Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cheaper Pentax Body Next Year, Mirrorless or Not

See what the Japanese Nikkei Financial News has reported, via Digicame Info via Mirrorless Rumors.

So, for what's important that we could learn are (direct copied from Google translate!):-

1. "The company has continued deficit in the digital camera business followed by a low-price competition";

2. "The company has to strengthen product competitiveness in the acquisition machine, to return to profitability as soon as possible.";

3. "Ricoh is "Pentax" brand of digital camera was acquired from HOYA to last fall, to introduce next year a new camera with interchangeable lenses of popular price.";

4. "low price spread of a broad customer base of 50,000 yen can be expected" for the new body;

5. "Thickening the selection in the market selling, find a new market such as Asia. Service was also considered in conjunction with the Internet and consumer electronics, such as customer acquisition also aim at a younger audience."

So, it now explains why there is an urgent need to increase the prices of the Pentax lenses as Ricoh has suffered big loss from the Pentax camera business. But then are their policies contradicting? Cheap bodies and expensive lenses? Or, everyone is doing the same right now? E.g., just see the latest ridiculous high prices of the model Canon lenses such as the 24-70/2.8L, 24 and 28/2.8 IS! >:-(

Nonetheless, last time it was reported, Hoya's IT division as a whole, including the previous not-yet-sold Pentax camera division, had growth in *profit*! Now after the takeover by Ricoh, the Pentax camera business runs again into a death pond of RED water again! Really too bad.. And, a low priced body only in the next year of 2013? Is it the long awaited K-r *DSLR* replacement? Or, it is just a plastic version finderless K-01L (where L stands for Low Cost, say)? Well..


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