Wednesday, April 18, 2012

See What Ned Bunnell Has Explained (Re: US Lens Price Increase since April 1st)

In short, it is told that "We are not increasing the prices of the lenses, but we only require our dealers to stick to the MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price)."

No matter how, the real-world effect is, we can now only purchase new Pentax lenses in US (either locally or via web) at *higher* prices than before! What "misinformation" and "rumors"? Where are they?? >:-(

In fact, back to March, I did still have my plan in buying some new DA lenses and a new flash gun from the B&H and now all my plans are cancelled. It is just because that now the new prices are too high to be justified for me to buy them from overseas anymore. The decision is really simple as there is no longer any cost benefit or saving after this US price increase. Every thing is actually REAL, but which according to Ned is NOT TRUE, BUT all are just "mis-information", "mis-informed comments" and "rumors" that he had to clarify and "dispel"! :-o

The hard fact is when the *street* prices of their lenses are increased in that amount (regardless of what Ned says), they lose customers and potential buyers like me, as we'd always better to spend our money elsewhere! Simple Eco 101!

And, for one of the forums which spread the "misinformation" whom Ned is accusing of, does he refer to the PentaxForums actually?? (N.B. PF is one of the first Internet media who wrote an article about the breaking news with a clear summary on the price changes.) I'm afraid that this time I am with Adam here, Adam and his guys only reported the truth and everything is indeed factual!

After all, I am really very disappointed about the response and attitude of Ned in this case. Frankly, Ned has been one of the few senior Pentax officials whom I have been respecting for a long time for his personal ability/talent/charm, honesty and open-mindedness as well as his zeal in photography and camera gear. But this time he is really letting me down and I think I am not alone! :-(


Ned Bunnell Has Made an Interim Response to the Recent Lens Prices Increase

Breaking Bad News! Crazy Price Increases of Pentax Lenses with Immediate Effect!

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