Thursday, October 25, 2012

More K-5 Vs K-5II Comparisons (Moon Shots and Outdoor LCD Views)

(Left: K-5; Right: K-5IIs, 100% Crops.)

Via Post @ the Chinese Xitek Forum

Well, the poster commented that the difference in sharpness is negligible in his opinion. Besides, I found that the colour rendition of the K-5 is better, once again! The K-5IIs shot is somehow greyish for the blue.

(Left: "Air-gapless" LCD Mon. of K-5II; Right: K-5.)

Via Post @ the Chinese Xitek Forum

I like the colour rendition of the old K-5's LCD monitor better. It looks more faithful and detailed than the new air-gapless LCD. In particular, just view the heavy blue cast of the white sky of the air-gapless mon. and that the green colours do look odd and unnatural. But yet, the outdoor visibility in the field is not differed by that much against what is officially claimed!

After all, it is really not good to run bare, for both the sensor and the LCD! :-o ;-p

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