Friday, December 09, 2011

K-r Mirror Jumping / Disorder

Winter has once come and my K-x yet once again shows its double shutter actuation symptom in *singe*-frame advance mode at outdoor under a bit colder temperature (10+ deg. C)! :-(( In summer, that thing has never happened before!

So, I tried to do some web search to see if there is any solution but of course, my effort has been in vain! But during the course, I discovered this old video, about the K-r:-


Too bad and terrible! The video speaks itself, I really have no more to say! >:-(


K-r Mirror Jumping with Manual Lenses?

Search "K-5 Mirror Jumping" at This Blog

K-5 Has Got a Cold! :-o

My K-r Burnt my Sandisk and Went Nuts! :-(

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