Friday, October 26, 2012

Focus Peaking Trick on E-M5 (Which has NOT the Feature! Trick NOT works for Pentax Bodies!)

Via 43 Rumors.

Wow, this OM-D user is really clever and brilliant!

However, this tricks does NOT with any existing Pentax bodies which do not have the focus peaking feature built-in, i.e., those models without a PRIME M processor, including the K-5, K-5II/IIs and the Q. It is because the in-camera digital filters of the Pentax cameras are applied in post-editing, but not viewable at real-time in Live View.

Remark: To those particular fanboys: Whoever wants to argue again, do read the relevant Pentax user manuals and try before hand. If they don't have those Pentax cameras (which they usually don't have the gear they defend!), I would ask them to get the soft manuals online first! :-o

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