Sunday, April 08, 2012

Ned Bunnell Has Made an Interim Response to the Recent Lens Prices Increase

Here is what is said:-

"I had met with Adorama two weeks ago, but their gesture is symbolic of how important a relationship between manufacturer and retailer is. Equally important are the relationships we have with our users.

With this in mind, I've read many of your concerns about the recent launch of a unilateral pricing policy in the U.S. and its impact on our lens prices. I'm going to spend some time over this holiday weekend to develop a list of the top conerns you've voiced and then will share my comments with you here - hopefully early next week."

But never mind, what Ned is going to explain and "respond" will NOT change the lens prices and they will not come back to the old ones! So, what's the true meaning of his "response(s)"?


Breaking Bad News! Crazy Price Increases of Pentax Lenses with Immediate Effect!

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