Monday, October 31, 2011

K-5 Replacement Coming? (Continued)

It is noted that the K-5 prices in Japan and China have been dropped quite drastically recently. It is not difficult to verify these price drops from the online camera stores in both countries:-

(Source: Mapcamera at Rakuten)

(Source: Shop at Taobao)

So, as for the Mapcamera's price, it is of Japanese Yens 78,343, which is roughly equal to US$980 and that the Chinese price is even cheaper, at RMB Yens 6,000, which is roughly equal to US$940, both below US$1,000 now!

IMO, it should be yet another strong sign for indicating that at least Pentax/Ricoh has been trying very hard to clear the (last?) K-5 stock in some countries, at least for the Japanese home and the mainland China, even though the last time the secret France new stuff announcement was withdrawn and subsequently Pentax France rep confessed that it was simply a "mistake"! :-o >:-(

Okay, Pentaxians, let's wait for the next Pentax DSLR body and upgrade to come! Or, you could just buy the K-5 right now if it is just cheap enough and you do still want one at this late stage! :-D

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