Friday, April 20, 2012

Some Pentax Tidbits

Pentax gear is on the cover of the last issue of PopPhoto. An image of the cover is circulated around the net. Well, from the EXIF and GPS tags it can be seen that it was originally taken by someone at Melbourne using the iPad.

Btw, is the body a K-7 or K-5? As for the lens, it is just the original DA 18-55 (the first *ist DS/DL/K100D kit lens, non-WR). So, probably this lens can be thrown away after the modelling photo was taken, unless it was PSed! :-o And, I just wonder why the PopPhoto editors didn't wipe away also the Pentax and DA names from the lens front in the image so that they would not have freely advertised the camera gear for Pentax!

Next, here is an interesting video made with the Q. Wow, that's what the eyes of a dog would see across the streets in its daily life!



Well, this "application" shows the great value of a small and light camera! Btw, is the Pentax Q waterproof?! Why not just mounted an Optio WG? :-o

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