-

I must mention that the exposure accuracy is good, colour accuracy is really good and the AF accuracy is not bad either. Of course, the resolution is just very high, which meets most of my needs anyway.

Enjoy! Happy Measurbating, Until the End of the World!! ;-|>

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