Monday, April 02, 2012

New K-01 Hands-on Report at DC Watch (with Movie and Still Picture Full Samples)
(in Japanese)

Still, I am not going to like the colour rendition of those K-01 samples. It seems that they are too purplish to my like, as usual.

Update (3-3): DC Watch has also published the WG-2 GPS first review of theirs, with movie and still picture full samples, too:-

I am NOT impressed with the noise performance of the images anyway. It seems that the ISO 125 shots of the WG-2 are just more noisy than the ISO 250 shots made with my WG-1, which is equipped with a 14MP CCD sensor. To compare, download and inspect those posted large samples from my last WG-1 full review:-

My Take (Tick) on the WG-1 GPS!

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