Friday, April 13, 2012

When the Super Pancake Meets Different Bodies~

1. First of all, see the ever thinnest Full Frame lens on a very thin film SLR body!

Full compatability with all the supported functions is ensured for the above combo!

The mount is made of metal, but surely it is not stainless steel. I suspect it is made of aluminium or brass, which is then coated later:-

Btw, the overall build quality of this lens is indeed cheap.

And the total weight is.. (Without film and batteries loaded) 432g only, for a workable *camera*, i.e., body with lens! And, it's my most favourable focal in 40mm in 135 FF, as my first fixed focal camera had it.

2. Put it on a K-x:-

Not much larger than on a K-01? Right? But it has an Optical Viewfinder!

And the weight (without batteries and card also):-

3. Put it on a K-5:-

The combo is not as good looking, I'm afraid. But the colours are matching, i.e., Black to Black. (not back to back ;->)

In fact, mounting and detaching this super thin lens is rather difficult just because it is just too thin to hold. I don't have very large hands btw.

After all, this thin pancake will be tested and it will start its poor fate of being measurbated, forever, in the hands of a measurbator! ;-D

Initial rough test of the lens in shooting reveals that it is quite sharp optically, nearly from corner to corner, even at f/2.8 wide opened! AF is accurate and bokeh is great. The colour rendition is yet another thing, which I think my early Japanese production FA43 performs far better.

Finally, I have to complain yet once again about the poor cleaniness of the lens inside, which is full of dust and could have some scratches on the glass elements inside. Normally, these cannot be seen until the lens is pointed to a bright light source, push open the aperture level and look through it, I am almost sure that you could see many of them!

P.S. This is exactly the 30th lens in my current arsenal. :-)


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"Film is Dead"! ;-)

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