Monday, December 19, 2011

Round Table Interview with Eight Major Camera Makers (Including Both Pentax and Ricoh)

The said interview from the Japanese printed "Digital Camera Magazine" has really been published today:-

Via: Xitek Forum Post Here with Human Chinese Translation for a Full Summary in point form.

(Google Translation on the above Xitek Post to English Here)

So here we go, for what is Pentax related. And, the last "rumour" of the top officials of Pentax Ricoh were interviewed is true. My human translation on the Xitek post is as follows:-

From Head of Pentax:-

1. They are exploring and doing researches for Full Frame and 645D mirrorless;

2. All upcoming "DSLRs" of Pentax will have 100% field of view coverage, even for entry level models;

3. The FF and 645D mirrorless is only the personal thinking of the Head himself! :-o So? (But Head is Head, i.e., decision maker!);

From Head of Ricoh:-

1. (GXR) Module adapting Pentax (K-mount) lenses will be made;

2. Pentax Unrelated: A zoom GRD is being developed.

Oh, well.. Anyway, if you are interested about what are told by the six other top officials of other companies, go through the Google translation by yourself above (if it is understandable)! ;-) Btw, one of the more important news of the others is that Canon confirms for the first time officially that they will make/market a new EVIL/mirrorless in 2012, finally and at last.

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