Friday, April 20, 2012

K-01 Must Feel More Solid than the D3200!

It is because it is smaller, but 11% heavier! OMG! >:-(,317

I always wonder what Pentax has put into the K-01 such that it is so heavy? And why's that? :-o


Inside the K-01

Cheaper Pentax Body Next Year, Mirrorless or Not


Cor Oskam said...

Metals vs plastics

Anonymous said...

yes most Nikon and Canon entry level camera really do feel fragile.

Anonymous said...

k-01 look like a toy but feel solid, canikon entry look nice but feel like a toy ;)

Anonymous said...

K-01 has aluminum body, not plastic.

That was Marc Newson request:
medium size-colorful-aluminum boxy-box.. :)

Anonymous said...

In-body SR. Heavier camera less prone to shake :D

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

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