Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hot Pentax Rumour 2: 135 FF Mirrorless is Considered, Talked Head of R&D!
(in Japanese, English Translations Here: Google or Excite)

via Peter Fang at DPR Forum

Quoted, "I don't know Japanese that much but it looks like Mr. Kitazawa, head of Pentax's camera R&D, told Japan's Digital Camera Magazine that Pentax is working on a mirror-less 35mm full-frame camera and is even considering a mirror-less 645D.

It will be greatly appreciated if someone from Japan could give us more insights by reading this magazine, to be published on Dec. 19 according to this blog."

Well, a FF *mirrorless*? A 645 mirrorless? What? WTF?! >:-o

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