Monday, April 23, 2012

Opposing Voices to the UPP of Pentax Imaging

This open letter is well said and I think it worths to report it here:-

The poster has said the very true indeed, since the beginning of 2010, I have only purchased my K-x kit and my K-5 body at local shops whilst all my other Pentax purchases during these two years and more were made online, these include the purchases of my K-r Gold and DA35/2.4, my DA70/2.4, yet another DA21/3.2 Limited, a DA18-55II, a ML-60 focusing screen and until very recently the DA40/2.8 XS lens as well. Besides, I have also purchased other camera items for my gear of the other brands online. So, internet and online purchasing is the irreversible trend, which I totally agree.

What Pentax and Pentax Imaging doing is actually completely against the trend and their consumers. I think a lose-lose-n-lose situation will be created for all parties, i.e., the users, their dealers and Pentax the manufacturer themselves in the end, unless they are to lower the current unreasonable high set prices of many of the Pentax lenses under their fixed prices policy, which is known as UPP officially!

Besides, 1001 Noisy Cameras have also made a very good "ranting" post:-

I also think that their observation is absolutely right, i.e., few photographic and gear site have made at least some sound to oppose that silly happening at Pentax! This time I think PF has also been honest and brave enough in this case, in contrast to what they have been doing and against the others.

Last but not least, I suggest someone can create a new open petition at the Petition Online, like the last SDM issue and firmware request (but which has never been acknowledged and responded by Pentax anyway), which might be a way to gather all our opposition to what Pentax is doing, which should ultimately show that how disgusting this policy is and how the brand is eventually hurt and damaged! Pentax and Ned, please wake up!!

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